A Big Ebay Find!

In my last post I hinted at a bit of a surprise coming up.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I spend way too much time on Ebay though.

All of you know Abby:

Say hello Abby!

She’s a renamed Saige doll that I bought 2 years ago.  When I bought her, I knew her hair was a bit of a mess and I worked on getting it straightened out, but it just hasn’t gone very well.  It was in worse shape than I realized, ugh.  I fully intended on sending her in to the doll hospital to get a new head, but then pantygate happened and not only have I vowed not to purchase anything from AG until they get their heads on straight again, I’d also heard some not so good rumblings about recent hospital experiences.  I was in a bit of a pickle.

After a bit of debate, I decided my best course of action was to buy a new doll.  Not a fun task.  And I know it sounds kind of silly, but let me explain.  Saige is the only GOTY that I ever really wanted.  I have others, but there was always something about that darned doll.  Unfortunately she came out when the finances in our household weren’t exactly flush and I couldn’t justify spending that money on a doll.  So naturally when I got into all of this, she was the first GOTY on my list.  The rest were ones I liked, and just happened to work out, but if I could have only had one, it would have been Saige.  I had decided to look at a NRFB (Never Removed From Box).  I found a couple from reliable sellers that weren’t an arm and a leg, but they were still pricey.  I knew I didn’t want to wait too long to make up my mind though as I have a suspicion once the permapanty dolls hit the market full force, prices of non-permapanty dolls on Ebay are going to jump a bit.  So I was watching in earnest.

Then it happened.  I popped on Ebay one day and decided to check out the new Saige listings.  And there she was, a beautiful Saige doll, from someone’s collection.  The woman was an adult collector that was having to reduce the size of her collection and was selling off various dolls and accessories from several different lines.  When I clicked on the auction, I couldn’t believe my luck.  Not only was she in gorgeous, like new condition, but she also came with her parade outfit, which I had been eyeing up for ages!  I quickly hit the “buy it now” button and in a few days she was here!


Isn’t she lovely?!?!?! When I got her out of the box, I was so excited, I finally had my perfect Saige!
saige-2   saige-3

Let me just tell you, Abby is not upset in the least.  In fact, they are already friends!


Here is a shot of the top of their heads so you can see the difference.  Abby’s hair feels so dry and it’s breaking off so she has these sharp pieces sticking up.  I’ve tried conditioning it, and since I can’t dip her head completely, that is out.


So, what now??

 Well, after a bit of debate, Abby is still going to be Abby.  BUT she is going to get a new wig.   I haven’t settled on what she is going to get 100% just yet, but I’ve got a couple of things in mind.  I thought about selling her, and making the new Saige into Abby 2.0, but when I looked on Ebay and saw all the more a Saige in her condition would sell for, I decided I would just keep her and customize her.

Saige isn’t going to remain Saige either.  I never liked her name.  Since she arrived, she’s been hanging out in my living room.  One day I just happened to look at her and her lovely hair and realized she looked an awful lot like a character on my favorite British Soap, Coronation Street.  So I’ve decided her name is going to be Jenny Bradley.  (If you watch the show, I can assure you she won’t be a trouble maker like her namesake!)  I’m still working on Jenny’s backstory but she has another surprise in store for our readers!

The other awesome part of the auction was this:


I’ve always liked this set and missed out on it as well. To get it in this auction and still not pay even close to what a NRFB doll was the icing on the cake! I love these boots too, I think they are gorgeous!
Now you’ve seen the surprise. Stay tuned for the next installments of what happens to Jenny and Abby!

28 thoughts on “A Big Ebay Find!

    • I hear you. Jenny likes clothes, but is not a fashionista. Alya already has that spot sort of filled and we only need one! However, she and Alya and Louisa will end up friends for a different reason.

  1. Fantastic! Saige is still Brianna’s #1 doll despite her hair woes. I really like Saige’s collection because it is unique and some of the shirts even have… wait for it…. sleeves!
    I think your solution is a good one.

  2. Congrats!! I have a few of Saige’s outfits (including her her tunic outfit and her meet outfit) and they look super cute on Josefina and Lu.

    • I love the tunic outfit, I’ve had it on several of the dolls. I didn’t care for the shoe color though, so if someone wears it here, they pair it with the Truly Me meet outfit shoes, I think it’s a much better match.

      • I paired the tunic outfit with the turquoise shoes that came with the Starry Jeggings outfit. And sometimes I’ll swap out the white jeans for the starry jeggings from that outfit too since the turquoise stars match the turquoise top nicely The purple ballet flats are in the random ballet flat section of my AG shoe drawer. I’m definitely wanting to get her sweater outfit because I think it’ll look amazing on Gabri (what my Gabriela wants to be called).

  3. Your new Saige is gorgeous. Wait. Before you take the wig off of Abby’s head, have you thought about cutting it? I saw a Saige doll who’s hair was cut just a bit longer than a bob and she looked like a totally new doll. I wanted to buy her but she was too pricey. (Just to let you know, the tunic outfit is disappointing. It’s so tight! Even my skinny dolls look like they can’t breathe).

    • That would work if she just had split ends, but it’s splitting at the top. 😦

      I have the tunic outfit and it hasn’t been a problem with any of my dolls too much, but I do know they can’t sit in the pants! (although that seems to be a problem with much of the recent AG pants!)

    • I’ve always thought she was a pretty doll, long before I got heavily into collecting. So happy to finally have one with great hair!

  4. Sorry didn’t get a chance to comment until today! Fabulous find! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    I’m starting to think Saige would make a good Peni for my family, but her hair is too long.

      • I’ve thought about it, but the price can be so prohibitive. I know when the time is right, the right doll will be available. Until now, I’m happy with my current crew. 🙂

  5. Isn’t she LOVELY- Isn’t she WONDERFUL! Thank you Stevie Wonder. If I hadn’t sworn off getting anymore AG dolls, I would be tempted. Her hair is beautiful, what a difference from your first Saige. She looks like she is having a bad hair day everyday. I think I like the name Jenny for her, something old fashioned, but cute.

    • Yes, her hair is so different from Abby’s. I wish I knew what someone had done to her hair since the rest of Abby was perfect!

  6. Congratulations on your amazing find! EBay is great 🙂 Cannot wait to see more of Jenny! She is beautiful.

  7. Beautiful! Our Saige needs some major hair care too. We got her from eBay too. I keep telling myself that we will get around to making her over. She’s just a huge favourite among all of the neighbourhood girls so I never get a chance to steal her away to fix her up! 🙂

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com

  8. Very cool, I didn’t realize I missed this post from before. Good for you for getting a new Saige…she’s such a beautiful doll and now Abby is just as beautiful too with her new wig. So glad you had such good luck on eBay! I’ve been thinking the same thing about how the “nonperma-panty” eBay dolls will probably go up so it’s good to prioritize the dolls we all want to get for that reason.

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