Updated Dollhouse Tour

Last summer I gave a tour of the dollhouse since it was “finished”.  I remember someone, I think Nonna, joking about how you are never really finished.  She was right!  Since then, I’ve picked up some new pieces, swapped out some things, changed stuff, and rearranged a bit.  I have managed to stick with my “it has to be better than what I have already” mantra when buying new items, and so far it has worked out exceptionally well.  I thought that I might show you some of what has changed in this updated tour post.

Let’s see, where to start…I think we’ll start with Kit’s room.  If you want to see what her room looked like before, you can see it here:  https://sayhellotomylittlefriends.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/dollhouse-tour-kits-room/

I swapped out two pieces in her room and added a third:

room 1

I found this awesome trunk at Hobby Lobby, I thought it was perfect for her room.

room 3

And then one day while surfing Ebay, I came across a lovely nightstand.  I first thought about buying the nightstand they originally made for her, but not only is it very expensive, I don’t care for the color.  When I came across this one, I thought it was perfect.  It’s by a company called Syndee’s crafts which unfortunately is no longer in business.  The chair is the one I picked up not that long ago at the Salvation Army.  I’ve gone from being “meh” about her room to really pleased with these changes.

room 2

On to the living room! I’m still not 100% pleased with it, but it’s coming along. You can see the original version here: https://sayhellotomylittlefriends.wordpress.com/2015/07/22/dollhouse-tour-the-living-room/

I swapped out the sofa and entertainment center and did a bit of rearranging. I’m still not 100% pleased with the sofa and I definitely need a big picture to hang in that giant empty wall space! I do have an idea already for the sofa though. And I now have that overstuffed chair I picked up recently. Always tweaking…
room 10

room 11

In between the kitchen and living room we have a small entry area/laundry room.  The only thing that I changed here was the bench, originally it was a much smaller one, but I liked this one a whole lot better.  The other one was a bit on the small size and is going to be rehomed with Barbie Girl for her “Barbs” gang.

room 9

Next we have Marie-Grace and Rebecca’s bedroom. Original set up here: https://sayhellotomylittlefriends.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/dollhouse-tour-rebecca-and-marie-graces-bedroom/

room 4

I replaced the desk I made with the My Life As desk I picked up last summer. I LOVE that desk, I think it is so cute and well done. I also replaced the white chest of drawers with the purple one I redid, I liked the layout on it better.
room 5

The kitchen (which I never intended on doing!) has gotten a bit crowded. Here’s where you can see the before:

And how it looks now:
room 6

Not only did I rearrange things a bit, but I also added the snack cart as a workstation of sorts. I thought it looked cute, plus it weighs quite a bit, so this makes it easy to get to when I need it for other things.
room 7

I also made a backsplash in the stove and sink area.  I want to hang some things there, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

room 8

Alya and Shivan’s room was one of the last rooms I finished last summer:  https://sayhellotomylittlefriends.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/dollhouse-tour-alya-shivans-bedroom/

Their room underwent a significant change.  Believe me, I didn’t plan it that way, it just kind of happened.  American Girl had a special offer on a bed set last year during the holiday season.  I thought it was cute, but didn’t jump on it.  Then as frequently happens, I was wishing I’d bought one.  Ebay prices were ridiculous (of course) so I just forgot about it.  You can imagine my surprise one morning when I was perusing the AG sale listings, and there it was for only $36!  Then I had an idea to order 2 and use them for a bedroom set up for Kanani and Fiona.  However, there was a flaw in my plan.  If I did a room for them, it would have to be one that folded up to be put away.  Once I got these 2 beds and put them together, I hated the thought of taking them apart, they were so cute.  After a bit of thinking, I decided to switch out some stuff, and put them in Alya and Shivan’s room, along with the nightstand I got in the same sale.  Now I can leave them out and look at them whenever I want!  (Sorry Kanani and Fiona!)  I also added some artwork above their beds.

room a

So, now you are wondering where Shivan’s bed went to, huh? That takes us to Cassandra’s room. Before pics here:

I really did debate on doing this, but once I had it set up, I liked it a lot!
room c
Meatloaf decided to come check it out too. He got attached to Cassandra while Alya was in Ireland.

Look at all those Minions!!!

room d

There you have it, the new and improved dollhouse! Everyone is back from all their travels, school starts next week, so they are trying to fit in fun time together before they get busy. Here are some shots of everyone hanging out:
room 12

room 13

room 14

room 15

room b

room e

Thanks for stopping by! Y’all come back now, ya hear?!

25 thoughts on “Updated Dollhouse Tour

    • Thanks! I’ve had so much fun putting it all together. Sometimes I just go sit in the room and look at it all, picking out my favorite pieces.

  1. Such nice rooms. I know how you feel when you just go into the room to look at your doll rooms. I do the same with mine. On top of your your kitchen set, to the left of the clock, are those miniature Shelias?

    • Thanks! Those are mini fake Cat’s Meow, you can’t see the ones on the other side, the flash kind of washed them out. I think someone took regular sized ones and set them on a copy machine, glued them to wood blocks and then cut them out. I thought they were cute and they were only 25 cents each at a church rummage sale, so I had to have them.

  2. My dream is to someday have the same white OG kitchen set. I look for it every time I go to Goodwill.
    Enjoyed the tour. Such fun!

    • Thanks! That kitchen is one of the best Craigslist finds I’ve made. I see them frequently on Ebay, but not very cheap. Fingers crossed for you! I like it so much more than their current ones, to me the newer ones look like something out of a cartoon.

  3. Wow! You have so many great room accessories!! Cute music stand and who wouldn’t love a minion room!! That was a really great deal on the 2 lavender beds!! Love seeing your rooms!!

    • Thanks! I spend a little too much time in thrift stores LOL The music stand was a find from Barbie Girl. I couldn’t pass up those beds at that price!

  4. The dollhouse looks great! I love Kit’s room, that nightstand is perfect! I too struggle with space in my dollhouse all the time. I am trying your plan of only getting something new if it is better than what I already have. I think that OG kitchen is one of the best out there. I must say that when I asked Sophie if she would like a newer OG kitchen she said she liked the one I made! (snif, that’s my girl)

    • Thanks! Yeah, I came to the realization yesterday that perhaps I need to stay away from thrift stores for a while, my dolls are almost to the oversaturation point on toys, dishes and what-nots. But it’s so much fun!!!

      Aww, that was sweet of Sophie. I still laugh about the kitchen, I originally only got it because it was a bundle and I wanted the pink bunk beds they were selling. Funny how that worked out! 😉

  5. Adorable! I love the new additions to your dollhouse! I have some new things coming in the mail too that I scored on eBay. I have no idea where I am going to put them, but that’s all the fun of arranging and rearranging! I absolutely love that little nightstand in Kit’s room! 🙂

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com

    • Thanks! It is fun to look at stuff and think “hmmm…how can I use that?” I wish I could find more of the furniture from the line that Kit’s nightstand was from, it is so well made.

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