Sunshine Blogger Award


Abby over at Breakfast With The Dolls nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  Thanks Abby!  She gave me an interesting list of questions to answer, and I think she’s going to be surprised at my answers to a couple of them!

1.Do you like any of these bands: Fall Out Boy , Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, Black Veil Brides?

Let’s see, I’ve never heard of Black Veil Brides, but perhaps I should check them out.  I like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, I really like Green day and I LOVE 30 Seconds to Mars!!!  Jared Leto is the bomb! 😉  “From Yesterday” is one of my favorite songs! (Bet you didn’t think an old lady like me would give you that answer)

2. Answer it if you know it: I like your shoelaces.  Thanks, I stole them from the president.

3. You’re in the Hunger Games who do you pick as an ally? (It has to be another blogger)  Xyra. She’s good at outdoorsy stuff and she has a tent!

4. Who is your bestie blogger buddy? (Yes, I stole that from Lu) I have a lot of blogging buddies, but I have two doll bloggers that I have actually talked to in person, so I’d have to say Sharry and Xyra for that.  Non-doll blogs would be Siobhan and Wendy

5.  Truth or Dare? (Comment below your answer I’ll give you a dare) Also you have to put it in your Nomination post.


6. What do you want for Christmas?  Doll stuff, of course! How can you go wrong with doll stuff?

7. What are you thinking about?  Not much, listening to Trey Anastasio on Prairie Home Companion while I do this

8.  Fill it out with other bloggers.🙂 I’m really curious so please do this one. (You can just fill it out like this……….. Leader: Anika )

Leader: Nonna  Brawler: Heather  Weapons Expert: Xyra  Brains: Sharry Medic: Farrah Lily (obviously!) Speed Fighter: Jen (Dolls Between Us)  Mascot: Brandy  Guy who dies first: I don’t want anyone to die, and we’d kick butt with this team, so it’s not going to happen! 😉


9.  If you met me in real life, what do think I would be like?  Fun, loves to laugh

10. What’s your favorite movie?  The Usual Suspects

11. If you could only use 1 word to describe yourself what would it be?  Creative

Bonus Question (I’m 99% sure this isn’t allowed): What do want us to know?  I love bands from the 90’s–Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Gin Blossoms are my favorite bands from that era. And I’ve seen 2 of the 4 live! Can anyone guess which ones?

So now I’m supposed to nominate 11 other blogs, hmmmm… I don’t know how long this one has been going around for, and in hopes of us not all tripping all over each other, I’m just going to nominate anyone who wants to do it.  Just leave a note in the comments that you are going to participate with a link to your blog, that way everyone can go check it out.  Now for my 11 questions:

  1.  What is your favorite season?
  2. Would you drink orange juice with your pizza? (I do it all the time and it grosses my husband out)
  3. Madonna or Lady Gaga?
  4. Do you like Dr. Who?  And if you do, who is your favorite character that they have encountered?
  5. What kitchen appliance could you not live without?
  6. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
  7. What is your pet peeve?
  8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  9. Have you ever ridden on a horse?
  10. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  11. Do you play an instrument?  And if you do, what do you play?

Have fun if you decide to take part, I’m anxious to see who does! Thanks again Abby for nominating me, that was fun, I really had to think about it.  Except for number 1, that was easy peasy!

A Contest Announcement

No, I’m not having any kind of contest here, BUT I did want to give a heads up to everyone about a contest that Madi over at Delightful World Of Dolls is having in honor of her 4th anniversary!


Be sure to check this out, but don’t wait, it ends on November 30th! If you’d like to enter, click here to do so and learn all the details.  Congratulations to Madi on four years of blogging too!

Doll Sized Finds: Ho Ho Ho!

This version of doll sized finds is going to be a bit different than usual.  Most of the time I have items that I’ve picked up at thrift stores, but this time around, it’s all going to be new items that you might be able to find where you are.  One thing about Christmas is we see all sorts of fun stuff that we don’t see at other times of the year.  So you have to be extra vigilant, using your “doll eyes” to scope out everything.

My first items I can’t take total credit for.  Sharry from Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule gave me a heads up on these little gems.


The adorable film projector and record player both came from Walgreens. Aren’t they great? I’d seen the record player on other blogs in the past, but the film projector was a whole new item. Both of these play the “Linus and Lucy” theme. Yes, that’s the one that they play while getting ready to rehearse for the Christmas play! On the film projector, the reels actually move and the little screen/photo lights up. The record on the record player goes around, making it look very realistic. Great find Sharry, thanks for the information! Both of these items came with different themes too, at this Walgreens they had Peanuts, Mickey Mouse and Frozen. There may be others that I’m unaware of.  These were each $12.99, but you may be able to get them cheaper if they run a sale, or you have a Walgreens card.

At the front of any Target store, you find the dangerous “Dollar” section.  I have noticed over the past couple of years, the items have become more expensive and that not all of them are a dollar.  However, they do have some nice things and still at good prices.  Right now everything is Christmas themed, ’tis the season!


I thought the sled would be so cute for a story involving Emily and Lanie. It does need a different rope attached, the one on it is short since I imagine it’s intended to be hung on a door. After I got home, I was wishing I’d picked up two, they’d be cute on our doors! It was only $5, so if I end up at Target again and they still have them, I’ll definitely be picking up another. The bottlebrush tree caught my eye immediately, I think it will look terrific in the dollhouse for the holiday season. It was the last one and I can see why, at only $3 it was a bargain compared to what I’ve seen others going for. I was glad I came across these items since the Our Generation items were an enormous let down. Lots of stuff, but all of the same stuff we’ve been seeing all year. Oh well.

The last item isn’t really a doll sized find, especially since it’s actually made for dolls. I did want to share it with all of you because it brings attention to something you may or may not be aware of.

Yes, it’s the toaster from the new American Girl Gourmet Kitchen. I think the kitchen is very cute, but not only would it not work out well in my dollhouse set up, I already have a kitchen that I really like. But that darned toaster, it was so cute. What to do, what to do? Ebay of course! There are several people who sell on Ebay who buy American Girl items and then break them up, selling the pieces individually or in smaller lots. It’s not exactly cheap, but when you are talking about an item that sells for $225, that seems like an awful lot of money to pay when all you wanted was a toaster! The seller that I got Louisa off of last summer does this frequently and I was very excited to see she had the toaster available. The only drawback was they only had the toaster and no bread. Then I remembered that the lasagna set had two slices of garlic toast with it, so when the toaster arrived, the first thing I did was try it out!
dsf-nov-4-16 dsf-nov-5-16

Perfect fit! There are a number of people selling individual items on Ebay, so if there is something you are looking for, check it out. I’ve even seen individual shoes for sale, so if you are missing one from a set, it might be worth a look!