Doll Sized Finds–A bit of this, that and the other!

Time for some awesome doll sized finds guys!  I’ve been collecting these items over the past few weeks and decided it was about time to share some of them!


Loved this emoji themed clip on and thought it would be adorable on a doll bed. I very carefully clipped off the part that was holding the clip on. I think I got this at Target, but I’m not 100% positive, sorry! If I remember correctly it was around $2

Target also has these cool little bag clip ons, great for holding change or lip balm. They have them in several styles and colors, and vary in price, but all of the ones I have come across have been $8 or less.


Dollar General had this cute little container of Vaseline Lip balm for $2. This is the perfect size for your dolls bathroom. And the lip balm isn’t bad either!

Dollar Tree has these adorable owl shaped lip balm containers. How can you beat $1?! I thought it would make an awesome decoration for in one of the doll rooms. And what is it about lip balm containers being the perfect size for doll house accessories?

Also at Dollar Tree, I ran across these individual sized salt and pepper shakers.  If you read Brandy’s Happy Home, you may recall seeing her use these as crystal drinking glasses (with a few modifications).  I plan on using these as candy jars for the doll bakery, I just need to go through my bead stash and see what works the best in them.  Dollar Tree always has the coolest stuff!


When American Girl announced their new releases in January, I fell in love with the Fun and Games Sleepover Set. However, since I’m not buying from AG at the moment, I had a problem. My favorite part was the little Uno set. To Ebay!!! I found a seller who not only had a cute set of miniature Uno cards, but two other things I could use as well.

odds-6  odds-7


In addition to the Uno cards, I found a mini Barrel Of Monkeys game and a pair of shoes that fit Wellie Wishers! I was pleased to find these items, especially the shoes. And the seller combined the shipping, so an added bonus.

Perfect fit!  In case you are interested in any of these items, you can find them at Butterfly Kisses Doll Clothes on Ebay.  Super fast shipping too, with an excellent rating, so you can’t go wrong!

Have you found anything interesting for your dolls recently?



17 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds–A bit of this, that and the other!

  1. I was thrifting recently and found a little black leather jewelry box in the shape of a hatbox. It looks to be about the same size as Melody’s suitcase, just in black instead of red, and it was 5 bucks. Score!

  2. Flo, you are terrible to me! First I fall in love with the winter PWP outfit. Then I need the apres ski outfit, and now I need those Uno cards! The boy clothes are pretty cheap too….
    My dolls thank you for the link!!

  3. Adorable finds! I love those Uno cards! I’ve been to Butterfly Kisses before. They have some very unique items. 🙂 I am in search of some shoes for our Hearts4Hearts girl. I think that the Wellie Wisher shoes will fit her so I will go check it out. Thanks for these tips!

    ginnie /

  4. Super finds! My Julie has that Barrel Full Of Monkeys set in orange. At Walgreen’s last week in their Christmas close-out section I found 2 desktop bowling sets by Crafted Imports for 50 cents each! Coupled w/ the Dollar Store bowling set Fawn gave, Julie and friends will be going bowling soon! And of course they need bowling shoes, so I got 4 pairs off Ebay for $4 per pair. Also found at Walgreen’s by Crafted Imports a desktop pool table for $11.

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