Doll Sized Finds Meets Craft Project

Once in a while something happens that is just too cool.  This project is one of those things.  Over the weekend our washing machine died.  Not repairable, going to the washing machine graveyard.  Which meant I needed to go buy another one.  I definitely have angered the appliance gods at some point.  However, the doll gods were smiling down on me.  I decided to go check our local Sears to see if I could find any good deals on a washer, ours is one of the ones slated for closure in a couple of months.  No luck there, but I did find these:


Lip glosses that look like takeaway coffee cups! I’m just going to say that as lip glosses go, these are a bit on the strange side. There is no way to twist them up, you have to stick your finger in and then rub it on your lip. Wouldn’t be so bad, except they aren’t really soft enough to do that with. Not sure what they were thinking with this design. Not that I cared though, I saw them as doll sized coffee. But those labels…they say lip gloss on them. What to do???

Then I remembered that Rudy over at American Girl Ideas had done a whole series on how to make your own Starbucks, and made a set of printables. Hmmm…would it work? I printed out a sheet of them, cut two out and *PRESTO*–doll sized Starbucks!!!

I cut them out and then used double sided adhesive to stick them to the cups. I didn’t even have to remove the original stickers, the printables covered it nicely. Just keep in mind that if you try this, you want the larger sized printable on the sheet of 8. You can find Rudy’s printable sheets here:

I’m tempted to run over to Sears and get two more, they had a bunch of them left. They are regularly priced a dollar, but with them clearing out the store for closure, I got them for 70 cents each. All that is missing from these is a misspelled name on the side! 😉


18 thoughts on “Doll Sized Finds Meets Craft Project

  1. I got a bunch of these at $1.00 each before Christmas. I too printed.out the Starbucks labels from American Girl Ideas, but didn’t do anything with them. I like your price of 70cents much better than $1.00. Thanks for the idea. So sorry about your washing machine!

    • I did manage to get two more, but they were already getting pretty picked over, and it was only a day. I guess everyone was liking the 70 cent price tag! New washer will be here next week, not quite as long as the stove (although I may be wearing some interest combinations by that point!)

  2. All of my dolls are little grils and so do not drink coffee, but I can imagine cocoa or spiced applejuice in these adorable cups. Thanks for sharing.

    • Starbucks is actually quite popular with some younger people, they make very good hot chocolate as well as some fruit type smoothie drinks! I’m not a fan of their coffee, tastes burnt to me.

  3. Those are cute! I remember when I was working in the older kids program, when the grade schoolers would leave in the morning, and I’d have the kindergartners, we’d walk over to Starbucks near my school and get Creme Frappucinos. They loved chocolate, and I liked the raspberry.

  4. These are so cute!! I love the idea of the misspelled names on the side, too. 😀
    Sorry to hear about your washing machine. 😦 If you have a Home Depot nearby, sometimes they have pretty good sales on appliances.

    • I love when they do something on the news about a strange misspelling, makes you wonder about some people. Funny that you mentioned Home Depot, that’s where I ended up getting it from. It was cheaper there than what Sears had “on sale”! No wonder Sears is having financial problems.

  5. These are adorable! I have the Newberry coffee shop from Sears and it comes with takeaway cups. You have just given me the great idea to add the Starbucks printables to the otherwise plain cups! Awesome! 🙂 Sorry about your washer. Our dishwasher is promptly heading to the appliance graveyard as we speak. 😦

    ginnie /

    • I wish the Newberry items were more readily available in the US, they do make some cute stuff! I hear you on the dishwasher, ours is on it’s last legs, but I’m going to use it until it absolutely dies.

  6. Thanks for directing me over here. These are terrific! Brianna like to order frappucino off the “secret” menu. There’s a Pokémon one, choc cupcake… all kinds of crazy things chock full of sugar.

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