Lea at Kohl’s

Unless you were sleeping under a rock, by now you know that Kohl’s stores are selling Lea and some of her items.  I wasn’t sure exactly when it was supposed to start, but Jen over at The Dolls Between Us had posted about it.  I decided to check it out at our local store.  My first trip was a let down, nothing to be seen and no evidence of anything to come.  Our local Kohl’s store is a smaller one, and I thought perhaps they wouldn’t get them at all.  They did have a small selection of Wellie Wisher’s and accessories (and I mean, really small!) but no sign of Lea.

This past week I had a trip to that part of town again and thought I’d pop in to see if anything had changed.  Lo and behold, they had a display!  They are still getting their toy department (if that’s what you want to call it) together, and poor Lea’s display was kind of shoved in there, so it was difficult to get to.  However, I was able to see what they had, and I was surprised at the selection.  They had all of her outfits and several accessory sets, as well as the Lea doll.  Plus they had a few girls clothing items.  None of the larger items. I do have to say that the display looks very temporary, so I suspect it’s a goner once things sell out.  I was there soon enough that there was still a very good selection of stuff, not much had sold yet.

So, did I get anything?  Of course I did!!  I picked up Lea’s accessories and her Celebration dress.  Both were on my wish list, and since I didn’t have to pay shipping, plus would easily be able to return them if I didn’t like something, I decided to go for it.


One thing I really liked about the way they packaged the items for the Kohl’s stores is that they sleeved the boxes so they don’t come open.  A good way to reduce the possibly of something falling out, especially since the boxes are stored on end in the display.  It won’t eliminate potential theft, but I guess that’s a risk they have to take.  I did notice that the Lea dolls in our store had security tags on them, so you can’t open them up or just walk out without setting off the alarm.

Here is the accessory set out of the box:

I wanted this set mostly for the headband. I had looked on Ebay for just the headband by itself, but the price was such that it made more sense to buy the whole set. Plus I got another camera out of the deal! It’s very cute, I do think it’s a bit overpriced, but oh well. Again, at least I didn’t have to pay shipping.

I just love this dress! I’d been hesitant to buy it because of some comments in the online reviews about how wrinkled it was. I don’t think it’s any worse than any other dress I’ve bought, and I don’t think it would need much more than a touch up with an iron if the wrinkles don’t come out after it’s been hung up.

The best part:
Aren’t these shoes adorable????? I think they are my favorite part of the outfit now that I’ve seen them up close. The braid trim just like real espadrilles is simply awesome. I still have to try this on someone, hopefully this week.

Have you picked up anything from Kohl’s since this started? I still have some mixed feelings about this, Kohl’s is not one of the best stores when it comes to their toy department. It always seems to be a mishmash of stuff, the stuff is shop worn and no sense of order to it. I truly think that ToysRUs is a better fit as far as a partnership for AG, but if Kohl’s is limited to this type of display just once a year at the holiday, it might be a good way to get increased awareness of the brand. The Wellie Wisher selection is a fail in my book, I don’t know why they bothered at our store if that’s all they were going to get. I will be curious to see if they will restock it or not, or if perhaps it’s another “once it’s gone” situation. Time will tell.

There have been some questions about the rewards programs for the two stores, so I will quickly clear that up. You DO NOT earn rewards for the American Girl Rewards program if you purchase items at Kohl’s. You do earn credits towards Kohl’s Cash. However, you CANNOT use Kohl’s Cash towards any of the American Girl items, so if you do earn some, you will have to use them to purchase something else. Which reminds me, I have a $10 coupon I need to use! Bye!!!

**Update 10/27/2016 You can now use Kohl’s Cash towards American Girl items.  Not sure when or why they changed this, but I think it’s a good thing!


18 thoughts on “Lea at Kohl’s

  1. Thanks for the shout out! The shoes are so adorable. I had some rope-trimmed sandals when I was a kid… I think I got them for a wedding… felt so grown up! I haven’t picked up anything at Kohls yet. Maryellen’s items are still at the top of my list. Hoping for a sale after Thanksgiving!

    • No problem! I sometimes think I buy too many outfits because I fall in love with the little shoes. Just call me Imelda Marcos in miniatures!

      • Flo, That is hilarious!!!! My husband just told my granddaughter Friday night that I was trying to have as many doll shoes as Imelda Marcos shoes. I do the same thing, I will buy the outfit because I love the shoes! Sharon

  2. You’ve probably figured out to be very careful when you put that headband on a doll. It’s So tight. I always put my dolls hair in a ponytail/braid and then squeeze the headband on. It doesn’t mess up the hair as much.
    My Kohl’s had a very messy display of WW and AG crafts and a nice display of Lea’s. I just hope the Lea display doesn’t become as messy as the other two. I picked up Camille and Willa.

    • I haven’t tried it on her yet, but I have a couple of the ones that were on clearance, so I hear you. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking with those, if we have that much trouble with them, I’d hate to think of a kid trying them. Not the best design.

      Camille and Willa were already sold out at our Kohl’s when I was there. 2 outfits and 2 accessory sets, that was it. And very sloppy. Typical Kohl’s toy department. 😦

      • I’ve found the first time is the worst, then it loosens a bit. I put it on as a circlet first then slowly pushed down. Walking around her head like you do when sealing Tupperware. Once it is down to Lea’s neck I pull her hair from the back and slowly move the braided piece back up over her face and ears. Works like a charm. NOTE: I mean slowly! I think it took me 5 minutes the first time because I wanted to be super gentle. Subsequent times did not take as long because the elastic part did get a tiny bit looser and I had more confidence in what I was doing.

        I have a hard time in the Kohl’s “toy department.” It’s so messy and TINY! I haven’t been there since they announced the partnership with AG, but I did pick up one of the Mega Blox sets there for a little girl.

      • That’s pretty much the way I put them on too, but good to know that they do loosen up a little. I don’t think I’ve used them again since the first time.

  3. I think my favorite part of Lea’s accessories is the National Geographic! LOL! And AG Julie’s holiday dress has a headband that is way too tight as well. I don’t even put it on Sunny anymore, ‘cos I’m afraid I’ll pull her wig off trying to get it on!

  4. I was wondering when the AG stuff would appear at Kohls. It is not a place I usually shop, so now I know! I love the little shoes, so cute. I am with you, I wish they had a Barnes & Noble for doll-size books and magazines. I have made some small size books, but its a lot of work.

    • It is a lot of work to make them! I did some doll sized scrapbooks, I’ve thought about using that technique to try and make regular books or at least something that looks like books. Again though, they take a lot of time.

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