The Protest

Sophia was visiting and decided to pop into the kitchen to get a drink.  She thought she could hear someone crying, and when she walked in, she found Lanie with big tears coming down her face.


“Lanie!  What’s the matter?”

“Haven’t you heard?  It’s just awful.  American Girl has decided to make underwear a permanent part of a dolls body.  We’ll be okay, but most of the dolls to be made in the future will have their underwear permanently attached.”


“NO!  That’s awful!” replied Sophia.  She went over to console Lanie.  Just then Alya walked in.


“Hey guys, what’s u…what’s the matter???  Lanie, why are you crying?”


The girls told Alya the news.


“WHAT?!?!?!  You have got to be kidding me!  This is an outrage!  I won’t stand for it, I simply won’t.  We deserve to have a say in this, and I don’t agree with it.  Girls, I think we should organize a protest!”


The girls told everyone else and the response was overwhelming.  Everyone who didn’t have something going on already turned up for the protest.  Alya had written a speech for the occasion.  They even made signs.


“Ladies, I am so glad you came this evening,” Alya started.  “There is a matter of urgent concern in the doll community, and we need to take a stand.  It has been brought to my attention that American Girl thinks it’s okay to make future dolls wear their underwear ALL THE TIME!”

There was a collective gasp from the group.

“Yes, that means you would have to wear your underwear under your bathing suit.  In the bathtub and shower, and worse yet, on the toilet!  How is that going to work???  And what about that outfit where you might not want a panty line??”


“No permanent underwear!!!”  chanted the crowd.

“I don’t think Saint Pleasant ever intended us to have permanent underwear.  It’s not historically accurate, it’s not biologically accurate.  No body shaming, no bullying and NO PERMANENT UNDERWEAR!”

A cheer rose from the crowd.  “HURRAY!”

protest-9 protest-10

“We have to take this public, let American Girl know we aren’t happy.  It should be a choice!”

Alya spoke for quite a while about the subject, as well as the general decline in American Girl quality.  Then she told the girls it was time for the salute:





34 thoughts on “The Protest

  1. Very good! I asked my daughter what she thought of permanent underwear on the dolls and after giving me a look of completely horrified shock, she said, “Mom, I want my dolls to be like me. I don’t wear my underwear with my pyjamas, my swimsuit, or in the shower, so why would the dolls do that? That’s just weird.” The nine year old has spoken, and the verdict is in. Hear that American Girl? It’s just plain weird.

    ginnie /

    • It’s obvious to me just from what I’ve been reading that AG did absolutely NO research and they lied about it being a customer request. When you have children who think that there is something wrong with it, it’s obviously not well thought out. I guess some big shot executive thought they were smarter than the customers. Nope!

  2. The text below is from a comment in the article linked above “Someone on Facebook brought up a point and I am convinced this is the real reason. Gotz used to manufacturer AG dolls when they were owned by the Pleasant Company. Mattel still has to pay Gotz royalties for their body design. To no longer have to pay these royalties, they need to make a significant change to the design. Clearly, changing the size/shape is out of the question. The new “panties” are essentially a modification to the body – the bottom part will be pink and the top part beige, with an elastic band sewn-on to cover the seam area. So, while they might save a little manufacturing the underwear, the real savings are really in the royalties. They are essential just reducing the cost (and quality) of their product.

    • Yes, it’s all about the bottom line. And some CEO’s salary. Corporate greed run amok, and now they may just find out that their customers aren’t willing to put up with it.

      • And it shows that profit will be squeezed out in other areas, too, such as product quality. What about these rumors of Hasbro buying out Mattel? Talks apparently broken down, but this is the second time they have met over the course of many years. Makes me rethink Saige’s head….

    • But that still doesn’t make sense because all the other historical dolls will still have the original body without the permapanties. So they’d still be paying royalties. Also, someone on AGPT looked up the royalties for Gotz and there’s nothing there for the bodies (I also heard if there was one it would have expired after 20 years). I don’t think that’s the reason. Someone else said some CEO may have been worried about hanky panky play between the new boy and girl dolls, but that also doesn’t make sense because anyone can make a historical modern. I still can’t figure it out. Does it really save them that much money to have permapanties? Maybe that’s it but even then I’m not sure.

  3. Love it!! I am really taking a serious thought about joining in on your ban against American Girl. What makes it worse are the lame excuses they keep coming out with about making it “better for the consumer” when in reality, it’s better for the CEO’s pockets. I’ve never like dealing with the AG website and I think I will look for used items and dolls going forward on eBay and Etsy.
    I just don’t like this company at all lately.
    Great photo story! #saynotopermapanties

    • The mistake they made was lying and expecting everyone just to think that it was the true reason. I definitely don’t like being taken for an idiot, and I REALLY don’t like forking over big bucks for declining quality. There are so many good competitors and small business people who deserve the business instead.

    • It is just so sad that they are resorting to this kind of juvenile behavior. Won’t they all just love those perma-panties when they don’t have jobs anymore?

  4. Great photo story, Flo! I’m expecting newborn baby grand-niece in a few months. I predict that by the time she’s 8 years old, there will be no more American Girl doll company. I bought another AG doll for her older sister, my grand-nice Olivia on JS&D to save for her when she turns 6. (that’s 2 more years) I’ll have to buy another doll on the second hand market for my other girl, b/c this is beyond ridiculous! The corporate stooges are gonna regret this decision, and the folks on Etsy, Our Generation and My Life As will be raking in the dough.

    • Thanks! I have to agree with you that this could be the nail in the coffin for AG. Let’s face it, the bulk of the people not objecting to this change are primarily what I would call “fair weather customers”. They may buy one or two dolls and a few accessories, but that’s it. Or they aren’t customers at all, just someone who jumped on the bandwagon. They aren’t the devoted fan base, otherwise they would see what a degradation of quality this and some of the other moves they have made are to the product. I just hope that the other companies that are making items for 18 inch dolls ramp up production a little bit, some of these are already hard to find.

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