Back In Time

Whenever I clean out a closet, I always think of a comment my mother used to make about fashion.  Styles come and go, but frequently something old comes back into fashion again.  Not a good thought for anyone who has trouble getting rid of old clothing though!  Today I’m going to show three dresses that are historical in nature, but would be appropriate now.  First up, Caroline’s Travel dress:


I thought since I don’t have Caroline, Lanie was the next obvious choice to model it.  The dress originally came with a pair of reddish boots, but the Ebay seller I got this from had only the dress.  I decided to pair it with a pair of t-strap flats from the Joyful Jewels set.  I’m not sure about the black shoes with this dress, but they do help bring it into modern times.  I think this is probably my favorite dress from Caroline’s collection, mainly because it is so versatile.

The back is very simple, no frills or big bows. From pretending to be Elizabeth Bennett to heading to a spring or summer wedding, this dress fits for so many occasions.

From the same Ebay seller, I picked up Kit’s Summertime Dress. Again, it was just the dress available, but I have so many shoes already, I didn’t care. I decided to pair it with the shoes from Kit’s Floral Print Dress.
This dress has so many cute details, I think the lace on it is especially pretty.
The back isn’t overly frilly but does have a nice big bow.
Again, another dress that stands the tests of time, I could definitely see a little girl wearing a dress like this for Easter or another special event.

Last, but certainly not least, is Samantha’s Special Day Dress set. I picked this up in my last order from AG when it hit the clearance page. I’d looked at it several times before, but couldn’t pass it up once it was reduced. Rebecca looks very cute in it!


I have the entire set shown here, but if you wanted to bring it up to a more modern look, simply pair the dress with a different pair of shoes, minus the tights and hairbow.

Also some very pretty lace on this dress as well:


Love these shoes!  I need to think about what other clothing pieces these would work with.


And the back, with another bow.  Excuse the horrid bow, I was trying to hurry before the sun went behind the clouds again! Another dress though that would be ideal for Easter or other springtime adventures.


I love it when a historical outfit can be used for more than one time period. Just writing this post made me think about some of the other items I have in my collection and how they could be easily adapted for a more modern look. What do you have in your collection that could “time travel”?



13 thoughts on “Back In Time

  1. Laine makes a gorgeous stand in for Caroline! I appreciate seeing Sam’s dress close up. It’s really pretty and I thing it looks possibly better on Rebecca. The red shoes to me look like they could be stylish with jeans and a black tshirt?
    I’ve often wanted to get a “Fancy Friday” blogger thing going because my fancy clothes don’t often show up in stories, especially the historical outfits. Fancy Friday Fashion??

    • I like that idea! I hear you too, I need to quit buying fancy stuff because it barely gets used. Louisa’s cherry dress is about the only one that seems to make a regular appearance, and only because it is stuck in my brain LOL!

  2. I think a better question for me would be what don’t I have that could time travel. Since my blog is a period piece, I’ve seen quite a few of the styles Julie and her friends wear come and go throughout the years, such as granny dresses, ponchos, bell bottoms (or flares as they’re sometimes called), and wing sleeved tops.

    • Looking at Lanie in the pink and red dress, I came up with the shoes that came with Grace Thomas’s meet outfit, and I believe you have them. They are pink and red, this might work well, and wouldn’t be so stark as the black shoes. Mom was right “Everything old is new again”. Looks like your gals are all ready for Easter.

      • I’ll have to try those, they might be a little bit too pink though. This dress has a more orangish overtone to it.

  3. The gals look as cute as can be in their “tea time” dresses! I’ve always loved Lanie as a doll. She’s very cute and super photogenic in the above photos. She looks amazing in those colors. Rebecca looks so sweet in Sam’s dress. (I agree with Jen that it looks better on her coloring!) I have not been able to collect a lot of historical dresses, but I think Sam and Addy’s Beforever meet outfits definitely would be in style now a days. (I guess that is the whole point of the Beforever line, though) 🙂

    • I agree! Can you tell I’m thinking warmer weather already?!

      Lanie is very photogenic. I’ve noticed the same with Zara too, I think perhaps it’s a combination of the blonde hair and hazel eyes.

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