Meet Emily????

In July I shared my awesome find of Lanie with all of you.  I had never read her books before that, but when I read the first one, I absolutely fell in love with her even more than I already had.  Of all of the GOTY stories, hers is the most relatable for me.  I wasn’t a dancer, skater, never traveled out of the country beyond Canada as a kid.  But I loved the outdoors.  My mother joked that in the summertime, my feet hit the floor as soon as the sun was up and I was out the door.  She knew she’d see me when suppertime rolled around.  I even used to drag all of my Barbie stuff out to the front porch to play instead of hanging out in the house to do it.  Riding bikes, playing with Matchbox and Hotwheels cars in the dirt, whatever–as long as it was outside, I was there.  I even played in the rain with one of my friends, we would wander around barefoot, looking for mud puddles.

One part in particular in the first book really hit home.  The part about Lanie’s little sister Emily and the monarch butterfly in her classroom.  I’ve always been fascinated by them and I still have fond memories of a book I had as a child that documented the whole process from worm to butterfly in fantastic photographs and story.  That got me to thinking, and that thought led to another and another…

I had absolutely no intentions of buying any of the Wellie Wishers dolls when they came out. I thought that Emerson might work well as Cassandra’s little sister, but it never went beyond a thought. But hey, Willa or Camille as Emily, wouldn’t that be cute? I tossed it around a bit, scoured the illustrations to see if I could figure out which one would work better. Finally, I just decided to go with the doll I thought was the cutest of the two. So who won???

Meet Emily:
Emily 1

As you can see, I wasted no time in taking her hair out of the pigtails. I don’t think she was in my house 5 minutes before that happened. I wasn’t a fan. I’d also seen some fantastic photos that Americangirlfan had taken of her Willa doll with her hair down and that’s what I’m working on. She does have a nice wig though.  I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet, plus her hair needs to relax a bit from being up. All in good time. I think her curls makes her more believable as Lanie’s sister. Plus those eyes, oh those eyes!!!! I think it’s her best feature, they are just gorgeous.

Here she is stripped down:
Emily 2

As you can see, she is all plastic and much more slender than an AG doll. And at this point is where my rant starts. She’s not worth $60. She’s a Barbie on steroids with better hair, that’s all. And the design work on her joints sucks. I’ve seen tons of complaints in the online reviews about this, with a lot of people returning the dolls. Not good. Emily has one side that moves smoothly and the other side is very stiff. I can move it, but it takes work. I can’t see a 5 year old child doing it though.  I’m keeping her, but if she was for a kid, she’d be heading back to Wisconsin.

emily 3

Here’s a comparison of feet, you can see how much larger the AG one is. (I also realized that Lanie needs a pedicure, she appears to have some dried baking soda on one of her toes!) Skin color is noticeably different.

Her clothes are cute and of good quality, but nothing off the charts. The little underwear though, wow, I can’t imagine sewing anything that tiny. I can remember when my mom made Barbie underwear and it driving her nuts. I hope the factory workers making these got hazard pay!
emily 4

Overall, I think she has an absolutely adorable face, her clothes are cute and I totally get the attraction for a little girl. But I think AG screwed up big time on the lack of quality. Let’s just say that Emerson won’t be joining the crew anytime soon, I think I will wait and see if they either A) fix the issues with the joints or B) drop the price. Rumor has it that Hearts4Hearts is coming back, so that might be a better option. I’ve also noticed some not so favorable reviews about some of the accessories sets, several are disasters. Back to the drawing board AG.  I give her a C-.

Here she is with Lanie, I think they are so cute together! To sisters!
emily 5



22 thoughts on “Meet Emily????

    • That is so cute! I think AG needs to drop ALL of their prices. I think if they did, their sales figure issues would be over, stuff would fly out the door.

  1. Oh, they are cute together. Good to know about the quality. Every time I visit the AG store I’m so tempted to get one, but I’d rather spend my $60 on something with better quality.
    It’s funny you got hooked on her being Emily. I fell in love with Lanie and her outdoorsy nature too, but I got chills when I read her book for the first time because Emily looks EXACTLY like me when I was a girl. I’m not kidding. I mean exactly. I showed my mom and she couldn’t believe it either. Some day I”ll do a blog post with pics to prove it.

    • I can totally see that, just from the few photos of you on your blog! One of my nieces looked like a Kit doll when she was younger. Now that she is in her 20’s it’s not quite so obvious but it’s still there. Too funny!

      • I have the same thing going on with me! As I get older, I start to look more and more like Rebecca. It’s kinda creepy! Lol 😁😛

  2. I have a Willa and an Emerson doll. One of Willa’s arm joints is very stiff, but both of Emerson’s work fine. So far I have been afraid to take the pigtails out. I wasn’t sure how it would look and I wasn’t sure I could get them back in if I didn’t like the hair down.

    • I don’t know if I would have tried it myself had I not seen the Willa doll on Americangirlfans site! I know it took me forever to finally break down and take out the braids from Marie-Grace.

  3. We love the WellieWishers in our house, and have Willa, Camille and Emerson (aka Neema). The stiffer joints have been beneficial for my young kids. They find it easier to carry the dolls, hold the dolls while doing their hair, dressing the dolls. Pretty much everything a little kid likes to do with a doll.

    My kids have put their WellieWishers through the ringer. They are the “up for any adventure” dolls they get to play with, and so these dolls have gone to the beach, pool, zoo, parks, rain or shine or mud and water, 100 degree heat and scorching sun. They’ve been tossed, flipped and goodness knows what else. Not a mark or scratch on them. Their hair takes the most beatings with the water and sun and heat, but I add some wig conditioner to the spritzer bottle and that’s helped. Honestly, they still look brand new.

    Barbie on steroids? Yeah, you are probably right. But my little kids can’t dress Barbie easily, they don’t want to snuggle her at night, they don’t exclaim with delight over her features and eyes like they do their WellieWishers. To a kid, my kids at least, WellieWishers are magical.

    I think the dolls are worth the $60 price tag. We haven’t bought any WellieWishers accessories though. We did but them bathing suits on etsy.

    • I can totally see why little girls are in love with these dolls, they are so stinking cute! And I’m glad to hear that they are holding up well to the type of play that kids put them through. I will be curious to see how they hold up in the long run. As for the stiffness, the kind I’m talking about it where the joints are almost frozen in place, I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about that and that’s what my doll has on the one side. I know of one comment where they returned the doll because theirs was so stuff, they couldn’t even dress her. 😦

      • Gotcha! No, I can’t say we have that kind of issue with our dolls. They are stiffer than the 18 inch dolls, but not immovable. Willa’s been a big hit in our house. I hope her and Lanie hit it off!

  4. Welcome Emily! For a brief (and I do mean brief) moment I considered getting Ashlynn (I can’t stand that name!) b/c she looks like she could be related to Julie (like maybe a cousin). But not for $60! I’m OK w/ mixing past and present and having my vintage dolls (like Velvet, Mia and Michael) be part of my doll family for a lot less money on the secondary market.

    • That’s part of why I’m waiting to see which Hearts4Hearts dolls they re-release, I may get Cassandra’s little sister that way instead. If I even bother. I’m thinking one little sister may be enough in my stories.

  5. I had decided not to get any of the WellieWishers and you are helping me stick to it! I do think that they are cute. Tonner doll company made their own 18″ play doll My Imagination and their deluxe one has bendable joints at the knees. The doll is beautiful and comes with 2 wigs. The deluxe doll was suppose to come out about 2 years ago and Tonner was not happy with the joints so he would not put them out then (which sounds like what AG should have done!!!!). The deluxe doll is now available for order and it is being shipped the 2nd week of September. Because so many people were waiting for the release for so long they lower their purchase price!! The price is 109.00 for a beautiful posable doll with 2 wigs!! She will fit the AG clothes!!

    Maggie at “If dolls could dream” Etsy shop has just put up some adorable outfits for the WellieWishers which I am sure are better quality then AG. Everyone with WellieWishers should check it out!!

    • That is VERY interesting! Sounds like much more thought put into those dolls and the manufacturing process. And yes, Maggie and her darned shop. Emily already has a new outfit from her on it’s way! 😉

  6. That’s too bad they have stiff joints. It’s no fun to have a doll that requires two hand to force a leg to sit. She is awfully cute though with those curls the same shape as Lanie’s! I’ve seen some cute clothes for them on etsy!

    • Yeah, her stiff joints on the one side are just a notch above frozen. Not easy for my arthritic hands sometimes. I just keep hoping she loosens up some. And Etsy is dangerous, I have several things coming for her. A girl’s gotta have clothes!

  7. I have been on the fence about the Wellie Wishers. I really wondered what AG was thinking when they released these dolls. They are so much like any other all plastic doll out there it perplexed me. Since I already have 4 Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, I was not tempted to get a WW doll. I appreciate your honest evaluation. Can I just say that the H4H dolls are amazing? Their hair and face are lovely. I love their hair, so pretty and brushable. I hope if they bring them back they are of the same quality as previous.

    • Thanks! No, you won’t find me gushing about a product just because it is made by a certain company unless it deserves it and in this case, I don’t think it completely does. Cute, yes. Well made, still not convinced!

      I wonder if Target will be selling the H4H dolls again? From what I’ve heard, they are going to be made by a different manufacturer, hopefully quality control will be the same.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, the WW line is adorable, but in Canada there is no way that we would pay almost $100 for one. What with the currency exchange and shipping, that’s astronomical for what you called a Barbie on steroids. LOL!! At first, I thought the same thing! I really wondered why AG gave them all plastic bodies, but I get it now. The line is developed for little kids. That means that they had to make them pretty indestructible. That’s weird about the stiff limbs though. We won’t be buying any WW simply because no one in my house is in the age range. My daughter prefers the cloth bodies of the 18 inch dolls. They are nicer to hug and cuddle up with, which she still does sometimes. As for doll doppelgängers, I was a dead ringer for Samantha when I was little. When we got our Samantha (whom we’ve now named Angelina), my sister her, and said, “Oh look, it’s a mini Ginnie!” She says it’s a bit creepy though. LOL! 🙂

    ginnie /

    • Yeah, I get the all plastic thing, but they just didn’t do a good job on the joints. For what they cost, they should be perfect. Time will tell, I’ll be curious to see what kind of shape some of them are in 4 or 5 years down the road

      LOL about Samantha!

  9. So…After reading this I’m definitely NOT getting Emerson or Willa. They are officially off of my Wishlist. Thanks for reviewing this so I don’t buy one of these and then regret it!

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