Doll Sized Finds–On The Road!

We took a little roadtrip this past week (more on that later) and while we were traveling, we stopped at a couple of places that yielded some great doll stuff!  Good thing because I haven’t had much time close to home, and the one day I did decide to go looking, I came home empty handed.  What was with that?!?!

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel for lunch one day and I checked out their display of mini goods from World’s Smallest.  This little Fisher Price bus just had to come home with me, I have a story in mind just for it!

I hadn’t been to Target for a while either, so I popped in to check out Our Generation items.  I was barely in the door when I spotted these in the Dollar section–you know, that dangerous spot at the front of the store!

I have some other donut shaped erasers that I can use with these, but this is the first time I’ve ever come across hot dog and hamburger shaped erasers!  They are about the same size as the ones that come with the OG sets.

I also came across these cute Tsum Tsum erasers:

I thought these would be cute for a Disney themed doll room, or as an accessory for a Disney fanatic.

A stop at a Goodwill yielded this cool mini candlestick:

It needs some polishing and I’m going to make a faux candle for in it, so size is not an issue. I couldn’t pass it up for only $1!

Last, but not least, my $2 bargain:

I spotted these shelves the minute I walked in the store, and for $2, there was no doubt they were coming home with me. I think they were probably for spices or something, they have hangers on the back so they can be put on a wall. It just needs a very minor repair, some cleaning up, and I’m going to make a backing for it so things don’t fall the whole way through. Love it! Thinking these might go where the boat shelves currently sit, I’ll use those for something else.

Have you found any cool doll sized finds lately?


17 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds–On The Road!

  1. Awesome! I have a bunch of those hot dog and hamburger erasers that used for Sam’s Snack Shack. And I love the FP school bus! And that shelf is so pretty! Whose room will that go in?

    • I’m thinking it may go in the living room and I’ll take the boat shelves out. Not positive just yet though, I need to see how well it works. I wish I had room to expand the doll house, it would go in a dining room, but that’s not happening!!

  2. Love the shelf, didn’t think to mention it when I was talking to you this morning. How do you fine all this stuff?

    • Once I got it out of the package, it was even cuter–it works just like the full sized one with the eyes bobbing up and down and the drivers head turning! The only thing that was different is you couldn’t remove the people.

      Hoping to post about the trip soon!

  3. Wow, great finds! I love the little $2 shelf at the end. So cute! I haven’t been thrifting in ages. I don’t really have a lot of thrift shops near me (in the middle of nowhere, lol), but I am very much looking forward to garage sales as lots of the towns around me are starting to plan their big “town-wide” garage sales so hoping to find some treasures soon!

    • I’ll be honest, our local thrift stores have been slim pickings, not sure why. I need to venture into the “big city” sometime soon, I haven’t been there since before Christmas, so I am due. The other problem is I need absolutely nothing, so perhaps it’s a good thing?

  4. Great finds! I got some of the Target erasers too. They are the perfect size. I love the shelves you found – can’t wait to see where you use them. My best thrift find lately was a Madame Alexander 1950s Cissy doll in her original dress – yes I did.

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