Felicity Frenzy

There are all sorts of rumors floating around about some of the upcoming releases from American Girl.  One that I’m particularly excited about is the re-release of Felicity.  Evil Twin has her, but I never managed to get her or any of her collection.  While I highly doubt I will be purchasing her, I more than likely will be picking up a few of her clothing sets and accessories.  I really have my fingers crossed that the preview of one of the book covers is an accurate indicator and her riding outfit will be released again!  I’ve always regretted not getting it before, here’s to second chances!

I’ve noticed a lot of colonial period outfits on Etsy, so many cute ones in a variety of styles and fabrics.  I was super excited when I noticed that one of my favorite sellers, Lidi Designs had some items available that reflected Felicity’s time period.  Two things in particular caught my attention and I finally gave in and bought them.  Abby is going to model for us since she looks the most like Felicity.

felicity-frenzy-1First we have this lovely cape!  It was available in 3 different colors, I thought the blue would go with more.  It tends to photograph more like a royal blue, but in reality it’s a navy blue.  It’s made out of a wool fabric, and is nicely finished.  And it has a hood!

I thought this would be a nice piece to have for a number of outfits from different eras. I’m tempted to order another in a different color, I think a red one would be fun to have.  Someone could be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween too!

The dress ensemble is just gorgeous!
I loved the colors in this outfit, and I thought it was a style that actually covered more than just colonial era. I think it also looks cute minus the apron for a Civil War Antebellum type dress.

Here Abby is showing the attached slip and the bloomers. I didn’t buy the shoes and socks she offered, I figured I would end up with a set or two with some of Felicity’s outfits and I really don’t need a bunch.

I think the lace and ribbon detailing on this dress is beautiful!

Are you excited about Felicity’s re-release? How about the new contemporary characters, Tenney and Logan? I’m looking forward to all of them, particularly the accessory pieces. I just made “Berry” level in my AG Rewards account, something tells me that with these collections and their themes (colonial and music), I’m not going to have much trouble keeping that level!!!

Be sure to check out some of the other items that Linda has at her shop, she has a couple of other pretty dresses for the Felicity fanatic!



26 thoughts on “Felicity Frenzy

  1. I love that shade of green! Felicity would look great in it with her green eyes. I bought Felicity for our granddaughter and I got Elizabeth. Later on I found a Pleasant Co. Felicity at a garage sale for $50.!! The Pleasant Co. one has brighter green eyes and brighter red hair than the one we bought for Colleen. We are very fortunate to have most of her collection. My favorite is her original Pleasant Co. clothes press (wardrobe) that I bought off Ebay.
    I am most excited about the Logan boy doll rumor!

    • Yes, I agree on this green with her green eyes. I thought it looked great with Abby’s red hair, so on Felicity it would be a knock out. I want to try it on one of my girls with hazel eyes to see how it looks, but Abby won’t take it off!

      Evil Twin’s Felicity is a Pleasant Company version, I will be curious to see how the coloring is on the re-issue. Great finds!

  2. I hope there’s going to be more for Felicity than what I’ve seen, but the little I’ve seen, I love. I love Tenney and Logan and wouldn’t be surprised if both of them and many of Tenney’s outfits come home with me. I have lots of gift cards and rewards points saved.

    • You are going to do a “what I got” post afterwards, aren’t you?? (hint hint) I hope this set of releases isn’t a let down, I’m thinking on a par with last summer excitement for me. I’m still not over the camper!

      • Of course I will! I know you’re trying not to look at the leaks but I’m pretty sure you’ll be super excited about Tenney and maybe even Logan. I’m just a little worried about the rumors and leaks of Felicity but I won’t give away what I know unless you want me to. I’m still not over the camper either, but I’m waiting for a sale…maybe next year.

      • I have seen pics of Tenney and Logan, but I’ve tried to limit it to that. I’ve seen a few Felicity ones too, but mostly just the books and one outfit. I’m really trying not to look!

  3. We have a Felicity with the startling green eyes. I am very excited for the new Felicity’s release. We might be able to pick up something nice for our own Felicity! 🙂

    These pieces are gorgeous! I love that blue cloak! Okay I can’t say enough about both of these pieces. Beautiful!

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com

  4. Very pretty pieces! I especially like the cape – that shade of blue is so beautiful! I’m definitely looking forward to Felicity’s return. I think I read her books mostly as a kid. 😀

  5. Felicity first came out as I was aging out of dolls as a kid. I remember liking her and her collection, but never got anything. What kid wouldn’t have wanted to dress like Felicity?

    She was already retired by the time my kids started getting interested in AG, so their experience with her is limited. We tried watching the Felicity movie last summer, but my kids got so upset that Felicity kept sneaking out of her house in the middle of the night, they made me turn the movie off and said they didn’t like Felicity, what she was doing was scary. I don’t think Felicity will be joining our family.

    What I’ve seen of her new meet dress, it looks lovely.

    • That’s cute that the kids didn’t like that part! And yes, her new meet dress looks very pretty, and entirely different from the previous ones.

    • I am very anxious to see what they do and if they bring anything back. They sure changed around Samantha’s collection and I’m not sure it went as well as they expected.

  6. If and when they release the new Felicity, I hope they do a slimmer body than the one she had in the original release. In order to have her wear the other AG clothing I had to make a body change. Her waist and behind where just to large to fit nicely into the other clothing. Flo and I noticed that when we tried to make a Downton Abbey dress for her. With the new body she now can wear all the AG clothing very nicely. I originally bought Felicity back in 1995 for my grand-daughter, but I changed my mind about giving Felicity to her when I saw just how she treated her Barbies. Ugh. Felicity would have been too upset being treated like that.

    • I definitely think the new one will be slimmer as they are made by a different manufacturer now. I think your Felicity was one of the ones made in Hungary. My very old Samantha (1990) was one of the Gotz made ones and she can wear most of the newer clothing.

  7. Yes, I’m excited to see the new Felicity release! I wasn’t collecting AG dolls back when the older one was available so I don’t have anything from her line at all. I love this time period and can’t wait to see what her collection will have. I don’t have any AG dolls with her coloring so I am sure I’ll be tempted as I would love to add a redhead to my AG family. Tenney looks very cute as well and I don’t have any AG dolls that look like her yet, either. Originally, I thought I didn’t want any additional Classic mold dolls, but now I have several on my wishlist!! I’ll have to wait to see photos of Tenney, though to decide whether or not she is going on the wish list! I still want to get Gabriela as I do not have any dolls yet with the Sonali mold so we’ll see. I am not at all interested in the boy doll. I don’t know, for some reason, I don’t really collect boy dolls in this scale. Even my 12 in doll collection is lacking testosterone, haha.

    • I’m like you, I have nothing from her line, but I’m anxious to see it. I’m especially curious about the furniture, hers were some of the nicest pieces that AG ever made.

      I’m not really interested in the boy dolls either, mainly because I don’t want to have to buy another bunch of clothing! I’m already getting into that with Willa/Emily. I am looking forward to seeing the accessories for Tenney and Logan more than anything else.

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