Yes, I’ve joined Instagram!

Actually, I joined a long, long time ago for my personal use. I recently got into it again, but then came to a realization. Some of my doll followers probably don’t really want to see pictures from my personal life (like, how many pics can you see of my dog, seriously?!) and some of my friends probably don’t want to see a zillion photos of my dolls. So, to prevent a worlds colliding type problem, I decided to create an Instagram account just for my dolls! (like I don’t have enough going on at the moment LOL) You can find it under “littlefriendsflo” if you are interested in it. I have made it a “private” account, so you will have to go through the approval process to view it, but I’m not going to block anyone unless absolutely necessary. Just doing that to keep the bad folks/trolls away and have a bit of control over who sees it. All I ask is that everyone is nice, no hate/nasty stuff or I’ll just take it down. Looking forward to “seeing” you there!

11 thoughts on “Yes, I’ve joined Instagram!

    • I think it will be! I may post things there that I don’t post here too. I tend to take a lot of photos when working on a post, but can’t use them all.

    • It’s really pretty easy to use, and not something where you need to be super interactive. I’m going to use it primarily for “fashion shoots” and blog post promotions.

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