January AG Goodies!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get from the new releases from American Girl, I tossed around a lot of ideas.  The best part though was I had set aside a little bit of “mad money” and I had been nicely gifted an American Girl gift card as a Christmas present!  (THANK YOU!)  I decided to try and stick to just the cash/gift card I had on hand, and after a bit of debate, I finally decided what to get.  I’ve been looking at these things in my house for over a week though, between too many irons on the fire and gloomy weather that is so not conducive to photography, I kept putting off writing a post about it, but today I decided to throw caution to the wind, and do it anyhow.  So apologies in advance for some not so great photos, but I hated to put this off any longer.


I decided on the yellow tank top from the new releases, the winter earmuffs and Gabriela’s tap shoes!


I had looked at the earmuffs a number of times, but for some reason I kept forgetting to order them, duh!  So glad I finally remembered because they are really super cute.  (Other than that enormous tag, that has to go).  They fit well too.  I was concerned because my prior experiences with some of the headbands they have included has not been all that great, but this did not disappoint.  I definitely did not want to put these off any longer since they have been out for a while, and who knows when they might be discontinued.


Out of all of the Truly Me mix and match clothing, the yellow tank stood out above the others as a must have for my doll clothing collection.  It’s a nice buttery yellow, not dayglow bright like some of the other pieces in the line, so I think it will go with a lot.  Thumbs up!


The tap shoes were a no brainer, I thought they were adorable and I’d missed out on prior versions of tap shoes.  The taps aren’t metal on them, but that’s okay.  I have a hunch that there may have been complaints from angry parents who ended up with furniture being marked up from prior versions.

The only disappointment with these was the change in the boxes, I’m not a fan of this new type of packaging.  I get why they are doing it for selling things at larger stores, but it leaves a bit to be desired.  I was especially surprised to find that the shoes were just in the box loose, not wrapped in anything.  Hmmm…  The box isn’t as easy to get opened either, you have to slice or remove the stickers holding it shut and then carefully pop the tabs out.  Still not as bad as any of the OG boxes though!


Overall I was very happy with what I’d decided on, and I think they are all versatile pieces that will get a lot of use.  I haven’t decided who is going to be the tap dancer in the bunch just yet, but Marie-Grace decided to try everything out:


That’s quite the get up, isn’t it???


Here you can see how well everything fits, even if it doesn’t really go together. 😉

The tap shoes are easy to get on and seem to be secure on too.


A good start to the new year!  Now what to buy in February…

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  1. I’m getting Gabby in a couple of days 🙂 I had a smart when my parents asked me what store I wanted my Christmas gift card to be from and I asked them for a Chapters gift card. My partner’s parents also gave me mad money for a present and between that the the gift card from my parents, that pretty much covers Gabby herself (PLUS I’ll get store reward points for buying her in the Chapters boutique – may as well since the AG rewards program isn’t available for the AG.ca website). I’m planning on getting her ears pierced with her special earrings and her jammies, I also really love her sparkly purple performance outfit and her performance case (with the laptop, drum set, microphone and headphones) will be coming home soon, and my Gabby is going to be into DJing and electronic music, as well as poetry and dance.

  2. “It’s the Mis-match Clothes Review starring….Marie Grace!” *she taps her way on stage* “Isn’t she just wonderful, ladies and gentlemen?” *MG breaks into “Tea For Two” to the thunderous applause of the audience*


  3. Great choices! I really like the yellow tank top. I am shocked that the taps are not metal! I really wanted to get the tap shoes, they are so cute. I have a couple of pair of the black ones with the metal taps. I had thought that the “star” of the show would get the silver ones. Now I am not sure if I would be able to stop comparing the shoes and the way AG is sliding downhill.

    • I’m on the fence in regards to the tap shoes and the quality. Other than the taps not being metal, they are very well done. I looked at this from a parents perspective and I know I wouldn’t want a 7 or 8 year old, imagining her doll tap dancing across my wood dining room table with ones made of metal. But some of the other stuff, I’m not so sure about.

  4. I’m waiting to use my AG gift cards and money for the great Feb releases. I’m so excited about all the leaks I can barely stand it. I love Marie Grace’s get-up.

    • I’ve been trying to avoid them so I can be surprised, but I am excited too. I can’t wait to see Tenney’s accessories and what they bring back from Felicity’s collection. Fingers crossed on her riding outfit!

  5. Great choices! I’ve been eyeing up those tap shoes too. We have a pair from Maplelea, but they are black. The taps on them are metal. Luckily, my girl only lets the dolls tap on the linoleum and not the hardwood floors. 🙂 My daughter is a tap dancer, so she has been drooling over those ever since they came out. That yellow tank is adorable too. I really like the new Truly Me line. I just don’t know what to get yet either. I’ve been oohing and ahhing over everything, but still not making any real decisions!! 🙂

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com

    • I have the tap outfit w/shoes from Maplelea too. I think Maplelea shoes are the best!! They also do a wonderful job with the outfits. If you order from Amazon you can avoid the Canadian shipping cost. Maplelea reminds me of old American Girl.

  6. The funny thing about Marie-Grace and Sharry’s comment is I was really thinking Marie-Grace looked like she was ready to do a tap routine for a movie with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. You know, the female dancer wearing the cropped, flowy trousers.

    Great additions to the collection I do love our earmuffs. I requested them last year because the earmuffs that matched the winter magic outfit broke. 😦

    Love the tank top. I love that it is yellow and not hot pink or electric purple.

    • Yes, it is a nice, basic yellow that will still be in style 5 years from now, not too trendy, or hard on the eyes. 😉

      • Absolutely!

        Those silly tags! Way too big. I have a couple I should cut off, but am super hesitant to do so, but I’m getting more impatient with trying to twirl them around the frame and hide under the hair.

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