Cyber Monday…

Historically Cyber Monday is a big deal for most American Girl fans.  Last year was a huge let down for many, and this year wasn’t a whole lot better.  I got a couple of things, but the general impression I got from the different social media feeds I read, people were not happy.  Problems with the sale not showing up properly, not being able to check out and a lack of items that people actually wanted seemed to be the biggest issues.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  American Girl, spend some money on your IT department.  It would be a shame to see the company go out of business simply because the powers that be don’t want to spend money on some properly trained IT people.  I have done IT related work in several previous jobs, and it’s painfully obvious to me that they aren’t hiring the brightest nor the best.  This needs fixed.

That said, I did find a couple of things I actually did want at good prices!  I certainly didn’t spend as much as I did two years ago (let’s not talk about that!) but I was pleased particularly with 2 of the 3 items I purchased as they were both sets that I had looked at and considered in the past, but felt that they were way more expensive than they were worth. What did I get?

The first item that went into my cart was Samantha’s Holiday set.  Originally priced at $64, you can imagine how excited I was to see it marked down to $28!!  Louisa offered to help me out with the cyber Monday items I picked up.


A couple of things I just want to say about this set: put the dress on first, THEN the tights. Because of the way this dress is cut, getting it over the tights without snagging them is just about impossible. PLEASE AMERICAN GIRL, switch to the “soft” Velcro if you are going to insist on continuing to use it! There are options available to prevent this. The tights now have at least 5 snags in them now. Grrr… The dress was also very wrinkled when I got it out of the box, this was perhaps the worst I’ve ever seen a dress come out of the box. I’m hopeful that just hanging it up for a while will take most of the wrinkles out, I really don’t want to have to iron it if I can help it. We will see.

The little tea set is adorable, but again, we have the “service for 1” situation. This annoys me, but at least I got it cheap. If I had been thinking, I would have bought two sets and then sold off the extra pieces so I could have had service for 2. Oh well. It includes a teapot, teacup, plate, petite-fors, a tray and a fabric cloth. All of the pieces are nicely done, but the tray is incredibly impressive, it’s a nice, heavy, high quality piece. You could use it for human cookies, it’s that solid!

The dress is very pretty and I think it’s perfect for the holiday season. I’m not so sure how well the lacy top part would hold up though to hard play and that doggone Velcro in the hands of a young girl. Get rid of this Velcro AG!!!! The fit is kind of baggy on it, but not terrible.
In the back there is a ribbon that is permanently tied. The set also comes with a hair bow that is attached to a hair elastic. I wish they had done that all along, I have Samantha’s original meet outfit and trying to retie that bow is frustrating at best.
cyber-4       cyber-5
The boots are very cute, love the little heel on them! I will say though that the heel makes it a bit more difficult to get the doll to stand, especially on a slippery surface like the countertop I was working on. I also noticed in some of the reviews, there were issues with the color coming off onto the doll from these boots, so please be sure to put tights or socks on your doll before using these. I didn’t take any chances, I was very glad I read the reviews beforehand.

Overall this is a cute set and I think a bargain at $28. Because of several minor issues/flaws in the set, I definitely don’t think it was worth the original $64 at all.

The other set that I got was Rebecca’s Costume set. I’ve had this set on my radar for 2 years, ever since I saw it in person at AG Columbus. The online photos do not do this set justice at all, it is much much prettier in person! Originally it sold for $100 and included a trunk. Then AG decided to take the trunk out of the set and sold it for $50 as just the costume which was better, but still more than I felt like spending. When I saw it was available for $20, I couldn’t get it into my cart fast enough!!!

Here is Louisa wearing all of the pieces from the set:
She looks a bit weighed down, doesn’t she???

The accessories are awesome in this set!!! This whole set has so much mix and match potential with other sets that I have. I’ll call these the “dressy” accessories:
Every girl needs a good set of pearls!

cyber-9    cyber-10

The costume part of the set is very well done. I was concerned about how well the overlay for the dress would stay in place. Not a problem at all though, once it was in place, it stayed there. I love the sparkly look to this and it’s something that doesn’t come across well in the AG photos.

The wings are easy to put on and take off, they are held in place with a metal piece that slides down over the edge of the dress. They are probably my least favorite part of the set, but I think they are very well done.
The dress is very simple which I like a lot. The shoes are more like ballet slippers, so not sure that they will get a lot of use, but the dress can be easily added to and accessorized for other situations. The color is so pretty on this set too, not a shade you see all that often, especially with AG. So happy to have finally added this set to my collection!

I only got one other item from the sale, Saige’s Cactus Flower necklace for $2 which was just enough to put me at $50 so I could get the purchase with purchase. Then I was done! Did you get anything from the Cyber Monday sale, or were you disappointed in the choices?


22 thoughts on “Cyber Monday…

  1. I love Samantha’s dress! The boots are adorable with the little heel. I have had the snag problem with other outfits, I always hold onto the snaggy side of the velcro whenever I am dressing and hold it away from other dress parts. Some of the older satin dresses the fabricis snag so easy, it is frustrating though to pay a lot for an AG outfit and it immediately snags.

    • Ordinarily that always seems to work, but this one is cut weird and it’s really snug to get over her backside. I really think they should have opened this dress farther down to make it a little easier. It’s tempting to get the seam ripper out and open it up further!

  2. I got the necklace too! $2 was hard to pass up. And Maryellen’s play outfit. I didn’t care that it didn’t come with shoes because I have Molly’s saddle shoes and they will be perfect.

    [Side note: did you add falling snow to your background? These tiny white flecks keep drifting by from right to left.]

    • I’m still trying to figure out what the story is with all of these sale items that keep popping up with out parts like shoes, overlays, etc. I agree though that Molly’s saddle shoes will look great with that set.

      And yes, I did add snow. It’s actually automatic in my settings to start on December 1st, so it will be there every year until I turn it off!

    • Based on how long things listed in the sale hung around for, I don’t think very many people bought a whole lot of anything. I had a couple of things on my list that I’d hoped would turn up, but no luck.

  3. I didn’t get anything because the only thing I want now is the camper (waiting for it to go on sale). I never have any problem with any kind of Velcro because I do this: I bought some Velcro at Joann’s and anytime I need to put a dress on I put the fuzzy sided Velcro on the snaggy side of the dress and then put it on the doll. Then I take it off to close the dress. If you do this you won’t have any problem with snaggy Velcro. I actually prefer AG’s snaggy Velcro over the soft Velcro because the soft Velcro often doesn’t stick to my Joann’s veclro.
    Someday I’ll do a post on this in my blog just to spread the word because it seems very few people do this and it REALLY works.

  4. I did not order anything on Cyber Monday, but did order items on sale December 2. Wish I had ordered more doll collections as the price was low for the Doll Holiday Collections and an additional 20% off and free shipping on $100 or more. If I had the extra finances, I would have ordered all the Holiday Doll Collections, except Samantha’s, as I just bought her, with two extra outfits at Costco for $119.99. I spent a total of $183.14 and received Josefina’s Holiday Bundle (which included Josefina doll and book, her goat, Sombrita, her Navidad Outfit and her Festive outfit). I also got Samantha’s Holiday Set. I also had a coupon for half price on Samantha’s Accessories. What even sweetened the deal more was a few years ago, Costco had a deal on American Girl gift cards. They were $100.00 worth of AG gift cards for $79.99, a savings of $20.01. Knowing I would eventually buy something from AG, I bought several. I used these gift cards to pay for my purchases. I had the same problem with the Velcro snagging the tights. Then when I put on the boots, I snagged them again! Jackylina, Thank you for your good advice!!!!

  5. Great haul!! That Samantha set is a total stea. I also got a few things as well…all clothing and mostly all historic. I’ll hopefully do a post with my haul soon, too. I have to agree with you on the website non-sense…for some reason, whenever I log in with my account, there are “hidden items” in there that rack up my total. I just don’t get it! It always says that my total is about $150 more than what is actually in there. So I have to log out, check out as a guest and then log back in to get credit for my rewards. I don’t get it. Also some things were marked down to $12 the day I checked out, but then my order says there were $16…IDK. I dread shopping on that website, but sometimes it needs to be done!

    • Can’t wait to see what goodies you picked up! The website…UGH! I sure hope that every time I bring this up, someone from American Girl reads this because it gets more and more ridiculous.

  6. I picked up Rebecca’s costume set too! It’s currently wrapped under my tree so I am grateful for the review! I also picked up an outfit for Julie and a dress for Kit. I did purchase a few sale items back in November and wrapped them up for Christmas too. I saw Samantha’s Christmas dress, but then I decided to sew up some dresses instead.

    ginnie /

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