If The Shoe Fits…(Arianna Doll Shoes)

Doll shoes are one of those things I can’t resist, especially if they are well done and end up looking just like their human sized counterparts.  Recently I came across a pair on Zulily that had me very intrigued.  They said that they would fit 18 inch dolls, but I was skeptical.  Frequently merchandise sold on Zulily is also available on Amazon, so I did a brand search to see if I could read some reviews.  I found some, and I didn’t see anyone complaining about them not fitting American Girl dolls, so I decided to give it a try.

The shoes I purchased were the Light ‘N Sweet Loafer shoes by Arianna.  They were only $6.99 and lately Zulily has been offering free shipping for purchases made through Visa Checkout, so after tax, they were only $7.41.  They didn’t take long at all to get, I was surprised when they arrived!  Once I took them out of the bag, I was a little concerned, they looked a bit big.  Well, let me just tell you that my fears were unfounded.  In fact, I actually think these look more realistic than some of the shoes purchased from American Girl and Our Generation.


Here they are on Alya, an American Girl doll.  Yes, they do look longer, and they are, but I was surprised at how well they stayed on her feet.  I will point out though, her toes only go to about the end of the fringe part.  I’m seriously thinking about stuffing the toes with tissue paper or something similar, just so they don’t get squished and perhaps stay on even better than they already do.

A closeup so you can see the awesome detail on these:

I also love that there is a little bit of a heel on them. The bottoms are made from a foam type material, so they won’t leave scuff marks behind.

Here is a comparison shot:

The shoe on the left is a Springfield Collection shoe (which also fits well) and the one on the right is an American Girl shoe. You can really see the difference in the length here, but I don’t think it detracts from the shoe overall.

Hope this helps anyone who may have come across these shoes in their searches and wondered for themselves if they would work. They do, and they are very nicely made! I’m hoping perhaps some more show up on Zulily in the future.  I can’t help but wonder if they would fit Maplelea dolls as well, given the additional length.  I also noticed these in other colors on Amazon.  I’m in trouble…


12 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits…(Arianna Doll Shoes)

      • that’s a childhood thing for me personally – not sure about society as a whole. LOL Kind of like little ones saying psghetti. I think they were popular around the same time my uncle had a mustache and when I saw dad’s fancy shoes I thought they looked like they had mustaches too.

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