Review of Etsy Seller Beky’s Doll Clothes

At the beginning of the year I made a list of things I wanted to do in regards to my dolls and the blog.  One of these things was to try out some new Etsy sellers.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that, and I’ve been very excited to share some of these sellers with all of my readers.  I’ve recently discovered a new seller that I have bought from and I wanted to share it with you.  I can’t take full credit for this one, Evil Twin actually discovered her and then bought me an outfit from her.  After that, I was hooked!

Some of you may remember the dress that Alya wore recently for the Downton Abbey tea:
Evil Twin told me about ordering it, so I went in and checked it out. After she got hers, she hurried up and ordered one for me, she knows I love all things nautical. When she was finally able to get it to me, I was thrilled, the dress was gorgeous. And I had to have more from this seller. Enter Etsy seller Beky’s Doll Clothes.

Beky’s is owned by Wanda Boltz, a lovely lady who puts a tremendous amount of attention and detail into her clothing. Evil Twin has become a regular customer of hers, and after seeing the work, I can completely understand why. For a couple of weeks I had been checking out her site and all of a sudden I saw a dress and a top that I just had to have. Order placed and received within a several day time frame. It doesn’t hurt that she only lives on the opposite side of the state! 😉

What did I get? Here is Kanani modeling the top. The skirt is one I had that I got from If Dolls Could Dream. Usually Alya grabs it to go with her Paris t-shirt, but I thought it would also look nice with a dressier top. I was right!
I love this blouse, the lace is just perfect for the style and it’s so well made. And the best part…
NO VELCRO!!!!!!!! She says right on her shop page that she isn’t a fan of Velcro and she prefers buttons. YAY! (I think I just heard Xyra squeal on the other side of the state.)

The other item I bought this time (believe me, there will definitely be others!) was a dress that I absolutely loved. I’d been debating on buying Kit’s Christmas dress from American Girl, but then I saw this and that went completely out the window.
Doesn’t Kit look adorable in this??? Red is definitely her color too. I love the little details on this. It even included the bow for her hair that matched.  The sides have these neat bows:


And again we have buttons down the back:

bekys-6  bekys-4
I can’t even imagine making those tiny button holes, and they are very nicely done and easy to button and unbutton.

I can’t say enough good things about these items as well as the ones that I have seen that Evil Twin has purchased.  Be sure to go and check her Etsy store out, you won’t be sorry, she has so many nice items and at very reasonable prices.  Thanks Wanda for making such cute doll clothes!

Beky’s Doll Clothes

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  1. Why, yes! Yes, you did hear a squeal or two from the other side of the state! No velcro and working buttons – awesome sauce! The blouse is my favorite. I love all three pieces featured. 🙂 Definitely checking out this Etsy site. Thank you for the review and details.

    • I agree! My sister has it in a stripe pattern, it’s cute too. It reminds me of a shirt I had many years ago, so I had to get it.

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