Guest Post: Boy Story Clothes Available On Etsy!

Today’s post is by Sharry from Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule.  Take it away Sharry!

Hi everybody!

You might remember my review comparing Boy Story dolls to other custom made boy dolls. Although Boy Story dolls are really poseable and fun to play with, their overall build is bigger than most American “Boy” type dolls. This of course presents a problem if you want your guy to have different clothes, as the Boy Story folks haven’t started selling separate outfits yet. Well look no further! I have found 2 Etsy sellers who can make clothes to Boy Story specifications. The first is Diane at “Lotsogoodies”. She makes t-shirts, jeans, sweat pants and swim trunks for your Boy Story Dolls! Here’s my Boy Story doll Billy (renamed Marc) in her t-shirts:

I love the sweat pants! They look so comfy, I wish I had a pair

The second is Libby at “Designed4Dolls”. While she doesn’t have any Boy Story items listed, she will happily do custom work upon request! Here is Marc modeling some of her groovy 70s fashions (for my doll blog!):

These 2 sellers are super to work with should you want a different look for your doll. Thanks Flo for allowing me to do another guest post and for supporting Etsy sellers!

So long from Marc and Sharry from Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule


Thanks so much Sharry for this information!  I’m always happy to hear about an Etsy seller that is willing to help someone out in the doll community with an unusual request–and as always, shop small!  Plus I have to agree, I wouldn’t mind having a set of those sweats in human size too.  😉

13 thoughts on “Guest Post: Boy Story Clothes Available On Etsy!

  1. Good morning ladies! Enjoyed the post. The yellow and gray baseball shirt with sweatpants looks so comfy! I enjoyed a 70s flashback with the “school picture day” dressy outfits on Marc.
    Not only is it great to support small business, it also supports toys that are made in safe conditions for the person making them.

    • I was gonna caption a few of the 70s fashions. “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting” for the karate Gi, and “Ah, ah, ah ah, Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive” for the plaid outfit. Hee!

  2. I’m very happy to see Etsy sellers who are sewing for Boy Story. I wish someone would come out with patterns for them. I love sewing doll clothes, but I’m no good at making up my own patterns or altering AG patterns to fit the Boy Story dolls.

    • If you check the Boy Story blog, they do have an entry about the doll’s measurements. That’s how I was able to have these clothes made w/o the sellers having the doll.

  3. That’s fantastic!! We’ve been squishing our Pa doll (Mason Boy Story) into regular 18″ doll clothes and shoes.

    Marc looks fantastic in his new duds.

    • Here’s a tip about shoes for Boy Story dolls. The old Collector’s Lane (Battat Jack) hikers will fit Boy Story dolls. I just ordered 3″ blue sneakers from CRSCrafts(dot)com. I’m not sure they’ll fit, but I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Hi Sharry,
    That Marc sure is a dapper lookin’ fella. I love your names for his outfits.
    Looks like he and Kyle are going to have lots of fun at karate.
    Could you please share your Etsy seller for boy undies.

    • I actually get boy undies from a few different sources. I usually just type in “18 inch boy doll underwear” and see what pops up. To my knowledge, no one makes Boy Story sized undies, though.

  5. Oh, goodness, Sharry, the last leisure suit made me laugh! Otherwise super groovy clothes for the newest addition to Julie Anne’s circle.

    I’ve been seeing more boy doll clothes popping up and am glad you found places for your Boy Story, Marc. I think the sweat pants are my favorite. The materials used by these Etsy sites looks far superior to what I’ve seen mass market.

    • Well, not so much a leisure suit as that’s a shirt, not a jacket, but it is all polyester! I love it! And I really love the sweat pants too!

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