So now what?

The past week has certainly been a lesson to many on how not to run a company.  It’s bad enough to make questionable choices in regards to changing products, but then to be so unreceptive to any criticism your customers might have and resort to juvenile behavior and knee jerk reactions–completely unacceptable.  It certainly didn’t help that many thought the canned response was a lie, but then to act in such a negative manner was very irresponsible.  It makes me sad and disappointed on so many levels.

I’ve been a customer of American Girl since 1990, back when it was Pleasant Company.  I can remember as plain as day the first time I saw one of their catalogs.  I was 26, and it was like being a kid all over again, but on a completely different level.  Over the years my interest has come and gone, but the one thing that I could always count on was a higher level of quality.  When I got back into this line in 2014, the quality was still good, but over the past few years, I’ve noticed a steady decline.  And now with this recent debacle, I’ve decided to not spend anymore of my hard earned money on their products unless they decide to turn this trainwreck around.  I’m not holding my breath.


So where does that leave the blog?  I still plan on continuing, but there will be changes.  When I first started, my original idea was to share craft ideas that I came up with.  I will hopefully be doing more of that kind of thing.  And I will still review products, but you won’t see any reviews of new American Girl brand items.  I have one review that I will be posting because I not only had it written before all of this blew up, but it also shows the lack of quality in current AG products.  I will continue to review retired items.  I simply refuse to purchase anything they make until the item has been discontinued and I can buy it on the secondary market, and even then it’s going to be minimal.  The book group will continue as planned, and I will still do stories with the dolls.  Basically the blog will stay the same, but I will no longer talk about any new releases from American Girl as I have no desire to promote their company.  I may also edit a couple of posts talking about visits to their stores, etc.  I do not want to give the idea that I like a company that I have no warm fuzzies about anymore whatsoever.

To anyone joining me in my boycott of their products, I do have a piece of advice in regards to purchasing on the secondary market.  Be cautious about buying anything that may still be available in the catalog.  The reason I say this is because I know that there are sellers on Ebay and other sites that don’t even keep these items in their possession.  They sell the items to the customer, sometimes at an inflated price, then simply buy the item from AG and have it drop shipped to the customer.  We don’t want AG to have any increase in their sales or any profit, so you definitely don’t want to accidentally purchase items from a seller who does this.  I’ve also questioned if some of these sellers have been using stolen credit card numbers in order to do this, particularly on high tickets items, so not only would you be helping out AG, you might find yourself part of the investigation of a credit card fraud case!  So be careful.

The one place that I personally would be willing to make an exception would be the Madison Children’s Museum sale.  All of the items that are available there have been donated by American Girl.  They make nothing off it, all of the proceeds go back to two charities for them to use for various programs.  I just wanted to point that out in case someone was thinking of boycotting that as well.

Thanks to all of you who commented on the last few posts.  It was interesting to see everyone’s viewpoint and how it could be presented without any hostility, even if someone’s opinion was different.  I didn’t have to do any editing or deleting of posts, everyone kept it very respectful.

So, on that note…onward and upward! A friend of mine had a very interesting comment when I told them what was going on and how upset everyone was.  “The object of your affection becoming something of bitterness.”  Only if we let it.  Time to move forward and in a different direction.

If you haven’t already seen this, please watch.  I think it is not only very funny, but sums up how many of us feel at the moment.  The last line in particular.  Great job Laura!

ADDED 2/13/2017:
In case you haven’t already seen this post, be sure to check it out. Dark days my friends. And it reinforces my thoughts that this isn’t just about doll underwear, but the overall cheapening of the products. What in the world are they thinking??



19 thoughts on “So now what?

  1. I was wondering what you were going to do with your blog. Thanks for letting us know. As I’ve said before, the only thing I’m boycotting from AG are the permapanty dolls. If I get one, I’m returning it instantly. I’m excited for Felicity. My dolls need more stomachers. I’m also excited for next week’s big release. There are a lot of items on my wish list from that. I hope to pick up Logan and possibly Tenney with out permapanties.
    For some reason I keep waiting every day for AG to turn this around, or at least apologize. I don’t know why I still have hope that they’ll wake up and see what they’re doing but I do. I hope that day will come soon.

    • Yes, just them admitting that perhaps they had misjudged the reaction would be in order. Don’t ignore or ridicule your customers. Good luck with what you do get, I hope it works out. But I would definitely return them if you don’t get what you want. Another good way to send a message.

  2. Enjoyed your post. A link Heather left on my last post included this AG news: “Signing the first contract with a distributor in the Middle East. Shopping mall developer Majid Al Futtaim said, in a news release in December announcing the agreement, that he plans to open the first store in United Arab Emirates in 2017.”
    As for our plans, Brianna may want Tenney for her bday which is imminent. We will see what the reviews are like when she comes out this week. We have two dolls staying with us currently and they are really pushing the space limits. I’m kind of looking at this news as an opportunity to use what I have, which is a lot.
    I would miss my friendships with you all!

    • I’m like you, I think this is a good opportunity to use the stuff I already have as well as concentrate on picking up more of the discontinued items. They need to realize that they are not the only place people can get clothing and accessories for their dolls and make this right. I would definitely wait for some reviews before I bought anything from them. I’m so glad I didn’t jump right away on some of the Gabriella items I was considering, after I read the reviews I realized my concerns were legitimate and I was happy that I hadn’t spent the money!

  3. So many doll bloggers do not include product reviews and still have fabulous photo stories. Those product reviews are not an integral part of your line. I look forward to seeing the girls. More Etsy reviews will be cool.

    • That is the one good thing, there are a lot of options out there without talking about American Girl products. I have a feeling we may see a lot of this on other blogs as well, so in the long run we may end up with a better variety of items reviewed. My problem now is figuring out a couple of upcoming posts now where I have holes! (and not a lot of time at the moment) Bad timing AG!

  4. We are so glad that you will be continue blogging! We would definitely miss your posts! I am not interested in buying any dolls with permanent underwear either. I feel like it is a move on AG’s part to skimp and save money while still gouging it’s customers. Why pay the extra to make separate undies when you can just build them right into the make up of the doll? I hate the feeling that we are being shortchanged as customers while they are putting our money back in their pockets just the same. It’s simply ridiculous. If they want to save money that’s fine, but cutting serious corners, and being belligerent to their fans is not the way to do it.

    ginnie /

    • Shortchanged is a great way of putting it! Their products just keep getting worse, but they are still charging premium prices. And so much plastic!! The idea that this stuff is that expensive to produce is ludicrous, especially since there are other retailers making similar items at not only a significant lesser price, but with better quality. The way they treated anyone who disagreed with them was the last straw for me.

  5. I’d rather support Etsy folks anyway. You can get quality products that are different or get custom made stuff. You’re not dealing w/ a big corporation, but the small business folks, who are more apt to listen if you have a complaint. And of course your readers (like me) can always do guest posts!

    • Exactly! SHOP SMALL!!! There are so many great people on Etsy, with so many unique items. A lot of these folks who make doll items do custom work too, you just need to ask.

  6. Flo, have you seen the new pictures of someone who got a real permapanty doll? It looks like it’s wearing a poopy diaper!! There is a big visible droop on the doll’s butt. AND if that’s not bad, the vinyl is so squishy, the arms can be squeezed together. Unbelieveable.

    • OH, and from what I’ve been seeing, I guess people have been posting that image on the AG Facebook page and instead of addressing it, they just keep taking it down. Obviously they are learning nothing.

      • I heard AG even said it was an altered doll! That is so not true. The owner took it right out of the box. Her husband bought it for her from the Orlando store for Valentines day present. AG is just going lower and lower.

  7. I hope you continue your blog as well, you have a good variety of posts and there are sooo many old AG ITEMS to be featured too.

    • That’s what I’m hoping. Plus Our Generation is about due to release some new stuff as well, so I should be busy. And there’s always Etsy!

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