Who is this?

Marie-Grace invited Zara over to play a few days ago.  They were deciding what to do, when they noticed a strange doll on the sideboard in the dining room.  They both climbed up to investigate further.


“I wonder who she is and where she came from?” asked Zara. “I’m not sure,” replied Marie-Grace. “I do know that Flo got a package in the mail a few days ago.”

“My name is Jody” the doll replied. “I’m a country girl.”

Both Zara and Marie-Grace gasped. Then they decided to get down on her level to make it easier to talk to her.


“Where did you come from???” asked Marie-Grace. “I’ve never seen you before.” Jody replied “I am from the 1970’s, I was a doll made back then.”

“Cool!” exclaimed Zara. “You remind me a bit of my sister Abby. She has red hair and blue eyes too!”

The girls asked her a couple of more questions. Then they both welcomed her to the house, and went back to playing.

I suppose you are wondering where Jody came from. Last week I got an e-mail from Sharry over at Julie Newman’s 70’s Time Capsule. She told me to keep my eye out for a package, a surprise birthday gift. I was excited, but I had absolutely no idea what it was going to be. My husband even asked me if I had any inklings, and I had none. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I opened the box and in it was this doll. Sharry and I had been talking on the phone recently and the subject of Jody came up. I’d had this doll when I was a little girl along with several of her playsets, and I thought she was really an interesting doll. Unfortunately I had given mine away years ago. Sharry thought it would be cool if she could find one, and not only did she succeed, but she was like brand new, her hair was even still in it’s plastic! The box was a little worse for wear, but the doll was perfect. Plus she even managed to get the one I had that was my favorite!

She also found someone who had one of the outfits all by itself for sale. It’s missing a couple of accessories, but the main part is there. I’m sure if I keep my eyes open, I’ll come across the rest.
What makes it difficult (and when I thought about it, I realized how weird it was) is they didn’t sell the outfits individually. If you wanted Jody in a different outfit, you had to buy a different doll! I don’t quite know what the thinking was on that, but at one point I had three Jody dolls, one in each of these outfits, and another in an outfit that was a white top with a black velvet skirt.  I also had several playsets: the kitchen, Victorian parlor, barn and schoolhouse.  Jody was made by Ideal which also made Crissy and Velvet.

Thank you Sharry for such an awesome birthday surprise! It was quite the doll birthday, not only did I get this, but my bestie bought me the Sophia equestrian outfit, my hubby got me Melody’s keyboard and Evil Twin gave me money towards the camper. See, you never do grow up!!

Here’s a video of some of the old Jody commercials that I thought everyone would enjoy:

16 thoughts on “Who is this?

  1. Sharry always gives the best gifts. She has a real knack to finding cool stuff.
    Happy Birthday, Flo!

  2. Yay! I’m so very glad you like your Jody doll. I like the Town and Country outfit, (is that what it’s called?) the best, probably b/c that’s the one in the first (and most aired) commercial. A girl in my 4th grade class had Jody and brought her in on the last day of school. You do know that’s my packaging job on the dress, right? Since I now have 2 Jody dolls of my own (why is it when you like a doll, you end up costing me money? LOL!) I’ll send you a pic! Enjoy your new doll!

  3. What a thoughtful gift! I do not remember Jody, when did she come out? Loved the commercials!

  4. Happy belated birthday!

    I didn’t have a Jody doll, but later in the decade I had the Dazzle dolls and the Sergio Valente dolls and somebody else. The Dazzles and Sergios were cool because you could get the outfits separate. When doing research on the others (where you had to buy a new doll to get the different outfit) someone mentioned they were like Matchbox or Hot Wheels and had a case to show the collection. I didn’t get into it that far. 🙂 i chose the one with my favorite outfit and that was it. LOL

    • I forgot all about Dazzle dolls! Someone I know had one, might have been one of my nieces. I had a similar doll, she hung out with my Dawn dolls. Can’t remember her name though.

      • It’s one of those posts I started and didn’t finish. I really should post about them. Loved my Dazzle dolls! they fit perfectly into the dollhouse my dad built me.

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