The World’s Most Confusing Advent Calendar

Flo:  Hello readers!  A few weeks ago I was at Trader Joe’s and saw these really cute advent calendars for $1.  I thought it might be something fun to do for the blog.  But do you see how confusing this is?  It’s the 12 days of Christmas, all out of order!!  What in the world??  (apologies for the horrid photo too, the glare off of it was unbelievable, even without a flash!)


Kit:  Well, what did you expect for a dollar???  You get what you pay for!

Flo: I guess you are right.  Enough about how confusing it is, at least the doors are in the right order.  I’ll let you pick the first one Kit.


Emily can open day two:
advent-3  advent-4

Alya day three:


And Fiona day four:


So, what did we get?

A boot, a candle, a squirrel and an angel. I have to admit they are really cute.   And a nice scale for doll candy, perhaps after we are done, I will save the tray to make my own doll sized candies! Not quite sure what a squirrel has to do with Christmas???  The taste though, yuck! Kit is right, what do you expect for a dollar???


14 thoughts on “The World’s Most Confusing Advent Calendar

  1. Wow, that is confusing! We never did advent calendars in my family, so I’ve never had one. I’ll have to check out my Trader Joe’s and see if they have that kind.

    • We never did either, but I remember doing one many years ago with a nephew. The chocolate was definitely better in that one. I still can’t figure out why they rearranged the 12 days of Christmas!

  2. Love the dyslexic advent calendar! I have one as well and it’s so small that sometimes it takes me a few minutes to try to find the next number. Haha..the candies are pretty cute (even if they taste nasty) 🙂

  3. The 12 Days of Christmas begin on Chrismas Day and run through Epiphany, Januray 5th. It extends the holiday beyond New Years which I like. The Advent calendars I have seen are designed to be out of order so the child has to search for the correct number. The fun is in the search. The design of your calendar is very pretty and the candies are very cute so even if they don’t taste good I’d say your dollar was well spent.

    • That’s what makes this one even more confusing, it is set up with 24 windows that go in order! I would like it better if it was like what you described, at least that would make sense. Sort of. LOL

      • Now that I look closer I see what you mean. It has the pictures for the 12 Days of Christmas, but also says it has 24 pieces of chocolate. Are the other 12 days on the opposite side and if so, what pictures did they use?
        This is confusing!

      • The 24 doors are all on the same side as the 12 days of Christmas! The other side is just the ingredients and that kind of info. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! 🙂

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