Doll Sized Finds: New year, new goodies!!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a doll sized finds post.  Mostly because I’ve had so many things going on, I haven’t really had much time to get out there and shop!  Put it this way, if it isn’t sold at the grocery store, chances are I don’t get to see it.  However, I did manage a day out that didn’t involve strictly groceries, and I found some pretty cool stuff.  Are you ready to see it???

I stopped at Dollar General to actually buy grocery type items, so you can imagine how excited I was to find some doll type items.  First I came across this cute little pots and pans set:

dsf-jan-17-1 dsf-jan-17-2

The utensils are a bit too big, but the pots are just perfect.  Only a dollar too!  The lid fits both pots as well, just like with some real sets you buy.

A trip in the hair care section yielded this:


Yup, a whole card full of mini bobby pins.  Sometimes these are hard to find, and AG wants an arm and a leg for them with their sets.  $2.25 is much more reasonable for 36, and there is a neat little gadget on the card for opening them up easier.  “No teeth needed” it says!

The last thing I found was on my way to check out, sitting in a cart of assorted Christmas leftovers:


Since it was on clearance, I paid all of 25 cents for it.  They had a couple of different ones, but I liked this one the best.  Always nice to buy Christmas decorations on clearance, even if it is for the doll house. 😉

I decided to make a stop by Walmart, looking for a piece of fabric that I needed some more of.  This isn’t my usually crappy Walmart at home, and they frequently have different things than what ours does.  No luck on the fabric, but I did find something else I’ve had my eye out for:


The My Life As shopping basket!  I’ve seen this posted on several different blogs, but hadn’t come across it just yet.  Of course I had to get it.  I was impressed with how many different pieces come in it for the $7.97 price tag.


I think all of the pieces are very well done.  AG had better watch out, quite frankly their food items leave a bit to be desired sometimes and this is some serious competition!


There was a plastic insert in the basket to make it look a bit fuller for retail display purposes, but it easily pulled out.  Everything fits back in though, and I love that the handles work just like on a real one!


The water bottle is my favorite piece, mostly because I like that they put a handle on it so the dolls could actually hold it.


The last item came from a stop at a Salvation Army.  I was excited to find it, and even more excited when I saw the price tag–49 cents!  That got even better after I got it home, cleaned it up and inserted a new battery.  IT WORKS!!!


It will be going in the doll living room, I think it will be perfect in there.

That’s it for this installment!  Have you found anything cool recently??  Until next time!!

27 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds: New year, new goodies!!

    • Thanks! I think that’s what I love about looking for stuff, just seeing what I can find that is made for humans but works for dolls.

  1. These are all really nice doll items! I had never though about using Christmas ornaments for full-sized doll decorations. The clock is so adorable!!

    • Thanks! Yeah, there are some very cool ornaments available that have worked very well, I’ve picked up a few here and there. Just keep your eyes peeled!

  2. All the Walmarts must suddenly have those baskets because I bought two at mine and I”d never seen them before. I’m going to have to keep a look out for those bobby pins. My dolls have been using human ones for years.

    • I have to say that those are the first shorter pins I’ve seen too. That surprises me because I would think with little girls wearing up dos and such for dance, etc, that there would definitely be a market for the shorter ones!

  3. I really enjoyed your post… I just need to go to bed with some happy thoughts tonight. I like the 2 later bottle of soda best… and the WalMart basket.

    • Glad I could give you some sweet dreams! I love the 2 liter bottle myself, especially since it is orange–my favorite!

  4. I finally found the baskets at Walmart too then I went overboard and bought more than one which ended up turning out fine because the second I showed my (23 year old) daughter, she also wanted one. I think it will turn out to be a great prop for a summer camp store! I’m really impressed with this set. I also picked up the shopping cart because well, I think it jumped in my cart and followed me home really. Really. That’s how it happened. Honest…

    • Yes, those would be a great prop for a camp store! I have that same issue with things jumping into my cart. Even happens online… 😉

  5. What great finds! I especially like the little mantle clock!! I have been on the lookout for one for quite a while. I too just found and bought the shopping basket, also the little grill set,the Smoothie play set and the Day at the Beach set . I saw the little shopping carts a few months ago and should have bought them then. The only reason I didn’t is because I already have three from World Market. What I like better about the Wal-Mart shopping carts is that they are like real ones, they fit inside each other for storage. The ones from World Market do not, taking up a lot of much needed space. Thanks for sharing!

    • They had some of the other sets, but not the cart. I just got this, I’m reaching the point where I’m running out of space to store things, so I’m only picking up favorites. Cool about the carts fitting together just like real ones though!

  6. Oh, I forgot to say to check the Wal-Mart toy clearance section. At Christmas time I paid $20.00 for a My Life As, a day in the life set containing three outfits for the school boy. Today, I bought the same set for only $5.00!

    • Thanks! I always hope that someone else can have some of the same luck I’ve had by posting these. A little harder with the thrift store finds, but at least it gives some ideas.

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