Doll Sized Finds: Some very cool goodies!!!

It’s time for another edition of Doll Sized Finds!  I’ve been staying away from thrift stores lately, I am trying to get more to leave the house than is coming in.  BUT, I did get out and do a bit of shopping, and my doll eyes are always peeled for something cool, regardless of where I am at.

My first find is a tiny Etch A Sketch!

If you haven’t seen it already, the World’s Smallest line from Hasbro has some pretty cool replicas of full sized items, and I thought it would be cool to have this. I already found the Magic 8 Ball, Duncan YoYo and Polaroid Camera a while ago, but I hadn’t had much luck in finding this piece. Love these mini items–and yes, it works just like a real Etch A Sketch!  It was a little pricey at $5.99, but I’ve actually seen items from this line selling for even more at other places, so maybe that was a good price.

Here’s a pic of Shivan holding it so you can see the size in proportion to a doll:

My next find at the same place was a mini ping-pong set:

This also says World’s Smallest on it, but it’s not made by the same company. Hmmmm…I couldn’t pass it up though for $4.99!

Kanani and Alya thought it would be fun to set it up in the kitchen…

The ball is a little big, but the girls said it just made it a little easier to hit it!

Last, but not least, I came across this cool mirror in a craft store:

It’s meant to be used to make a piece of jewelry with, but I don’t think the idea caught on very well as it was on clearance for $2.50.  I was even more excited about it when I turned the mirror over:

So pretty!  I haven’t decided if I want to trim off the loop at the top where you would attach it to a necklace, or simply glue a gemstone there instead. I need to go through my craft stash and see if I have one the right size. Here’s Abby holding it so you can see how perfect it is.

And…well…I did make a trip into the thrift store one time when I was dropping stuff off.  I was excited to find another little root beer mug just like one I found on another trip, so now I have two!  I have plans for these, fingers crossed.

And I found these cool little “trays”.  Not sure what they are supposed to be for originally, but I thought they would make cool meal trays!  The best part of this trip, it was 50% off day, so I got the mug, the trays and three small bowls for our “real” kitchen, and with sales tax I spent a whopping 37 cents!  Love a trip like that.

Till the next time! Keep your “doll eyes” peeled for goodies in your area.

Our Generation Game Night Set

Late last year Our Generation came out with a ton of the mini sets for both the regular and Retro lines.  These have been hugely popular with collectors and some sets are very hard to find.  One set that I kept running across was called Game Night.  I passed it up a couple of times and then finally decided to go for it.  I’m so glad I did, and I don’t understand now why this set isn’t sold out everywhere, it’s so cute!


The set includes two games, Bingo and Dominoes. Let’s talk about Bingo first!

Loved all the pieces that came with this–2 cards, the bingo “numbers” and some markers. Plus a bag to keep all of the little pieces in, a great accessory! The markers that show in the box were a bear to get out, they were taped in place. There is one slight flaw with this set though–you couldn’t play it with the included cards because the numbers to draw out of the bag only go to 20! I think it would be easy enough to make some new cards though. Just wanted to point that out. 😉

The dominoes…oh my word!!

It’s a fully playable set of dominoes with a case to store them in…and instructions on how to play!

I was very pleased to see that instructions were included, it has been years since I played and I couldn’t recall exactly how it went.

I give this set an A. I can’t give it an A plus because of the flaw in the numbers with the bingo set, but overall I think it’s a great value, even at the full price of $6.99. When you consider that Melody’s Block Party Set that includes the bingo items in it is $68 and Rebecca’s Bedroom Accessories that includes the dominoes is $48, this is a steal! I hope we see Our Generation come out with some more fun sets like this.

Our Generation Too Cool For My Shoes Review

I’ve been checking out the local Target stores for some of the newer sets.  It’s been slim pickings in our area, but I did come across a pair of shoes that I hadn’t seen before.  They aren’t even on the Our Generation website for some reason, but neither were the tennis shoes that I picked up for Louisa at Christmas time.  Not sure what it up with that because I’ve noticed reviews of other items not on their site on other blogs.  Hmmm…someone needs to work on that!

Regardless, I had to get these when I saw them.  I’m a sucker for doll shoes to begin with and there is just something about tennis shoes (or trainers as our British and European friends refer to them) that get me every time.  And not just for my dolls, if you looked in my own closet, you’d gasp!


Aren’t these fun?! I loved that they were denim and trimmed with the bright pink. I know that we all complain about the overabundance of pink in the AG spectrum, but this is just the right amount.

Here we are out of the package. You can see how they are also lined in pink, a nice added touch! However, when I turned them around, I discovered something I wasn’t expecting…
Flowers on the sides! I thought they were just a plain pair of tennis shoes, but they aren’t. Why in the world they were packaged so that you couldn’t see this accent is beyond me. Fortunately it wasn’t a deal breaker, I like the trim, but for some people I can see where this could be an issue. Strange, isn’t it?

I needed someone to model them, and it just so happened that Abby was already dressed in denim and pink, so I immediately grabbed her. They went on easily, no hassle whatsoever.

Love these, I think they are so cute on!

I give these an A+, they are well made and fit perfectly. While the flowers were unexpected, they aren’t a deal breaker in this case, but I’m glad I was able to review them for others so you can be prepared! At $6.99 I think these are more than reasonably priced. The fact that they aren’t yet on the OG website makes me wonder what else might be coming out. Did anyone else happen to catch a couple of new kitchen accessory sets on the Target website? I saw them one day and I’ve been kicking myself for not ordering them at the time because they have since disappeared, ugh!