Alya Gets Glasses!

Alya had been having some trouble reading certain things and after a trip to the eye doctor, it was decided she needed glasses.  She mostly just needs them for reading and close-up work.  I told her I could totally relate to that, I have exactly the same problem.  She was very nervous about wearing them, she wasn’t sure they looked right on her.


I told her they looked very nice on and made her look studious!  She did admit that it made reading a whole lot easier.

Girls being girls, she and Cassandra decided to swap to see how they looked. I definitely think they each chose the right ones in the first place.


“Wow Cass, I didn’t realize yours were so strong!” remarked Alya. “Well, I can’t see a thing in yours either,” replied Cassandra.
“Here, you can have these back, they are making me a little sick to my stomach!”

“Are you making fun of my glasses???” laughed Cassandra.

Do you wear glasses? And if you do, have you ever swapped them with a friend? I remember a friend of mine getting them after years of not wearing them and I tried his on. How he drove without wrecking is beyond me, he was nearly blind!!


16 thoughts on “Alya Gets Glasses!

    • How fun! I don’t think many people could say that. I’ve been very fortunate to have had good vision most of my life, I’ve only needed reading glasses in the last 10 years or so. Amazing what a difference they make though!

    • I have several friends that have that issue! I’m okay until I get to the grocery store and need to read the ingredients on something. Could they make that print any smaller???

  1. I am fortunate not to have needed glasses most of my life. The last few years I have needed readers and use tack lenses for the computer. Anytime that I have tried others on they are dizzily stronger.

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    • The glasses I have for reading aren’t very strong at all. I do keep around a pair that have a stronger magnification for certain situations, but I don’t use them very often for the same reason, they make me a bit sick. Definitely cannot walk in them.

      Great tip about the doll sized purses!

  2. I’ve worn glasses since I was four, and was always allowed to choose my frames. Sometimes they looked great; sometimes not. And, of course, the 80s…it wasn’t just hair that was big nor the shoulder pads unfortunate. LOL

    You’re absolutely right in that they chose the right frames. Cassandra’s looked terrible on Alya and vice versa,

    Alya! Love the new specs! I have a pair just like them. Don’t you love the pink plaid on the arms?

    • I always laugh at Dylan Dreyer from NBC news, she posts these Throwback Thursday pics of her as a kid, just this little girl with GIANT glasses. So 80’s!

      Thanks Melody! I love the plaid on them, I think it makes them very interesting!

  3. Welcome to the club, Alya!

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 12, and since I’m near-sighted, I have to wear them all the time, I just take them off to read small print.

    • One of my nephew’s was the same way, he was only 4, but we never had to fight with him to wear his glasses. None of us realized just how bad his vision was!

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