Who’s That Girl?

Zara called Cassandra early in the morning on Saturday to ask if she could borrow her notes from science class.  They were supposed to be having a big test on Monday, and Zara was concerned that maybe she had missed something.  About noon she turned up at the house.   When Zara arrived, she had someone with her.


“Hey Zara!” greeted Cassandra. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”

The two girls giggled.

“Cassandra, don’t you realize, it’s me, Abby!”


“Oh my gosh! Abby, you changed your hair! It looks great, I love the new color and cut.”


The three girls chatted about Abby’s new do. Abby explained that she wanted something completely different and also wanted it shorter as it would be easier to take care of and wear for different gymnastic and equestrian competitions.



Well gang, what do you think of Abby’s transformation?  Getting the wig off was a bit interesting.  I figured it would come off easily since she is a few years old, but I couldn’t have been more wrong about that.  The only good part is it was properly glued (around the edges and a spot in the center), unlike when I removed Fiona’s original wig.  By the time I got it off, I felt like I’d had my workout for the day!

Abby’s new wig is the one I removed from Fiona when I got her, she is a #64, and currently the only doll in AG’s Truly Me line to have black hair.  It has a few brown highlights in it, but not many.  Here is a comparison shot of her and Cassandra (a #40) so you can see the color difference.  According to the AG website, a #40 is supposed to have dark brown hair.  There is definitely a difference.  I think the fact that it’s such a different color makes Abby very unique now!


Currently Abby’s wig is only tacked in place.  I want to see how much I like it as time goes by before I glue it down more securely.  Because it’s an AG wig it fits very well, so I’m not concerned about it shifting.  When I first put it on to see if it was what I wanted to use, I almost decided not to glue it at all, but thought better of that.  I did use Tacky Glue, so if I change my mind, it will be easy enough to get it off.  I looked at another wig from the same person I purchased Fiona’s from, but I really didn’t feel like spending that much money, and once I tried this one on her, I decided to stick with what I had on hand.  I already have enough money in the Abby/Jenny project as it is!

I think Abby looks adorable with this new do!



22 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl?

  1. Wow, Abby looks adorable! The black wig goes great with her stunning blue eyes.



    • Yes! Abby just has a different shade of blue eyes and her hair is just a tiny bit darker. Otherwise they are nearly twins! I debated on giving her wispy side bangs, but decided against it.

  2. Wow, she really looks different! I can’t think of the number, but she looks like another Truly Me doll. but she has shorter hair. Nice job!

    • It definitely made a huge difference in how she looks, didn’t it? She does look like a couple of the other dolls, but the hair and eyes aren’t as dark, so that sets her apart.

    • I have! But I have to admit that it kind of got the customizing bug stirred up again. However, I NEED NO MORE DOLLS!!! #NoRoomAtTheInn

    • If you haven’t already tried it, get some braid spray. Not sure if Sally Beauty Supply operates in Canada, but I got mine there. It is cheap! And it really helps recondition wigs that are a bit on the dry side. Unfortunately Abby’s was beyond even that.

  3. Wow! Your hair is almost like mine now, Abby! Very different. Nice!

    Okay, I’m in shock. Only because the look is so very different. She looks very nice in that style and color. For me, personally, the situation reminds me of a dear ginger friend of mine whose mother refused to let her go entirely goth by dying her hair dark. 🙂

    • Yes Grace, we could almost pass as sisters now!

      Too funny, when I got her done, I was thinking she looked a bit goth! I need a pair of doll sized Doc Marten’s now.

      • Try some OG black waffle stompers, (from “Jack”) The ones I have came w/ a suit, but sometimes you can find them separately.

      • And we can share clothes. 🙂 Perfect size! 😉

        Do you have the red vinyl jumper outfit? AG was selling it separately after they changed to Meet Outfit IV. If you can find it with the boots they are pretty close to Doc Martens. The jumper did not hold up well over time, but the tights, shirt, boots, and beret have! Like Sharry said, keep an eye out for similar styles. I thought the Queen’s Treasures had a pair, maybe on Etsy.
        ( http://americangirl.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Vinyl_Jumper_Outfit)

        I’ve read this post a few times now and really like Abby’s new look.

      • No, I don’t have that outfit, but I will keep an eye out for it on Ebay. Etsy would be a good place to look too!

        The more I look at her, the happier I am with the decision to use that wig. She and Grace will have to get together again sometime!

  4. Abby looks beautiful! I have to say, dark hair and blue eyes is such a pretty combo! I have a plan to re-wig my Grace doll, but I’ve heard that taking them off can be a challenge! Any tips?

    • Thanks! As for tips–remove the head from the body, much easier to handle. Use a spoon to help break the connection from the wig and the glue. I used a product called Undu, but I’ve heard that non-acetone nail polish remover works better to help release it. And lots of patience! The one other tip I would give is that the glue is usually around the outer edge the whole way around and then a part in the center back/top of the wig area. I say usually because there was a lot more glue when I removed the wig from Fiona.

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