What did I buy??

On Wednesday I posted about my trip to Toys R Us to check out their American Girl display, and I mentioned I bought two things.  Now it’s time to share my purchases with you!

First off, I bought something I’d looked at many times and never jumped on.  However, I finally decided that I had multiple uses for these items, so it was time for them to come home with me.  What are they you ask??

The riding helmet and hat set!


The only reason I hadn’t picked this set up before is I didn’t know how much use I’d get out of it. Since space is a concern, I have to think about usability in addition to cuteness factor. Then it dawned on me that not only would this be a good set to have for horseback riding, but for something else too:


I haven’t shown Abby the cowboy hat just yet, but I think she will be happy with it. It’s going to work well for something else I have in mind for a later date as well.  Just remember that for dolls this works, but for humans, be sure to get the proper helmet for the activity!  Not all helmets are created equal.

On to item number 2! Before I show you what it was, I have something else to show you though that I thought was really interesting:
This was on the side of the box for the item I purchased. I thought it was interesting because the date doesn’t coordinate with the date for the “big reveal”, that was October 29th! Makes me curious about when this stuff actually hit the sales floor for purchase. Hmmmmm…

Now time for the big reveal, drum roll please!!!!!

Props to Jen over at The Dolls Between Us who guessed it right! I fell in love with this the minute I saw it on the TRU website, I just had my fingers crossed that they would still have it once I got there. They were down to the last 2 in stock, so it’s a good thing I didn’t wait too long.
I think it’s every bit as cute in person as it was in the picture. It’s $39.99 which I didn’t think was a ridiculous price for this item, it’s very well done and has a lot of play potential. I was surprised that the seat is hard plastic, when I looked at it, the quilting looked very realistic and I expected it to be soft and cushioned but it’s not.  Not a biggie though.  The Our Generation scooter is $29.99 regular price, but this one has a little something extra:
Yes, it makes sounds! It has a horn noise and the sound of the engine just starting. And the front light comes on.
tru-8  tru-9

It also comes with a sheet of stickers for personalizing, you can make your own license plate design too. I’m not sure if I’ll do any decorating with them or not, I really like it as is.  I’m also thinking about making a custom Pennsylvania plate for the back.  We’ll see.

Alya is our resident scooter fan, so I told her she could check it out. She was more than happy to! This particular set also comes with a cute red helmet, so it’s ready to ride out of the box.  Insert two AA batteries for the sounds and light and you are ready to roll!
She really likes it and said that she’s happy that we have two now, she can go riding along with someone else.

Speaking of the other scooter, I thought I’d show you how the AG scooter measures up in comparison to the Our Generation version:


The OG scooter is just slightly longer and taller. Both are very lightweight, making it easy to transport them from room to room or outside, depending on what you are using them for.  I’m anxious to do some outdoor shoots with them, as long as the weather cooperates.

One last thing before I forget–Target.com has a number of Our Generation items on sale, and if you use the code KIDSGIFTS, you get an additional 20% off.  PLUS, they are offering free shipping on any size order until the holiday season is over with, so right now is the perfect opportunity to get a good deal on some of those adorable sets they are carrying, especially since many of them don’t seem to be showing up in stores yet.  I seriously considered getting the row boat, but decided that I would get way more use out of the scooter instead.  A great time to stock up for Christmas too.  This time of year is so dangerous to the wallet! 😉

**Update 11/10/2016–I did a little bit of research after I published this post. This scooter is very similar to the one that they came out with for Jess’s collection and was later reused for the Island scooter set. Both of those scooters sold for $65 and haven’t been available for 7 years, so I would say that this newer version is a FANTASTIC deal in comparison. I also find that pricing fascinating, and I’m hopeful this really does mean we are going to see some more common sense pricing further down the line.


14 thoughts on “What did I buy??

  1. What a great price for that scooter! I think you definitely scored a deal. Ugh, yes, you are right about this time of year being dangerous for the wallet!! I have to stop myself at times because the sales are sooo good that I have to remind myself “buy for my kids, not for yourself”…Christmas is coming, lol. I did splurge on the Lori dollhouse, camper and a few of the furniture sets though, hee hee. 🙂

    • I think it’s one of the better priced items that AG offers. I have my fingers crossed that this means we will see more reasonable prices with new items down the road. And hey, splurging once in a while is a good thing too!

  2. Wow, so cute! I had an OG scooter, but got rid of it, WHY!?! Oh well. I am really loving that we have a couple places now besides the AG store to get AG stuff. My nearest AG store is an hour (or more depending on traffic) away in LA, which doesn’t seem too bad til you actually drive there – yick.

    • Yes, I can’t even imagine driving to LA for much of anything. My sister-in-law went to that store while she was visiting family and said it was crazy the whole way around.

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