Book group update

Just letting everyone know that I am shooting for Friday as the new date for the book group.  I’m going to be stuck home all day Thursday without a car, so it will be a good day for me to finish my reading and write it up.  Fingers crossed!

I’ve decided that the saying “Life is what happens to you when you start making plans” really fits for this past week.  My dog had surgery last Friday for some dental issues and a lump removal.  Because of that, I had planned on just taking it easy all weekend and work on the post.  She actually bounced back faster than I expected, so that messed it up a little bit.  Then Sunday afternoon I started to have the beginning symptoms of a migraine headache, ugh!  It never culminated in the pain, but if you suffer from them and know about the weird stuff it does to your vision–I had all of that part of it, which makes it impossible to try and work on a computer!  (Just ask a friend of mine about some of the messed up texts she got from me that afternoon LOL!)  I finally just threw in the towel and said the heck with it and went to bed, only to be awakened by the phone ringing at 10PM.  My father-in-law had unexpectedly passed away, and as a result, the blog post was just going to have to wait.  We are doing okay, and getting things in order much more quickly than we expected, but it still was a shock.

Oh well.  I’ll get it out there eventually, thanks everyone for being patient!

7 thoughts on “Book group update

  1. So sorry to hear about your father-in-law. My thoughts will be with your family. I occasionally have migraines. I haven’t had one in a while, but I know how debilitating they can be. I am looking forward to the book group discussion whenever you are ready.

  2. Thank you everyone for all of your kind thoughts and comments. It has been greatly appreciated during this difficult time.

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