Book Group Reminder and Announcement

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the first book in the book group is Lanie and I will be posting about it on February 15th.  I hope everyone has managed to get their hands on a copy and will have time to read it before then!

I recently found out that several people had to place this book on reserve at their local library.  I never gave it a thought that some of these older books might have this kind of an issue.  In hopes of making sure that everyone has sufficient time for the next book we will be discussing, I’m going to announce it here.  For the March 15th post, we will be talking about “Meet Kit”.  Fingers crossed that this little bit of extra time will give everyone the opportunity to read it before then.  I will also be announcing the next several books on February 15th so that I’m sure everyone has a chance to locate them.


I’m really looking forward to getting started on this project, I’ve had so much fantastic feedback about it! See you on February 15th!


13 thoughts on “Book Group Reminder and Announcement

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I finished the book yesterday. Unfortunately, we may be in a place with no internet connection during the discussion of the book, but I will be able to read everyone’s comments at a later date. Thank you also for the heads up on the other books also. I happened to have Laney and the first two Kit books, which I purchased at the library for only fifty cents each! Enjoying your blog!

    • Great! I need to go back and re-read it before I write the post so it’s fresh in my mind. That is the one nice thing about these books, they aren’t all that long.

  2. We’re ready! Finished the book this past weekend and have notes from “everyone.”
    If I can get a good photo shoot in, I hope to do a preparation post. 😀

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