Christmas Concert

At schools all over, it’s the season for Christmas concerts! Kennedy is no different, and many of the girls were involved in various parts for it. Several of them sang in their class chorus and of course Louisa was singing in the show choir. This year though, there was something different added to the concert: a musical group!

To start out, Alya, Kit and Marie-Grace did a musical version of “Silent Night”.

Then Louisa joined them as she sang “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”!

concert-4    concert-3

concert-6   concert-5

The girls had a really good time and the crowd loved them!  They were so happy to perform together after all the practicing they did.  Doesn’t Alya look great in her new glasses too?  She just got them and was a little concerned about how she would look.


The last song they performed was “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, they were terrific.  In fact, they got a standing ovation when they were done!  Great job girls!

Does your school have a big Christmas concert every year?  I performed in so many of them, I have lost count, but I always looked forward to it.  Wouldn’t seem like Christmas without it!


12 thoughts on “Christmas Concert

  1. Everything looks so cute and love the dresses. Did you make any of them? But, oh Flo, I wish you would have posted this earlier!!!! You would have saved me from shame! You see, I submitted pictures of my “girl’s” concert to another blog and was in a hurry. I had not realized , until now that I had Samantha holding her violin incorrectly!!! I played the French horn. Lol

    • Alya’s dress came from Etsy seller Lidi’s Designs. I just love it, reminds me of dresses that a cousin made for her little girls years ago. I have to confess that I saw Samantha’s dress on Marie-Grace a while back on the blog Mini Mad and wanted it ever since!

  2. They look lovely and I like the tartan dress a lot. Neither Brianna’s school nor mine has a holiday concert. Both schools have something in January, usually on a night with a -15 windchill 😉

  3. Yes! I used to be in both the and and choir, all the way through high school and absolutely loved the concerts. When the girls are older (and I can have a life again, haha) i hope to join our adult community band and choir as well. It’s so nice to see how the girls look with their instruments and the AG instruments have been high on my wishlist for a while. I love how accurate they look! The girls all look so cute in ther Christmas outfits. 🙂

    • That little guitar is so detailed, it just amazes me. Kit’s violin isn’t AG, but it’s very detailed as well, it’s even made from wood! Even the cases for them both are just like full sized ones.

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