New Years Eve

Louisa and Alya made plans before everyone left for Christmas to have a get together for New Years Eve.  Alya went over to Louisa’s around 7PM so they could do some fun stuff before the official celebration began.

First they put together the puzzle Louisa got for her birthday:

new-year-louisa-1 new-year-louisa-2

“It definitely goes faster when you have some help!”


“TADA!!! All done!”


Then Louisa suggested that Alya try out the record player:



They both got so relaxed they fell asleep!


Don’t worry, they woke up before midnight.


“We need to figure out something to do to stay awake, we are almost there!”


“We could jump on the bed,” said Louisa.  Alya shook her head.  “I don’t think that’s such a good idea, especially not in hiking boots!  We’ll break the bed!!”

Alya suggested that they see how the necklace that Louisa got for Christmas looked with her sweater.


“Let me help you put it on.  Looks great!”

Finally midnight arrived and they exchanged New Years greetings and hugs!


And of course, a selfie!  Happy New Year!


Did you do anything fun for New Years Eve?  When I was in school, we frequently had a sleep over, one of my friends had a birthday on January 2nd, so we always combined the celebration.  Now I usually just stay home and recover from the week’s activities!


11 thoughts on “New Years Eve


    Looks like a great party, Louisa and Alya! We didn’t do anything really special. Xyra and Grace went to the movies with Ladies Webby and Vanyer, then went to visit Nonna, and came home. We had tacos for dinner and watched TV until the ball dropped. We tried to watch the Pit Bull celebration, but couldn’t get into it. We eventually settled on the rock party not on ABC so we didn’t know about the Mariah Carey incident until the next day. Glad you had fun!

    • Hi Melody! Tacos for dinner sound good! I might have to think about that for next year. We missed the Mariah Carey incident too, how embarrassing. Happy New Year!

  2. I love Louisa in that sweater and the necklace looks great! For me, every New Years Eve my best friend’s church has a game night. We stay up late playing tons of games. Our favorites this year were Pit and Encore.

    • I think she looks great in the sweater too. We used to play cards/games every year with friends, but now we have a hard time staying awake to do anything!

    • Sounds like a great night! Haven’t played Pit in a long time.

      Totally agree about the sweater! It’s awesome!

      Oh, dear! I have the necklace too, but can’t remember where I put it. MUST really organize everything again and keep better track of things.

  3. Happy New Year Alya and Louisa! Games are always fun on NYE, but maybe next year you should take an afternoon nap, so you can party longer and won’t get sleepy. I always watch the Twilight Zone marathon every year, and then turn on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve right before midnight. I miss Dick Clark, though.

    • I agree, a nap might have helped. Flo had to explain to us about Dick Clark! He sounds like an interesting person. Happy New Year!
      -Alya and Louisa

  4. Cute photo story! Love the room set up. 🙂 We didn’t do anything for New Years Eve! It was just a “normal” night and hubby went to bed by 11. I stayed up until 12pm, but was doing stuff on the computer so I totally missed the count-down until my brother texted me at 12:02 to wish me a Happy New Year. Next year I will have to try harder!!

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