Christmas Goodies with Louisa

Hi everyone!  Louisa here, just stopping in to show you what I got for Christmas.  I hope everyone else had a good Christmas, mine was terrific!


I just had to show you the dress I got to wear for the holidays, it’s Addy’s Christmas dress. I always thought it was so pretty, but American Girl doesn’t sell it for girls anymore. Luckily, my mom found one on Ebay and it was just my size!

School was done last Thursday, so I went to my dad’s for a couple of days. After we went to Christmas eve service with his family, he brought me home so I didn’t miss out on Santa! He got me an awesome present though–a guitar!!
louisa-xmas-2It doesn’t have a strap yet, so mom said she would take me to the music store with some of the money I got for Christmas so I can pick one out.

Mom got me a new lunchbox, yay!
And this cute outfit, I can’t wait to wear it.
louisa-xmas-4Santa brought me a pair of tennis shoes.  I’ve been wanting a new pair so I can go running with Alya.
louisa-xmas-5He also brought me a new backpack…

louisa-xmas-6Full of school supplies!  Check out all of the goodies!!!


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a stocking! I love the little dog that was in it, reminds me of Eddie. I have to make sure I keep it away from him, or he will chew it up!

Also in the stocking I found a new doll, a necklace and some of my favorite candies. I LOVE the Reese’s peanut butter cup Christmas trees, I could eat a ton of those! Unfortunately, there was only one. Mom said maybe we would find some on clearance after Christmas.
Santa also brought me a pillow pet of Max from “Secret Life of Pets”. He’s really chubby, he will make a great pillow for sleep overs.
My grandpap got me something really cool. I was very surprised at a record player with headphones and a couple of records! We have a super cool store near here that sells a lot of old vinyl records, grandpap told me he would take me there someday so I can buy some more. Cassandra has a couple of them too for her record player, so we can swap!
My aunt Barbie (my dad’s sister) made me some clothes to fit Lily. Aren’t they pretty? Lily was getting kind of tired of wearing the same old thing, I think she is happy too.  In case you don’t remember, Lily is the baby doll my mom got me for my birthday, she is a remake of an old doll they made back in the 1970’s.  She’s just like one that Julie at Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule has!

Speaking of Lily, my big present from Santa was a crib for her!!! It made me so happy, now she will have her own bed. It only came with a very plain blanket, I’m hoping maybe Alya will teach me to sew and I can make her some nicer bedding for it.

I had another surprise when a package showed up at my house. It was from my friend Melody!! She sent me a Monster High toy, isn’t it neat??? She said that some of the other girls got packages from some of her sisters too, I wonder what they got? I guess I’ll find out this coming weekend when everyone comes back from visiting their families.

Well guys, that’s it! Did you get anything really nice for Christmas? What was your favorite present this year? I guess I’d better clean up my room now, I sure made a mess while I was showing you all of this. I’m having Alya over for New Year’s Eve, so I better get busy!! Merry Christmas!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Goodies with Louisa

  1. Lovely! I’m not even organized to do my Christmas haul post yet but hopefully, soon! I want to try to make some more record printables; let me know if there’s anything you’re particularly interested in. I was thinking I’d an embroidery floss friendship bracelet for a guitar strap. 🙂

    • This actually wasn’t my Christmas goodies, just items I’d been picking up over the past couple of months just with this post in mind, so it made it easy. And I was thinking embroidery floss too for the strap, great minds think alike!

  2. Neat! Where did you get those shoes? Can you do a review of the PWP AG outfit? I missed out on that one and I never even got to see it on any doll yet. I love Addy’s dress.

    • The shoes are Our Generation. Interestingly enough, I’ve never seen them on the OG website, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I came across them! And yes, I will do a review of the outfit. I’m surprised no one did one!

  3. Ditto on Heather’s comment… love the running shoes… OG? I appreciated the big mess behind Louisa. It seemed so… realistic (ahem!)
    The guitar is terrific and I like the color. I saw colored violins at the human music store this week in fact. Very au courant!

    • Yes, the shoes are OG, good eye! The room just sort of ended up that way as I was doing the photography and thought it was appropriate. 😉

      I’ve not seen colored violins! I have seen flutes that are colored, what I wouldn’t have given for something interesting like that when I was in school.

  4. Merry Christmas Louisa! Looks like you got some pretty cool presents! I love your guitar and record player. And Lily is gonna look so cute in her new clothes! I wonder where Santa got the crib? I know Julie’s been wanting one for Lucy.

    • Thanks! I must have been really good this year, I did get some great presents. I think Santa’s elves made the crib. –Louisa

      (The crib came from Walmart. –Flo)

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