Happy Halloween!

One day after school, Cassandra noticed Emily looking very sad.  She found out that Emily wasn’t going to get to go trick-or-treating because everyone in her family was busy that day.  That gave Cassandra an idea, and with the help of her friends, Fiona and Raynia, she managed to make Emily’s Halloween perfect!  After getting permission from Emily’s mom, the girls were going to take her trick-or-treating.

The girls met at our house.  Fiona was dressed as a black cat, Raynia as a bumble bee, Cassandra as a Minion (what else?!) and Emily as a ghost.  They headed out to several different houses to see what kind of goodies they would get.



As the girls walked through the neighborhood, they came upon Sophia and Rebecca selling ice cream.

“How’s business?” asked Fiona. “Or maybe I should rephrase that. How’s BOOSNESS?!”
The girls giggled. “Oh, it’s going better than we thought.” replied Rebecca. “We figured with it being so cold out, no one would want to buy ice cream, but we’ve had quite a few customers. It’s been fun seeing all the different kids dressed up too, I got some really cool photos!”

“That’s fantastic!” said Raynia. “I hope you guys continue to do well, it looks like it might rain.”
“I’d love some ice cream”, said Emily. “But I’m afraid I’d get it on my ghost costume, so I think I’ll pass. Maybe later.”

“We’d better keep moving!” said Cassandra. “We don’t want to have to stop before we’ve hit every house. See you guys later!”

“Goodbye!” said Sophia and Rebecca. “Happy Haunting!”

After the girls were done, they came back to the house and dumped all of the candy out on the floor:

Then they decided they would each take a turn picking a piece of candy out of the pile to keep. That way no one would get stuck with a candy they didn’t like, and hopefully they would each end up with their favorites.



They had each taken 4 pieces of candy when Cassandra told Emily she had a surprise for her.

“That’s all that we are taking Emily, the rest is yours!!!”

Emily was so excited. “You guys are the best! Thank you so much!”





(In case you are wondering what happened to some of the photos, we got caught in a little bit of rain towards the end of the photo shoot.  I didn’t realize until it was too late that a drop of water had apparently left a mark on my camera lens, and now several of them had this interesting “mark” on them.  Oh well.  We can pretend it’s a “ghostly apparition” or something!)

Doll Sized Finds, Courtesy of Barbie Girl!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been busy with a lot of odds and ends kind of stuff, and as a result, my thrift store shopping has been non-existent.  Other than the shelf I picked up for Cassandra’s room while we were in Connecticut, I’ve bought nothing else.  However, my niece Barbie Girl is very good at keeping her eye opened for doll sized goodies, not just for Barbie sized stuff like she works with but also for my 18″ gang.  We recently got together and did a swap of some stuff we had for each other.  She found some awesome stuff for me!

First up, a thrift store find:

Isn’t this little tray fantastic?! I was super excited when I pulled it out of the bag, it’s going to be perfect for something that Evil Twin and I are working on. It needs a little bit of cleanup, but I love it!

I can’t remember where she said she found these, I’m thinking thrift store as well, but not positive.
These are so cute, I’m sure the two smallest and possibly the third one are going to work for my dolls. The red one is definitely too big, but it’s going to go in my kitchen, it won’t go to waste! These are really well made too, they look just like bigger versions.

Barbie Girl works for a large, upscale, deep discount, off-price retailer (not going to say who just in case, don’t want to get her into any trouble) and she’s frequently finding stuff. Periodically I’ll get a text with a photo for me to either give a thumbs up or thumbs down. Here are some incredibly cool finds from there! It’s almost as good as shopping online. 😉

The doll kitchen is going to be well equipped, isn’t this grater adorable?

These are Halloween stickers, but they are the perfect size for doll trick or treat candy. I just need to remove or cover up the adhesive on the back.

I’ve saved the best for last. This item is just wow. I was excited when she sent me the picture, but I’ll be honest, it didn’t do this item justice. Probably one of the best doll sized finds EVER. Yes, it’s that cool!
dsf-oct-16-5  dsf-oct-16-6
It’s intended to be a Rolodex–but seriously, who uses these anymore? It works better as a doll sized file cabinet IMHO! I loved that the dividers are made to look like hanging file folders. As I told her, I just need to make some mini manila folders and paperwork to go in it.

As I looked it over, I knew exactly where it was going to go. Once I set it there, I was completely blown away at just how perfect is was for the spot:

Seriously, is that not just the best find? Even my husband had to agree with me that it was pretty darned awesome.dsf-oct-16-9

There you have it, doll sized finds for October! Not sure what November will bring, I guess it’s wait and see. Have you found anything really cool lately?

Also–I’ve since discovered that Kohl’s is now allowing their Kohl’s cash to be used on American Girl items!  I’m not sure when or why they changed this, but not only do I know of someone who used it to purchase a doll, but the info has also changed on their website.  I wish they had changed this a week earlier!

Isn’t this interesting?

The joint venture between Toys R Us and American Girl is moving along. Only 100 stores are going to be carrying the Truly Me items. Unfortunately (or maybe that’s a good thing) none of the ones close to me are part of that 100 stores. If you want to see if your store is on the list, you can pull it up at the Toys R Us website.

I did a search on “American Girl” while I was there, and I was surprised to see it pull up a large selection of Truly Me products. You cannot order them online, nor can you select “store pickup” for any of these items. You have to go to the store that carries them to purchase. I scrolled through to see what all had been selected as part of this line, when I came across this:


I was really surprised to see this, I don’t recall seeing this anywhere on the AG website recently! I thought the price was very competitive as well. The scooter from Our Generation retails for $29.99, so this is quite an interesting twist. I’m also curious if this is something we will see released on the American Girl website in the coming weeks, or a Toys R Us only item? My curiosity is killing me! I was also surprised to see in their listings the Gourmet Kitchen set. It has been out of stock since just after it came out, so I wonder if perhaps we’ll see it come back in stock sometime soon? It has been fluctuating between “back ordered until” and “no longer available” for the past several weeks.  And will there be other items added to the line?

Time will tell!