A Surprise for Louisa

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving!  I know we did here, until last night when I went to reheat leftovers and discovered that my oven isn’t working, ugh!  Oh well, what can you do.  I guess it means I get a new oven, which is something to look forward to.  But I’m not a fan of THOSE kinds of surprises.

The kind of surprises I like are good ones.  Like a surprise visit, a surprise present.  Something fun.  Louisa got a super surprise today, and I’m going to share it with you.  She spent Thanksgiving with her dad and his family.  He dropped her off this morning on his way to hunting camp.  She was very excited to see her mom and her grandpap.  And of course Eddie.  But she wasn’t prepared for what she was going to see when she walked into her bedroom.


While she was away, her mom and grandpap had totally redone her room! Louisa is a fan of zebras, so her mom thought it would be a fun theme for her room. It didn’t hurt that she found that chest of drawers while out shopping. 😉

“This is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! I feel so grown up now with my room all done up like this.”

“Oh look, the ugly curtains are gone from the window too, I can actually see outside!”

A couple of close ups so you can see some of the details.
louisas-room-4  louisas-room-5

louisas-room-6   louisas-room-7

“Isn’t this awesome Lily?  I can’t wait to show it to Alya!”


In case you are wondering: the walls are a fold up display board. The bed, chair, chest of drawers, shelf on the wall and most of the toys/littles in the room all came from thrift stores (a few are new). I made the bedding as well as the chair cushions. The wallpaper border as well as the window frame are all scrapbook paper. Bookshelf was in the clearance section at TJ Maxx, storage chest at the end of the bed came from Hobby Lobby. The photograph’s are out of my person collection, just resized and cropped for what I needed, put into frames from a craft store. I did remove the glass from the frames for safety’s sake.  I have about $30 in this room total.  When I’m done, it all fits in a box for storage that would easily slide under a bed.   It just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a ton of money or have a lot of space to come up with a cute doll room!  Just an idea and some work. I blame this one on the zebra jewelry box!

29 thoughts on “A Surprise for Louisa

  1. Awesome! All of the little details are perfect! I agree that you don’t need to spend a lot for great doll spaces. I absolutely love the second picture–her excitement is perfectly captured!

  2. Wow! Neat room, Louisa! What a great surprise!

    I love the detail you put into the display board. My Camp Doll diaries cabin is a fold up display board. You definitely need to watch where you get them. The first I think I got at Michael’s or maybe Walmart. I got a second to do another room from Dollar Tree. It is a lot smaller and thinner than the first.

    Really love the room!

    • Hi Melody!!! Not sure if you could see it, but there is even a framed picture of you and me when we met at Coolspring! I love it, maybe someday you can come and visit.

      Yes, the Dollar Tree ones are definitely not the same quality. This one had a different issue in that the finish is almost too glossy, I was having issues with things not wanting to stay stuck to the walls!

      • I had to look again, but I did find us on the bookshelf! How cool!

        I found hot glue is not always the best adhesive for those boards. LOL Things will pop off over time. I’ve had to re-glue my window sills a couple of times.

      • Nothing seemed to want to stick to this one, I used super heavy duty Velcro and two different types of sticky tape. Everything came off. I was even having problems with the wallpaper border, and it’s been sitting for weeks. I definitely will be avoiding the pre-colored ones from now on!

      • I know we don’t always think of doing this when working with paper…did you try scuffing it lightly with a super fine sandpaper…just the places you wanted things to stick?

      • Try using clear silicone caulk instead of glue. It’s what we used in my papermaking class because it adhered better to the hand made papers. It may also work better on the smooth surfaces (like it does with tile!).

  3. Looks terrific. I especially like the trunk at the foot of the bed. My favorite tiny detail is the Barbie. Where did that come from?

  4. Super room! And you know how much I love project display boards! Louisa is a very lucky little girl!

    (BTW, Julie says that Lucy is waving “Hi” to Lily!)

    • They are definitely a great way to create spaces where you don’t need something permanent or don’t have space.

      (Louisa says that Lily is waving back to Lucy!)

  5. You never cease to amaze me. What a cute room, and storable too. Who would know that a lot of the stuff came from thrift stores. Makes it possible for girls on a budget to get stuff that looks as good as AG stuff, and at 1/3rd the price.

    • I’ve actually had to quit looking in thrift stores because I’ve reached the saturation point! I never would have thought I could find so many things that way. The dollhouse is definitely decorated in “early thrift store” décor!

  6. Adorable! I love the poster board rooms – so great for people with small spaces. I also love that many of the items are from thrifting. I can’t believe you are not going to thrift anymore though!?

  7. I love this room! All the detail makes it so real!! The colors really pop!! You did a great job!!!

  8. I wasn’t sure if you’d be interested, but the bed in your room was originally sold at Target in the late ’90’s. I remember being so thrilled to find something in that scale for my daughter’s doll!

    • That is interesting! It looks as though it was a quality piece, mine unfortunately wasn’t all that well cared for. However, when they repaired it, they did a good job with strong glue, so hopefully it will hold up for quite some time. Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks! I can’t believe I debated on getting the zebra jewelry box too! New oven is ordered, won’t be here until after Christmas, but something to look forward to I guess. Wonder how I could incorporate the new oven into a doll post???

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