A Downton Abbey Tea

Kit has been rather upset about the end of Downton Abbey earlier this year.  She’s watched the DVD’s over and over again, but she hates the fact that there will be nothing new.  I suggested that instead of being upset, perhaps she should throw a party with a Downton theme to it and have a good old fashioned day of pretend.  She thought it sounded like a good idea and decided to give it a try.

She was busy making sure everything was ready.  Lots of cookies, sandwiches and other goodies were set on the table to eat.  And of course tea, and she decided to set out some lemonade as well just in case someone didn’t like tea.  Doesn’t it look wonderful?


After everyone arrived, Kit said a few words to welcome everyone. “I’m so happy that all of you could join me for tea today, everyone looks so nice all dressed up. Enjoy your day!”
Alya, Louisa and Marie-Grace checked out the tables and chose where they wanted to sit.



Raynia and Shivan checked out the goodies!

Raynia was so happy that the trip she and Evil Twin made happened to coincide with the tea so she could come.  She borrowed Felicity’s dress just for the occasion.


Shivan channeled the Dowager Countess for her outfit:

Louisa said she was happy to be invited because not only was it fun, but she got to wear her pretty summer dress one last time before it got too cold.


Alya was impressed with all of the different foods there were, especially the deviled eggs.


Before everyone left, Kit wanted to make sure I took pictures of everyone dressed up.

Raynia, Louisa and Marie-Grace

Alya, Shivan and Kit

And one last picture of Kit, doing what I call her Martha Stewart impression! Good job Kit!!

Later that night, Raynia and Shivan were hanging out in Alya and Shivan’s room, getting ready for bed.
“That was really fun!” said Raynia.  “Now when I get home, I’m going to have to watch Downton Abbey again so I can see how we did with our etiquette.”

downton-18   downton-17

“Try living here with Kit, I swear she has it on a 24 hour loop!”


17 thoughts on “A Downton Abbey Tea

  1. Oh what fun! I love a dress-up tea party, and what an occasion too. Although I haven’t watched Downton, I know several friends who love it. All of the dollie’s costumes looked splendid. Maybe Kit should start writing fanfiction to keep Downton going, although that can sometimes turn into a monster.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. You bring back memories of my friends and I watching Downtown. We would always watch it together and for the finale’s of the last two seasons we dressed up and had a tea party.

  3. LOVE it! Carson and Mrs. Hughes would be proud. But, oh dear! They served themselves?! Where were the footmen to serve? 😉

    How timely! Melody and I were at the Coffee & Tea Festival Philly this weekend with Nonna. had a blast and have quite a few teas to review over the next few months. Can’t wait!

    Our house is two seasons behind in Downton watching. The end of season 4 was just too upsetting. Must get back into the swing.

    Kit and everyone looked fabulous in their tea fashions. Your tea things are nice and the mini Downton Abbey is adorable.

    • Thomas was out smoking and Jimmy was out getting beat up! 😉

      Season 4, oh dear. Someone I know referred to it after that season as “Downer Abbey”. That was one brutal season.

      • Oh yes, that makes total sense about Thomas and Jimmy. 😉

        Yes, definitely brutal and the opening episode of 5…was not fond of Rose or Shirley MacClaine’s (sp?) character. I guess we should “give it another go” as they say. Working on season one of Poldark right now.

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