Book Group Reminder–Marie-Grace

Just wanted to remind everyone that on Monday we will be discussing the book Meet Marie-Grace.  Looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks about it!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, this has been a great incentive to read some of the books I haven’t read before.

For June we will be discussing Lea and July will be Rebecca. We will take August and September off because I know a lot of people will be busy with the annual “back to school” stuff. We will start up again in October.


8 thoughts on “Book Group Reminder–Marie-Grace

  1. We started reading today. It’s a first time for us on this one too.

    Kind of glad it is, I’ve fallen in love with her! May have to watch secondary market for a Marie-Grace or Cecile to add to my collection. I spotted one item in her collection that did not translate well from page to product and am very glad Kaya’s Tatlo didn’t end up puppy size!

  2. A benefit of the American Girl/Amazon partnership – it looks like Amazon is creating eBooks of the historical collection. Meet Marie-Grace was not available through my library system. Luckily, Amazon has the complete NOLA series! So if anyone was unable to obtain a hard copy, a digital version can be purchased for $6.49

  3. Maybe the really big urban library systems? Ours does not have any AG eBooks and we’re a fairly large system in Central NY. Supposedly, we can access other library systems in NY to find books, but I’ve never done it and am not sure how.

    • I don’t think we have any of the eBook versions in our library offering (smaller suburban), but I know it’s relatively easy to request a physical book from another library in the system. It’s a feature online or at the library itself. I find it easiest to go to the library to put in a request for a book. The librarian will look up the title and see where it is available an send a ‘share request.” The book usually shows up in a day or two and I get a call when it is ready to pick up.

      I have yet to download any eBooks from the library. I wanted to for a trip once and they were already “out.”

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