Review of the My Life As Treat Cycle

Earlier this year when Our Generation came out with the ice cream truck, I was in like.  Not love, just like.  I thought it was adorable, but 2 issues.  The thing is big, and I just don’t have a ton of storage space, plus my dolls are all supposed to be little girls, they can’t drive!!  American Girl came out with the ice cream cart and I thought it too was really cute, but it looked too much like the snack cart that I already had, plus I have seen a lot of complaints about design issues.  No thank you.

My Life As is in the process of introducing a bunch of new stuff and when I saw this, I had my “EUREKA!” moment.  It was perfect.  I was so excited when I saw it on the Walmart website, it eliminated me running from store to store trying to find it.  I’m much happier to let the mailman bring it to my door. 🙂

ice cream 1

Let me take a minute to tell you a little story about this piece. In order to get the free shipping, I added a few things onto my order. After I did it though, I was a little bit nervous, one of the items was kind of heavy and I was concerned about it possibly damaging the bike, particularly the handlebars. Once it arrived, I was very happy to see that Walmart had left it in it’s original packaging box, so it was well protected. You can imagine how annoyed I was when I got it out of the box and discovered what appeared to be black Sharpie type marker all over the lid, on one of the bike fenders and on the seat! Truly a WTH? moment! Then I discovered a label on the back of the display package with a bunch of Chinese writing on it, and some of it appeared to be written with the same type of marker. I suspect either they set the paper on top of the cart and wrote there, or while sliding the whole thing into the box, they were holding the Sharpie at the same time, not paying attention. Grrrrr!!!!! The good news is that all of it came off with Undu except for a small mark on the seat. I suspect it didn’t come off because it is a different type of plastic than the rest. It’s not so bad I can’t live with it. Still makes me mad though.

ice cream 2Un-packaging this set from the store display packaging was a pain in the neck.  I went through quite the wrestling match trying to get it undone, but I eventually prevailed.  I wish all of their stuff like this was as easy to un-package as the desk was.

Once I got it all out though, it was all worth it!  I love the umbrella, it is so pretty and it works just like a real umbrella!

ice cream 3

ice cream 4

It comes with a decent amount of accessories as well:
ice cream 5

This ice cream assortment wins hands down over any other brand as the best.  Not only can you remove the scoops from the cones, but you can also stack them however you want.  I think this is a brilliant idea, and the realism on the ice cream is better than any other I’ve seen.  (Check it out Xyra, strawberry!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Not in the mood for ice cream?  Well how about an ice pop?  Or a cake pop?  Perhaps a giant lolliop or candy apple?  I like the little tray for holding all of the assorted goodies as well.

ice cream 6 ice cream 7

The freezer part of the cart has lots of room inside:
ice cream 8  ice cream 9

There are two doors on the back and the one on the top for access.  I also like how they have included openings to hold the various items in place.  Very well thought out.

I have my own collection of ice cream tubs, these are individual serving size ones from the grocery store.  We were just very careful when we ate them, and I washed them with soap and water, allowing them to dry thoroughly.  I was thrilled to see that they fit!

ice cream 10 ice cream 11

And if you are like me, you probably have some of those ice cream cone erasers floating around.  I was happy to see that they fit in the holders on the top. They probably sit a little too low, but that’s okay.  I still need to get out my AG ones and see if they fit.

ice cream 12

Our Generation had a cute accessory set that included a candy apple in it. I almost bought it, but then thanks to other reviews I saw, I discovered that the candy apple was hollow in the bottom. Not sure who designed that, but I call that a major fail! I was pleased to see that the ones in this set did not have that issue.
ice cream 13

This set was $39.94, and I think it is a great set for the price. My only concern is that the entire bicycle is made out of plastic, so I wonder how durable it will be for heavy play. I couldn’t see how the axles were assembled, so I don’t know if they are metal reinforced or not.  Because of that,  I definitely would not recommend this set for small children, it says 5 and up on it, and I definitely think that is an accurate guideline. Younger kids might lean too hard on it and break it, I don’t think it would stand up to that kind of treatment like the other all metal bikes. Otherwise, I think this is a darling set, and I can’t wait to use it. I’ve had an idea rolling around in my head for a while and this will be perfect for it. I’m going to dig out all of my ice cream food and accessories and figure out what works with it. I give this set an A-, the – is only because of the all plastic. Besides that, I think it’s awesome.

Make mine a triple!
ice cream 14

19 thoughts on “Review of the My Life As Treat Cycle

  1. Great review! What a fun piece. I don’t have anything from My Life As, but I will definitely start keeping a look out.

    • Their recent stuff is awesome, I need to make a trip to our local Walmart and see if they have any of the smaller sets that they don’t sell online in stock.

  2. Flo, have you tried a Mr Clean Magic Eraser on the marker spot? It is the best I have found for taking off Sharpie oops!

    • No, that is an excellent suggestion! I will have to give it a try. I know we had great luck taking a scratch mark off Evil Twin’s doll Trudy with one when she did a face plant on the sidewalk.

  3. I would have been sending Walmart pics and asking for a discount or new one! You’re so patient.

    I found one in store and grabbed it and love it. I’m waiting on their truck. I really want that too!

    • Believe me, if it hadn’t come off, I would have. I had the bulk of it off in less than a minute, so it’s really a moot point. I choose my battles carefully.

    • I agree, the ice cream is so cute, such a great idea. It looks so realistic too, much more so than anything they have ever come out with in that category. It makes me hungry to look at it!

  4. This is fantastic. It hasn’t made it’s way to our Canadian stores yet, but I got the dining set and the living room set for my niece for her birthday, and they are so adorable! Way cuter in person! This is definitely on the Christmas list this year! 🙂 We also saw the little school desks in the store. Too cute! AG better look out. MyLifeAs is coming up with some pretty cute ideas.

    ginnie /

  5. That is adorable! I bet it was a struggle to get those ice cream tubs emptied for the dolls. I appreciate your sacrifice. ha ha I love how the ice cream scoops are loose. I agree too that the umbrella is adorable!

    • Oh yeah, it was just horrible. LOL! I discovered today that the ice cream scoops also fit into some little bowls I got with the OG Cute As Pie kitchen set. Yessss!

  6. Hey,
    I like the ice cream cycle. Just the thing a little girl could tool around the neighborhood and sell cones and Klondikes out of. This is far and away cuter than any of your other props, including the pop up camper. We are going to have to come up with a scenario using the cycle when I come up next time. Zoe said she would be willing to buy from this little wagon. Too bad Ag didn’t come up with this idea. Your right, little girls do not drive as yet!

    • I have an idea for a scenario already, so if you make it up this fall, that will work out well, bring Zoe along!

  7. Could you paint the rim of the bicycle seat w/pink nail polish? A lot of those retro pastel colored bikes have a two tone seat. Would cover the spot and look cute to boot.

  8. Just got the Treat Cycle last week. I also reviewed it on Living A Doll’s Life. Blogspot. I really like this piece!

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