New Feature! American Girl Book Group

Hi guys!  Yes, I’m still around, just been a busy couple of weeks.  So much for that idea of things calming down after the first of the year.  Hopefully this week will permit me some time to get back to business.  Particularly blog business!

2017 is going to be a fun year here at Say Hello To My Little Friends.  I’ve been tossing around a couple of ideas, and I think a few of them are actually going to come into being.  One of those is what this post is about.  Just about all of us have a decent collection of American Girl books from various dolls.  I thought it would be fun to take one book a month and then have a book “discussion”.  I’m only going to commit to this for 2017 at the moment, we will see how it goes and at the end of the year, I’ll decide if it’s something I want to continue on with.

So, the big decision…what to choose as the first book?  For now I’m going to pick ones from my own collection.  If we go very long, then I’ll expand that out, but believe me, I have enough to keep us going for a while.  I’m also going to try and vary it between GOTY and historical/BeForever books.  I think that’s only fair since everyone has their preferences between the different lines.

The first book will be………………..(drumroll)…………Lanie!


You have a month now to read this book, and on February 15, I’ll come back and post my thoughts and so forth about it.  In the comments section, the readers will have the opportunity to respond and post their thoughts, etc.  Please keep it nice though, no bashing or hatefulness!  At that point I will also announce which book is the next to read.  My hope is to do this every month on the 15th.  All of these books are fairly easy and quick reads, so I think a month gives everyone enough time to find each book and read it.

I’m sure some of you are wondering how to get your hands on these books, especially the older ones?  First, check your public library.  I know that some of them keep these as part of their collection.  You can also find used copies on Amazon or Ebay and quite a few of the AG books are available as downloads on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a fee.

Everyone ready?????  Start reading!!

17 thoughts on “New Feature! American Girl Book Group

  1. Super fun! Glad you are doing this, it’s something I’ve thought about. I don’t have much interest in the GOTY books, but maybe I will give Lanie a try. I will definitely take part in any Beforever book discussion!

    • Terrific! My plan is to alternate months until I run out of GOTY books in my collection. There are several Beforever/Historicals that I want to read, so this is the perfect way to get me to do it. Lanie is a cute story, I think you will enjoy it.

    • Glad to hear it! I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, so I’m happy to see that we have some people excited to get started. 🙂

  2. You can find a lot of them at local used book stores as well. The Meet books are hard to find. I got most of the historicals when they were on sale and being retired by AG. I am missing Meet Addy. I know I do not have the Marie-Grace and Cecile books.

    However, I do have the first book chosen! 😀 Haven’t read it since 2010. Perhaps we will all read it. 😉

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