A “Knight” To Remember

One of the things I was doing while on my break was a quick visit to see Evil Twin.  I hadn’t been down there to visit for quite sometime so it was long overdue.  While we were making our plans, she told me about an event that Zoe and Felicity were going to that was sponsored by the Daughters of the Revolution.  When Alya heard me talking about it, her ears perked right up, and she insisted she had to go!

When we arrived, Zoe and Felicity were already in costume.

“Wow, you guys look awesome!” exclaimed Alya.  “I can’t wait to see this place.  What exactly will we be doing?”

Felicity replied.  “We will be making sure that all of the beverage pitchers are full for the banquet, so we will have to check them regularly and then take the empty ones back to the kitchen area so they can be refilled.”

“Sounds easy enough” replied Alya.  ” I guess I’d better go get into my costume so we can get going!”

When the girls arrived at the banquet hall, the first thing they noticed was the suit of armor near the fireplace.  “WOW!  Look at it Zoe, it’s so cool!” Alya said excitedly.  “I agree!” Zoe answered.  “I wonder if we could get up there to get our pictures taken with it?”

Alya started climbing…

 And climbed…

“TADA!” she yelled.

Then she went over beside him to get a picture taken.

“I wonder who this suit of armor belonged to Zoe? Maybe a prince, or even a king!”

“I have no idea,” replied Zoe, “but now I want to get up there too and get a picture.”

“Let me help you.”

Zoe got her picture taken, and then Felicity too.

Then we took a photo of all three girls with the suit.

Just as we were finishing up, the girls were called to come help. As they walked away, Alya whispered “Goodbye sweet prince, whoever you are!”

(We didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was just a holder for the fireplace tools…)

20 thoughts on “A “Knight” To Remember

  1. So cute. I’m holding out hope that there is a prince in there. Sir Logan of the Round Table perhaps 😉

  2. Hey ET,
    I was wondering what story line you were going to invent. Too bad there wasn’t a frog sitting near by, then they could have kissed him and a real prince would appear. The photo’s worked out real well, and I hope that the girls didn’t have to work to hard as serving maids at the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution banquet. The Regent of the Chapter said to tell them “Thank You”, and tell them their costumes were so in tune with the events of the day, and they all looked authentic.

  3. From previous posts I am guessing that you live in PA. If you get the opportunity take the girls to the Museum of the American Revolution on the corner of 3rd and Chestnut in Philapelphia. It opened to the public on Wednesday. It has a lovely little tea set in the souvenir shop that they would love.

    • I will remember that! We are on the other side of the state, so Philly is a 6 hour trip from here, but perhaps a roadtrip in the future!

    • Did you go? We want to! It’s so close to us. I actually live in the town where the majority of items have been stored for YEARS and no one knew.

      Flo – if you roadtrip, let us know. Perhaps by then I’ll be in a positive to offer you a guest room!

    • My original idea was to go to a nearby historic site but not only was it raining, but they also were closed the day I was there, so it was back to the drawing board!

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