Kit’s Trip, Part 1

Hi everyone!  Kit here, and I’m going to tell you all about the trip I went on with Flo and Mr. Flo.  I was so excited to get to go, I’ve never been anywhere but here and Cincinatti.  We left on Tuesday night after Mr. Flo got home from work, only driving part of the way.  Here I am, wrestling my suitcase into the room:


After a good nights sleep, we had some breakfast and headed out for our destination. Any ideas of where we were going?

If you said Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, you were right! Mystic Seaport is a very interesting place and is an example of a small sea-faring village from the 19th century. There are lots of buildings that house different shops and homes and several different ships. Flo thought it would be a fun place for me to see, she and Mr. Flo were there many years ago. After she saw a post about Mystic by Gwen over at A Peek into the Pantry, she was dying to go back.




Isn’t it pretty? I can only imagine what it might have been like to live in a place like this back then. As it says in the song from the TV show Gilligan’s Island–“no phone, no lights, no motorcar!”

These boats are small and are used by kids who are learning how to sail.  Flo said that when they were here last time, there were a whole bunch of them out in the water for a class.  Sounds like fun!

There is even a lighthouse there! It’s a replica of the Brandt Point Lighthouse on Nantucket Island. If you go inside, there are two movies about lighthouses that you can watch. It was very interesting. And very small inside.


There are a number of boats and boat parts on the grounds, all with different purposes and in different styles. You can even get a ride on a couple of them and get a waterfront view. We thought about doing it, but it was a bit chilly outside, plus as you can see from the photos, there was a strong possibility of rain. We decided not to take our chances.



The pride of Mystic Seaport is the Charles W. Morgan, a former whaling ship. All of the boats at Mystic Seaport are still sea worthy and once in a while even the Morgan is taken out for a spin. Because these boats are all very old, they are in constant need of maintenance and repair. Wouldn’t you know, they had the Morgan completely out of the water for some work they were doing on it. Flo said that this wasn’t something you would see very often, so we were lucky to be there when we were, even if we couldn’t go on it.
While we were there, they had to move it. YUP! They did too! I didn’t know how they could move something that large, but there was a base it sat on that had wheels and they used a piece of large equipment to pull it. It made Flo a little bit nervous, as she said “what would you do if something went wrong with such a huge piece of history?”

Boats that big needed some enormous anchors to keep them in place. Here are two pictures of me with one, and it wasn’t even the largest!


After we were done at the seaport, we went and checked into our new hotel, then out to dinner.  We talked about what we wanted to do the next day too.  After all that riding in a car and then looking around the seaport in the fresh air, I was tired!  Thank heavens for a comfy bed.


I also picked up a few souvenirs at the seaport too. First I found this cool totebag:

mystic-14It came with a bag of candy in it, but Flo took it out, it was too heavy for me to hold with it in.

And then I found two posters for in my bedroom. I can’t wait to get them hung up!



That’s it for this part of our trip. Stop back later this week,  I will show you some of what we did on the rest of the trip!


22 thoughts on “Kit’s Trip, Part 1

  1. I never knew of this place! I live in Boston and we went to Nantucket for our mini-honeymoon a few years ago. We may need to take a weekend trip down to see this place! Thanks for the photo-tour, Kit and family 😉

    • You definitely need to check it out, it’s only about 2 hours tops from Boston (traffic depending). What is nice is when you buy your tickets in, you get a receipt and if you get it validated before you leave, you can go back a second day for free.

  2. Eat at Mango’s pizza, Bridge house, Gustos (Italian) DON’T GO TO SCRIBNERS! , Wood n tap (mac and cheese is good so is the mac pizza, and app salad), Tenga (Asian), Michael Anthonys Tuscan Grill (My favorite you will not be disappointed, also tell them I said hi), Cheesecake factory, Chowder Pot ( the lobsters good), uhhhh… I’m out of places for food. Did you on the boat ride at Mystic it’s pretty huh? And I know I’ll this because I live in CT. Hope you have fun- A local

  3. Love the first episode of Kit’s trip. The pictures make me want to go back there as soon as possible. When you see those sailing ships it is easy to understand why young boys ran off to go to sea. When last there the Charles W. Morgan was just starting it’s refitting, that was at least 30 years ago, and considering the repairs, you can understand just why it takes so long to restore a boat like that. Patiently waiting for episode #2.

  4. Looks like lots of fun!! I love history trips!! Great doll size finds, I really enjoy the search for doll size finds in souvenir shops!!

  5. Hiya Kit, it was so fun to look at your pictures from Mystic Seaport. I got to visit the seaport a few years ago with some dear friends of mine. I’m pretty sure I even got to sign the guestbook, hehe. You’re making me long to travel again! It’s always so much fun to see new places, especially in New England (I love that place!).


  6. I went to mystic seaport a long time ago. I don’t remember too terribly much about it, but I do remember I liked the ships and the general atmosphere. Nice pictures! Kit looks so cute with that huge anchor 😀

    • I just wish it had been a nicer day so that the sails would have been up. I understand they don’t want to risk damaging them in the wind though. You should have seen some of the looks I got when I posed her there!

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