Watch your shopping cart totals!

This isn’t the first time I’ve been critical of American Girl and their lackluster website/computer system.  However, this post is here to A)protect the consumer and B)make you aware of their computer system flaws/faults.

On Saturday, September 3, 2016, I decided I was going to order Melody’s Keyboard, my husband and I had discussed it and it was going to be my birthday present.  I noticed in the sale merchandise that they had Grace Thomas’ earring set for $6 and I thought it would be nice to pick it up for Evil Twin.  I added it to my cart.  Suddenly my cart went from $48 to $62!  Since when does 48 plus 6 equal 62?

I sent them an e-mail.  I’ll admit that I wasn’t nice.  But I’m sick and tired of their website issues.  Several hours went by and I got no response, so I went to Twitter.  I wanted to make others aware of this problem if it wasn’t fixed.  I posted a screen shot so they could see exactly what the problem was.  Their response was that they were “working on it” and if I wanted to place an order, I could call the 800 number.

What makes you think at this point, I want to order anything?  To me, this is an epic fail, and their customer service reps are using the same computer system.  I know that from a previous issue I ran into.  I also thought of something else that bugged me.  So I tweeted back.  The conversation went even further south at this point:



I got no response at all to that last line. Interestingly enough, several hours later I got a response to my e-mail and apparently they had put 2 and 2 together and realized it was the same person. But still no mention of automatically crediting customers who may have been overcharged. Not acceptable.

What made this even worse is this problem persisted over the entire Labor Day weekend and into Tuesday. Finally sometime Tuesday they disabled the “add to cart” button and by Wednesday morning they had removed the item completely from the website. But it was available with this problem for 3 days (maybe more). I realize it was a holiday weekend, but if you are going to have a 24/7 presence, there needs to be someone on call 24/7 for technical issues just as this. Which makes me think that they not only aren’t hiring top notch people, but they aren’t willing to spend the money to keep their website working properly. Let me just say that this isn’t the first time I’ve caught something like this, just the first time I’ve brought it public.

I’ll be curious to see if the earrings ever reappear. I’d also like to know if anyone who may have purchased them automatically gets a refund or has to call first. Perhaps it will be right up there with “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop”? We’ll never know.

I just don’t know what to think anymore. 😦


14 thoughts on “Watch your shopping cart totals!

  1. That’s still going on!? Back in January I ordered the Lea bundle and added the pwp two to my cart. When I did that it looked like I had ordered two Lea dolls plus the hiking accessories which I hadn’t even looked at and obviously hadn’t added it to my cart! I did not have an account with AG at the time (I only do now because of the rewards system, and let me tell you, though you probably already know, that’s not going well either) so I just totally redid my order and it all showed up correctly. But come on, AG why are you adding things to carts that don’t exist? They never seem to learn. I feel like AG’s technical issues have been going on for years!

    • My question is, if their website is this mismanaged, how well is our credit card information protected?

      Oh, and yeah, the rewards system is a train wreck. I don’t understand how something so simple could be so messed up. I’m at the Gold level but when I sign in, even though it says “Gold” under my account info, up in the top of the screen, it still says Silver. And that’s just one of many problems I’ve had with it. I’ve been involved with many other rewards programs and never had the issues with them like I’ve had with AG.

      • Yeah, that’s why I’ve always logged in to AG as a guest and never ask them to save my credit card info. I know someone who has a separate credit card just for AG purchases.
        I’ve been on silver forever even though I shouldn’t be.

      • Be careful too and check your AG account every so often to make sure they aren’t saved. The last time there were issues with their website, I placed an order by phone. I was never asked, but you can imagine my surprise the next time I went to order online, and there was all of my credit card info saved! (insert angry face here)

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry that happened! I’m going to have to really pay attention now when shopping. :/ If it helps, I had ordered the earrings on September 4, with some other stuff, and everything rang up correctly. So they did fix the issue by the next day.

    My biggest issue with the Rewards program is that if you order something on backorder, you don’t get any credit for other items you purchased at the same time until the back ordered item ships.

    • But they didn’t. That really worries me now, that it was completely hit and miss. I tried all weekend to order them and kept getting the same issue, even on different computers! And that is crazy about the rewards, you should get credit for what you pay for, when you pay for it!

  3. Remember back when I tried to order Lea to take advantage of the free shipping? It wouldn’t let me order her. I could order anything else, but it wouldn’t let me order Lea. I tried many times, and I was worried because the free shipping deal was only for the one day. Luckily, a few hours later it worked, otherwise I would have been pretty disappointed not to be able to take advantage of the free shipping. I don’t often shop the AG website though, so I don’t have much experience with it. Glad you caught the mistake! That would have been disappointing! 😦

    ginnie /

    • I forgot about that! I don’t think you were following me when the whole Finn (Rembrandt) fiasco happened, it was the Black Friday sale and the button for him didn’t work. I ended up calling AG and even the order takers couldn’t add him to my order. Later that day, all of a sudden he was able to be ordered! I’m just floored by the amount of defects that get through on their website, it’s obvious to me that no one tests anything.

  4. Who is minding the store?????
    Has the webmaster gone to sleep?????
    This could be the straw that not only broke the camel’s back, it killed the camel !!!

    • I’m starting to think that whoever is running this show is doing it Larry the Cable Guy style–you know, it’s sick, so I had to shoot it and if it isn’t any better in a couple of days, I’m going to shoot it again!

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