Isn’t this interesting?

The joint venture between Toys R Us and American Girl is moving along. Only 100 stores are going to be carrying the Truly Me items. Unfortunately (or maybe that’s a good thing) none of the ones close to me are part of that 100 stores. If you want to see if your store is on the list, you can pull it up at the Toys R Us website.

I did a search on “American Girl” while I was there, and I was surprised to see it pull up a large selection of Truly Me products. You cannot order them online, nor can you select “store pickup” for any of these items. You have to go to the store that carries them to purchase. I scrolled through to see what all had been selected as part of this line, when I came across this:


I was really surprised to see this, I don’t recall seeing this anywhere on the AG website recently! I thought the price was very competitive as well. The scooter from Our Generation retails for $29.99, so this is quite an interesting twist. I’m also curious if this is something we will see released on the American Girl website in the coming weeks, or a Toys R Us only item? My curiosity is killing me! I was also surprised to see in their listings the Gourmet Kitchen set. It has been out of stock since just after it came out, so I wonder if perhaps we’ll see it come back in stock sometime soon? It has been fluctuating between “back ordered until” and “no longer available” for the past several weeks.  And will there be other items added to the line?

Time will tell!

17 thoughts on “Isn’t this interesting?

  1. Hmm, very interesting! Where did you find a list of Toys ‘R Us that will be carrying American Girl? I’ve looked on their website and I haven’t been able to find it!

  2. I think that when Costco has AG they sometimes have pets etc. that are not out in the AG store. I believe that the Corgi and the Pomeranian dogs were first at Costco for a cheaper price. Maybe they are going to do the same thing at Toys ‘R us.

    • I have a sheepdog and a terrier that have only ever been available at Costco or Sam’s Club. I wonder if it’s a way of testing the market? Although the terrier is absolutely adorable, don’t know why they haven’t sold it on their site unless they are saving it for later. I have the Pomeranian from Sam’s too and it’s identical to the one they sell now.

  3. Huh, I’ve never seen that scooter before either. Looks just like Jess’s but with different colors. None of my TRUs will carry TM things either. And I agree, that’s a good thing. I’m really surprised to see TRU carrying the kitchen set. If you can’t order it online, how are they going to fit them in the stores?

    • I thought it looked a bit like Jess’s too. The other thing weird about the kitchen set–if you pull it up, it now shows up in some of the stores. How reliable the store check thing is, I don’t know, but I thought it was odd that NYC would have it, but it’s still backordered online. I would think they would fill backorders first!

  4. Thanks for this update! I do have a TrU in my city that will participate… I’m tempted to go on Saturday. Keep you posted!

    • I’m totally going. I’m weak! I asked Brianna if she wanted to go and she said she’d “think about it” 🙄

  5. Hmmm…nothing near me, but yeah, I guess it would be too tempting. LOL! But I think it’s good AG is branching out. I hate the exclusivity surrounding that brand. Toys should be for everyone, not just the wealthy.

    • I think the fact that they are only doing the Wellie Wishers and Truly Me line at TRU is good too, it gets the brand out there, but if you want the other stuff, you have to go check out their website or stores. To me it’s a win/win.

  6. Very interesting! I recently went into my Kohl’s out of curiosity to see what they have in the AG line. Mostly Lea and her accessories. Other AG items were similar to things you already find in craft stores.

    • Our Kohl’s had a few of the Megablocks sets too, but not all that many. I’ve not been real impressed with the Kohl’s partnership. I may have to make a field trip though to check out the Toys R Us set up. The closest one is an hour away.

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