This gets worse by the minute…

#Pantygate has spun completely out of control and is now showing what an ugly thing American Girl has become as a company.  Instead of listening to customers who are complaining and posting about it on Facebook, rumor has it that they are not only removing any negative comments, but they are chiming in to those comments from people who are making fun of those who are against the permanent underwear change.  I’m trying to get my hands on a specific post to show everyone and will post it here when I do.  I’ve lost all faith in American Girl now.  I really am done.

How done am I?  Well, when I wrote the last post, I had every intention of still sending my Abby (a renamed Saige doll) in for a head replacement as her hair is in bad condition.  I just wasn’t going to purchase anything else.  I’ve since changed my decision on that, based on American Girl’s juvenile and unethical response to any criticism they have received.  Abby instead will more than likely get a hair replacement done by me, and/or I will look for a replacement Saige doll on Ebay.   They will not get another penny from me, nor will Mattel.  I can’t support a company that thinks it’s okay to censor any negative comments, nor one that chimes in to ridiculing those who disagree with their decision.  What is this teaching our young people?  I find it reprehensible that a company who bases their toy line on girl empowerment/anti-bullying would resort to such horrible behavior.  I encourage the rest of you to do the same.

There is also a petition started against this intended change, and I encourage you to go and sign it:

Such a sad day.  It didn’t have to be this way.  I realize that yes, they are just dolls, but they are an important part of so many of our lives.  They have been used by many people as a way to teach positive thinking, history, fun moments in life.  Why did it have to come to this American Girl?  Your brand is permanently tarnished for me.  😦


21 thoughts on “This gets worse by the minute…

  1. I say this not the upset anyone, but making fun of people who have differing views is the same strategy our president is using. Our country needs to model civic discourse for young people!!!!
    I say the AG coupon code this morning and laughed.
    Thank you Nonna for letting us know to look into doll hospital.

    • I thought the same exact thing Jen. Since I try not to talk politics here, I avoided it, but you have hit the nail on the head. Such a sad way for a company to handle things.

      • I’m pissed about the PermaUndies, but I’m REALLY pissed about the fact that Gabi has barely been out for a month and they are already planning on releasing a boring ass blonde and her boytoy sidekick halfway through Black History Month instead of using February to spotlight the amazing Black dolls they have – like Gabi (who has a puny collection compared to Grace and Bleah), Melody (who hasn’t gotten any new things since her release LAST SUMMER), or Addy (who they are trying to stealth archive without actually coming out and saying so”. But no…we are getting Tenney, aka Miss Grand Ol Nopry and Nogan and from what I’ve seen of Tenney’s collection, it’s like twice the size of Gabi’s….and Gabi’s the GOTY. First African American GOTY in 16 years and they are deliberately ignoring her. It sucks.

      • This is a sore subject for me as well. Gabi’s time in the spotlight is being stolen, she’s been treated like the poor stepchild, and yet they think we are too dumb to see what they are doing. And I saw a review on one of the Tenney books, where it leaves the question of whether or not there will be a romance between Tenney and Logan. So not appropriate for this doll line. It’s like someone went in and said “let’s do everything wrong” one day, just to see how much the customers were willing to put up with. NOTHING they are doing anymore makes any sense. I’m just glad I don’t have any stock in the company.

      • Yeah, it’s like someone said “oh, I suppose since this is probably going to be the last year, we probably should give in and make an African American GOTY. We can push her out with the doll we really intended anyhow.”

      • Poor Gabi! So many really good opportunities lost for her and events that could have happened for Black History Month. At least they didn’t release her and immediately make her a Jill Steals and Deals like they did with poor Cecile. Speaking of Cecile…seems she was retired to make Gabriela…compare them side by side.

      • I wondered when Gabi was released and her collection was so small and basically reruns. And yes, Black History Month could have been amazing with stories surrounding Gabi, Melody and Addy. They really dropped the ball on this one. I’m seeing a lot of mixed feedback on the photos of Tenney and Logan, perhaps they will bomb big time, especially given the timing. I feel like I’m watching a trainwreck now.

  2. Just signed the petition. I mentioned to my dad that the dolls will now have permapanties (he of course has no interest in AG). At first he gave me a weird look, and then said, “why don’t you send Jimmy Kimmel an email about this?” we both laughed. I actually feel like doing that though.

  3. Flo, go ahead and try Jimmy Kimmel. I can’t figure out how to send anything to him except on facebook and I don’t have my own facebook account. I did get through to Jimmy Fallon and I’m supposed to get a confirmation email once someone’s read it.

  4. Hi, i am a new person to the ag community and i know about the permapanties ( i gess thats is how to spell it ) any way i just whanted you to know i am not trying to support the pp’s but i am still going to buy more things from them. pleas don’t hate me.

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