Review of Our Generation Master Baker Set

Our Generation has a bunch of new sets out or about to come out, and there were several that caught my eye. One of them stood head and shoulders above the rest for me. Unfortunately I never came across it at a store, but my patience was well rewarded. I ordered through the site, and I got one heck of a deal!


The Master Baker set has so many cool pieces in it. A couple of them are repeats of items I already have, but only one is something I’m not sure I would want two of (the scale). The box was a little bit bent up, but everything was okay otherwise. Getting it out of the box was another story, I’ve never had such a wrestling match in my life. Good thing there was little to no chance I would be returning it, by the time I was done, the box was completely mutilated. Why do they keep doing this????

The pieces I was least interested in were the hat and the apron. Both are very cute though, and I was impressed that the hat actually had a Velcro closure, so you can adjust it and easily get it on and off a doll without messing up the hair. The apron surprised me, it ties around the neck and waist instead of having Velcro. Both items fit nicely.

Marie-Grace was super excited to see all of this fun stuff for baking, she said that it will all come in very handy at the bakery.

Lots of cute little pieces!


One thing that I was very impressed with was the mixer. It’s very similar to the one that American Girl sold last year for Grace Thomas. However, it is variable speed! There is a switch that allows you to adjust it to 3 different settings, what a cute feature! The timer also works, sort of. You wind it up and the hands go round and round, although they just keep moving, it’s not usable as a real timer. Still very unique!

Love the pan of brownies and the fact that you can remove them from the pan. Only one is loose, but that’s okay. I just like the fact that you can take them out and put them on a different plate if you want to.

All 6 of the eggs are loose! Yay! I’ve seen many complaints about the fact that the eggs in Maryellen’s refrigerator can’t be removed from the door. How in the world are you supposed to cook them????


The lid comes off the cookie jar and the set comes with 6 different cookies, as well as a cut out from the dough. You can never have too many cookies! The lid for this fits well too.

The little spatula and pastry brush are my favorite items out of this set, aren’t they adorable!!!

I give this set an A++. Lots of little gadgets for lots of fun play. At $29.99 it’s a reasonable price. Right now Target has it on sale for $24.99. They are also offering free shipping on everything for the holiday season. I REALLY lucked out, they were running a special code for 20% off, so I ended up getting it for $19.99, what a steal, and free shipping to boot!!


22 thoughts on “Review of Our Generation Master Baker Set

  1. Super! This is the set that actually inspired me to do the Master Chef Doll series on my blog. I love it too. It’s so much better than AG because of the food items that aren’t attached to the containers. I so tempted to cut the rest of those brownies and just see what happens. I know what you mean by it (and almost every other OG accessory) not coming out of the box, and then once you get it out of the box you have to cut a thousand pieces of tape that tape the the set together. I dare you to try the picnic table set. I think it took me 45 min to get it out of the box.

    • Good grief!!! My husband laughed as I was wrestling with it, this is getting to the beyond ridiculous point. And then you have this pile of garbage to go the landfill as well, don’t even get me started on that part. Grrrrr……………….

      I too have been tempted to cut the brownies apart. You go first!

  2. PFooey. I had talked myself out of this and now I need it.

    By the way – secret to unboxing these – open the sides of the inside box then from the front, slip a knife between the box and the plastic cutting the tabs off. Separate the two. Toss the cardboard. Flip the plastic part over. Slip the knife between the two plastic edges all the way around. Snip any thread ties. You’re in.

    I just opened five OG boxes this size in an effort to condense packaging. I tried a few ways and that works best. 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip. It should NEVER be this complicated though. I’m so sick of everything being over-packaged. If it practically takes an engineering degree for an adult to figure it out, how in the world is a kid supposed to be able to get in to it???

  3. OG is really giving AG a run for its money. There are some retro sets on the OG site that I really MUST have. I just wish they were in stores or on the Target website in time for the holidays!

    • If they would just get their distribution methods straightened out, I’m getting tired of looking for stuff. I don’t know why they don’t have their own website, they’d make a killing!

    • Me too. I checked both Targets in my area for the OG accesory sets with the princess phone and the typewritter and neither one had either. It is hit or miss in my neck of the woods.

      • I was just at the Target closest to me and they had NONE of the new sets. The shelves are packed to bursting with stuff, but the small sets are all the same old ones we’ve been seeing since last Christmas!

    • I’ve decided I need to quit looking at doll food, it always makes me hungry. Pippaloo has a list of new items she’s listing today and I can just imagine the smells as I look at each item.

  4. Awesome addition to your doll kitchen! Set looks great and you got a great deal on it!

    I understand why the food items at AG are stuck fast (increased choking hazard), but am glad to see these pieces can be moved around.

      • I have no idea. it poses quite the conundrum. Although, perhaps these are perceived as more lifelike to entice eating whereas Barbie food items have always been too small to eat with your doll.

  5. Love that the items are individual! My kids are obsessed with the tiny doll foods. Everything has to be individual. I almost bought the AG holiday set until I found out the cookies were stuck fast to the plate; that’s worthless to my kids. They want to be able to pick up, and move and count and sort all their little pieces. This looks like such a great set. And you got it for a fantastic price!

    • I think it’s really a nice set and yes, I did get it for a fantastic price. I don’t doubt we’ll see a couple of more sales on for the Our Generation stuff. I know they ran a bunch of them last year.

  6. I love this set! I fell in love with the AG mixer because it really worked, now OG has one!!! AAHHH! I must go to Target. My frustration is that the Targets near me never have these cute sets! I guess I could get it online, well except I have the overflowing doll kitchen already….hhmmm

    • I hear you on Target not having much in store, their distribution is so bizarre. I definitely would recommend getting it online, from what I understand the free shipping is through Christmas. Hee hee to the overflowing doll kitchen!

  7. I love Our Generation, but you are right. They need to figure out a way to distribute. They would make so much more money. From a Canadian’s perspective these sets are nearly impossible to find. I can find some at or Mastermind Toys online, but since Target pulled out of Canada there are no other retailers here that carry them. I agree that Our Generation could give AG a huge run for its money if they would just get their act together and figure out what it is they want to do. I feel the same way about MyLife products. It gets tiresome having to chase products down from store to store. Consumers want them so they should be made more available.

    ginnie /

    • Their customer services is lax as well. I e-mailed Battat via their main website one time about a set I was trying to locate and wanted to know if it was even still available. I got nothing…crickets. Not good. They have a good product and could have sales through the roof if they handled it properly. Target isn’t much better either. 😦

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