It’s a New Year Everybody!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone is doing fine and had a wonderful holiday season.  I’m sure that if you are any kind of American Girl fan, you have already been to the website to check out the new stuff.  I know I have!  Let’s see, where to start–Girl of the Year Gabriela.  She is very cute, but I am bothered by the fact that she’s basically just #46, with a name.  I’m really disappointed in the fact that AG couldn’t be bothered to make her look special in any way like they have done with GOTY’s in the past.  At least they could have given her a unique eye color!  I can’t help but think that this was a half hearted effort on AG’s part to satisfy everyone who has been wanting an African-American GOTY, but a very last minute decision.  And she’s a dancer.  Hasn’t this been done to death???  At least they did give her a few unique interests/hobbies, but why another dancer?  Ugh.  Her collection is not horrible, but it’s not outstanding either.  I’m not interested in any of the clothing, but I do want her tap shoes and the performance case set will definitely be items I want for my collection, especially with the girls starting a band.  (Guess now I need to think about a name for this band, hmmm.)  Oh, and did anyone else notice that on the website, it says she will be available beyond 2017?  I’m thinking maybe all of these “last GOTY” rumors may be legitimate.  No big ticket items either, which makes me think they really are paying attention to everyone’s complaints and concerns.  Hoping it’s not too little, too late.

The Truly Me introductions are cute, there are a couple of items in the mix and match stuff that I want to pick up.  I am loving the new “Fun and Games” sleepover set, the mini Uno game is beyond cool.  Plus apples and caramel dip, yum!  There are some new Megabloks sets too.  Overall, I would say that this New Year release is average, nothing WOW like we had last summer, but they all can’t be.  I’m anxious to see what happens the rest of the year with other releases.

Also with the New Year, everyone is thinking about goals and resolutions.  Last year at this time I did a whole post about what I wanted to accomplish.  You can read it here.  Overall I did pretty well at keeping to my list.  I did slow way down in my thrift store shopping, I managed to get most all of the outfits I wanted and definitely did my part on Etsy.  The only thing I fell short on was crafting and sewing, and a certain amount of that was because of being sick and simply not having the energy to do it.  So that one is going to carry over to 2017.

Items I’d like to purchase?  Well, I mentioned a few of the new sets already.  I’m also anxious to see if they re-release Felicity’s riding outfit when they bring her back, and in the same colors from before.  Previews of the book covers show it that way, so I’ve got my fingers crossed!  I think for me, 2017 is going to be the year of the sale.  There are a couple of things I like, but I will only buy them if I see them at a reduced price.  Of course there are going to be new things throughout the year, and I’m super excited to see the accessories offered for Tenney when she comes out since it sounds like she has a music theme.  But at this point, my list is rather small.  We all know how that can change!

A big thing for me this year is to go through what I have and organize.  I may get rid of a few things too, but I haven’t decided just what yet.  The problem is I do have limited space, and I really need to get a handle on what I have and some of the ideas on how I want to use them.  I also tossed around the idea of expanding the doll house, but that’s way on the back burner if at all because of space.  It’s always a challenge, and right now not a fun one.

I do want to continue to support Etsy sellers, there are so many talented people out there making unique items, and I’ve been thrilled with the pieces I bought in 2016.  I love having doll clothes and furniture that not everyone has, I think it makes my collection interesting and is also nice visually for story posts.

That’s about it.  I am going to try and get back into sewing, I’ve set a goal of 1 item per week and I hope to stick to it.  I did manage to not buy much in the way of fabric so now it’s just a matter of putting my ideas in place and using it up.  Last year I had sewing machine problems of epic proportions, so that didn’t help, but I have managed to resolve that thanks to my good friend Maggie–thank you again!  It will be nice to get back to sewing and not swearing. 😉

One thing that I would like to do more of in 2017 is picking up discontinued items that I may have missed out on before.  Most of them aren’t even whole sets too, quite a few are just a piece or two out of a set.  Over the past week I managed to buy two different partial sets on Ebay that I am super excited about.  One of them came yesterday and I am thrilled with it.


A partial “Apres Ski” outfit!  It’s only missing a sock and the bandana.  Big deal.  I could care less about either, the bandana would be easy enough to make and the socks are really kind of useless.  They are so thick, there is no way you could get a shoe or boot on a doll with them, so what’s really the point??  This set originally sold for $20 in 1997.  I got these three pieces for $17.34, and that included shipping, so I thought it was an excellent price.  When it came, I was stunned, the sweater (which was what I really wanted) and the leggings don’t look like they have ever been on a doll!  They are pristine, not a snag, stain or otherwise.  The lone sock?  I’m going to toss it in the doll dryer, and maybe the second one will turn up in time. 🙂

What did you think of the new releases and GOTY 2017??  I am tentatively planning a trip this week to the Pittsburgh pop-up store, hoping to pick up the two pieces from Gabriela’s collection I want.  Not sure what else I will find since it will be closing at the end of the month.  When I checked stock on the website, it seemed that they had only stocked GOTY items and nothing else new.  I suppose that could change, but perhaps with a ToysRUs so close, they decided not to bother.  I will let you all know how I make out and will post a review of what I manage to get.




45 thoughts on “It’s a New Year Everybody!!!

  1. Happy new year! Does the apres ski sweater have Velcro or does it go on over the head? I’d love to see it on a doll sometime. As for Gabby, I’m not a fan of her collection. The only things I like are her earrings and headphones. I go back and forth as far as the doll herself. Yes she’s cute, but as you said, she’s just a #46. Big deal. Some time when I go to the AG store I want to compare her to my Cecile.
    My hunch as far as the GOTY lifespan is AG will keep coming out with GOTYs but after their year is over they will become Contemporary Characters. That’s just what I think. And I think that’s a smart way to go.

  2. I think that you are being kind to AG about the new release. I believe that this is the worst release in AG history. I am going to buy the tap shoes, they look to be the same quality as previous ones. Overall, this release is going to save me lots of money!!
    American Girl Ideas site has a print out and tells how to make a really cute UNO game for your dolls.
    Happy New Year!

    • That’s funny because I thought the same thing about not spending much money! I will be curious to see what else they release further on, especially since they are saying she won’t be leaving at the end of the year. This was just so dull after releases for previous years, and I can’t help but wonder why.

      • Same here. I am going to wait for Tenney’s release before I blow every penny of my Christmas money! I may have to pick up some of the truly me things though. Can I ask your advice about something? I have an old Pleasant Co. Kierstan that I got for $5 at a thrift store. Her hair had been cut and ruined. Should I send her to the hospital to get her head fixed? I am scared she won’t look right without the full Pleasant Co doll.

      • I would contact AG either by e-mail or phone and find out if they have any of the old Kirsten heads. Since her wig is what is wrong, they will only replace her whole head, not the wig, it’s too time consuming and difficult of a process. I know someone who had an older doll that had eyes that needed replaced and they were able to replace them with the older version eyes, but that has been a couple of years ago.

        Good find though!

  3. Our favorite items are the pink tshirt under the neon yellow lace shirt. It is a cute island vacation theme. The neon yellow thing though is frightening. I wasn’t into that look in the 80s and not now. Frankie say don’t do it. Brianna likes the pink sequin spangled skirt.

  4. I agree the Gabriela collection was a rush job. Another dancer…really? Marisol, Isabelle now Gabriela. *sigh* My GOTY would have been a black girl named Keisha who was a double dutch competitor, and whose parents had a community center, that was endanger of closing down, and she has to enter a Double Dutch contest and get sponsors to raise money to keep it open. I imagined AG coming up w/ an idea to make a double dutch “jumping” toy. Anyway…have a wonderful new year!

  5. Good for you for sticking to your resolutions! I have been horrible at doing that this year, lol. I totally agree with everything you said about Gabriela. Her story line as a dancer and her collection and clothes does nothing for me, but I will say that my 7 year old loves her and all of her outfits, so she is definitely marketed well for the target age group and I really hope she does well for their overall sales. 🙂
    I think the only new TM outfit I really like is the hot air balloon PJs..adorable!
    I also want to try to support Etsy sewers this year and get some nice pieces for my collection.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!

    • I couldn’t help but giggle when I read your comment, it made me think of a funny story. New Years Eve 1999 we played Uno with friends and an exchange student from Nepal that we were hosting. Every time he would do something that messed up someone else’s game, he would say “Oh, so sorry!” as he placed the card! It got to be an ongoing joke throughout the evening, especially as he caught on to the game and that we thought it was so funny, it went from him genuinely apologizing to just funny sarcasm! Thanks for jogging that memory.

  6. I finally got a chance to look at the new releases. Not a fan of the mix and match outfit items. Love the Sleepover set and the new foundation garment sets.

    Gabriela is very pretty. Her set is interesting. I’m thinking big ticket items will come later in the year. Of her set I like her accessories, cat, trunk, and showtime kit. However, I want to check Costco to see if they have any of the grey and white kittens left from before Christmas. Those were posable.

    I wish Mega Bloks were interchangeable with Lego. I like Lanie’s camper. Might get that sometime anyway.

    • The mix and match colors are just odd to me. Fortunately my girls already have so many clothes already, it won’t be like I’m missing out on something. If you can’t find the grey and white cat at Costco, check Sam’s Club. Sometimes they get those sets after Costco does, and if you don’t have a membership, you can print a temporary coupon for a one time visit on the Sam’s Club website. I do that every so often since I don’t buy enough there to bother with a membership.

      I hear you on the Mega Bloks not being interchangeable with Lego, that would be a nice plus.

  7. Happy New Year! I am also a bit disappointed in the new GOTY. I really thought that she would be more unique. I have been hearing a lot of complaints of ‘another dancer?’ and I sort of feel the same way. It just seems like not a lot of thought went into her character, or that AG just rushed through to get her out there, and if she is to be the last GOTY then that’s too bad. 😦 I do however like the new mix and match collection. It looks really cute and the colours are fun for summer.
    I hope you do get back into sewing this year!! I, on the other hand, have a major book deadline that I really have to get cracking on in the next few months, so my own doll sewing probably has to be reigned in a little. Only a little. LOL 🙂
    All the best to you in 2017!

    ginnie /

    • Yes, it all seems like very little thought went into this collection. I went back through previous GOTY’s and it seems very much like a rehash of Marisol with bits of Isabelle thrown in. 😦

      Good luck with the book!

  8. I think AG is revamping a lot of the ways they sell their product. I wonder if Gabriella is a sample of what future AG releases will look like? I heard that maybe they will release more items for her over time.

    I love the Apres ski set you got! Very cute. And a band!?!? Can’t wait!

    • I will be curious to see what happens when they do the next revamp on Truly Me. I think it will tell us a lot about the future of AG. I find it interesting that they have already quit including the activity kit in it, and didn’t really announce it. They definitely have everyone guessing!

      The Apres ski outfit is one I’ve wanted for a while, so I was very excited to find a good deal on it. The band is still in the works, the Christmas concert was just a preview, stay tuned!

  9. I just saw a post on Gabriela and some of her things. The writer mentioned her rehearsal outfit is sewn into the packaging. If AG starts going the way of OG with regards to packaging my wish lists will get shorter and shorter.

    • Same here, I A) don’t enjoy the wrestling match and B) don’t want holes in my doll clothes, especially not for this price. Not a good move in my opinion.

  10. I have checked out the new GOTY, and her accessories, and with one exception I don’t see anything there I would be interested in purchasing. I am glad to see they finally came up with an African-American doll that is pretty, and not like Addy. Gabriela is not on my things to buy list. Still pretty disappointed in the sale items they have at the AG site. Keeping hoping they come out with some new stuff, but perhaps that is too much to wish for.

    • I still wish they had made her eyes a different color, I would like to have her, but she looks just like Shivan. May have to consider an eye swap…

      New sale items would be nice, fingers crossed for the middle of the month!

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