Our Generation Game Night Set

Late last year Our Generation came out with a ton of the mini sets for both the regular and Retro lines.  These have been hugely popular with collectors and some sets are very hard to find.  One set that I kept running across was called Game Night.  I passed it up a couple of times and then finally decided to go for it.  I’m so glad I did, and I don’t understand now why this set isn’t sold out everywhere, it’s so cute!


The set includes two games, Bingo and Dominoes. Let’s talk about Bingo first!

Loved all the pieces that came with this–2 cards, the bingo “numbers” and some markers. Plus a bag to keep all of the little pieces in, a great accessory! The markers that show in the box were a bear to get out, they were taped in place. There is one slight flaw with this set though–you couldn’t play it with the included cards because the numbers to draw out of the bag only go to 20! I think it would be easy enough to make some new cards though. Just wanted to point that out. 😉

The dominoes…oh my word!!

It’s a fully playable set of dominoes with a case to store them in…and instructions on how to play!

I was very pleased to see that instructions were included, it has been years since I played and I couldn’t recall exactly how it went.

I give this set an A. I can’t give it an A plus because of the flaw in the numbers with the bingo set, but overall I think it’s a great value, even at the full price of $6.99. When you consider that Melody’s Block Party Set that includes the bingo items in it is $68 and Rebecca’s Bedroom Accessories that includes the dominoes is $48, this is a steal! I hope we see Our Generation come out with some more fun sets like this.


24 thoughts on “Our Generation Game Night Set

  1. That is super cute!! I’m really hoping that I can track down the pink OG typewriter accessory pack for my Gabriela, without having to pay eBay prices for it. Same for the game night set.

    • Me too! They have really upped their game in the last couple of years, not only coming out with competitive items, but some unique ones too.

  2. I’m betting someone was picky about the numbers being correct for cards, but then the budget was cut for the numbers. 🙂

    A really cute set. Not on my wish list; I have a dominoes set from Dollar Tree; it’s adorable!

  3. I’ve been wanting the typewriter set and the princess phone set but have yet to find them at both of the Target stores near me. It irritates me that the secondary market wants almost 5 times the price.

    • You have no idea how much that annoys me as well. But as long as someone is paying it, they will continue to do it. People just have to quit giving in to the ridiculous prices and it would stop. I’d be willing to bet that half the inventory that arrives in the stores now is purchased by people for resale.

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