Review of My Life As Saucer Chair

If you follow any of the information about the My Life As line sold at Walmart, you are probably already aware of the major releases coming out.  They are really putting the heat on as far as competition with this newest bunch of items, ranging from a living room set to a kitchen, and even smaller items such as a Mexican fiesta playset.  Several things have caught my eye, but one in particular was on the must have list, and that was the saucer chair.

Finding it wasn’t all that easy.  It wasn’t on the Walmart website when I looked (not sure if it is yet) so I checked my local Walmart.  No luck there either, but they didn’t even seem to have any idea that there were new items coming out, still the same old shelf tags, geesh!  I did have a trip to the town where I used to work, so while I was there I checked and they had a very nice selection of several different new items.  I don’t get it though, it’s a tiny store, ours is a SuperWalmart.  I’m trying to figure out what is so SUPER about it if they don’t carry anything?!

Anyhow, I got my cute little chair and came home.  It wasn’t until the next day I had an opportunity to really look it over and wow!  It is one of the nicest doll things I’ve ever bought.

saucer 2

It comes folded, you can’t try it out in the store because they have one of those plastic ties on it.  A quick snip of the tie and it opens much like a human sized folding chair.  It was super easy to open too.

saucer 3What impressed me right away is that the frame is made of metal!! Yup, no wimpy plastic frame.  This is a nice quality metal too that should withstand a certain amount of play/abuse.  Good job guys!

saucer 1

The seat part of it is covered in a nice soft, plush, it looks very comfy! They had 3 colors (if I remember correctly) at this Walmart: aqua, purple and white. I was torn on which to get, but aqua won.

Storage of this is super easy too, you simply turn it over, push in these two metal buttons on either side and it folds down flat again. Great thinking on whoever designed this!
saucer 4

Another thing that impressed me is that the fabric cover is completely removable. My crafty side immediately kicked in and thought how fun it would be to make other covers for the frames. Also a nice plus if for some reason something gets spilled on it and you need to wash it, no risk of getting the metal parts wet. 🙂
saucer 5

Alya wanted to try it out so everyone could see how perfect it is. I thought she might fall asleep in it!
saucer 6When I bought this, I wasn’t sure where it was going to go.  Now that I see how easy it is to fold up again, it’s going to be the extra chair for wherever one is needed.  It does go really well with Cassandra’s room décor though, so it may hang out in there quite a bit.  I’m thinking that if I see these again, I may pick up the purple one to have around too.

I give this chair an A+++++++.  At only $9.97, you cannot beat the price and the quality is excellent on it.  I think American Girl had better watch their backs if this is what we can expect from the competition in upcoming months.  Now I want one that is human sized…except with my bad knee, not sure if I could get out of it!

If you would like to check out all of the new items My Life As is coming out with, go to    My Life As products are sold only at Walmart.


18 thoughts on “Review of My Life As Saucer Chair

  1. Awesome! Thank you for reviewing it because now I’m totally going to get it. I bought four of those desk chairs for the same price because the desk part of the chair can be pulled out so it can transform into a real chair. I love them because they work perfectly for lower tables like the cabana beach table and chairs from 2000.
    I also have the MLA bedroom/desk set with the fuzzy chair and working lamp. I love that set too.

    • That’s good to know about the desk chairs, I wasn’t aware of that! I have the desk/chair set and I agree, it’s fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the other items as well.

    • My husband’s cousin used to have one, it was bamboo. Not sure if she still does, that was back in the 90’s. And I think hers might have come from Pier 1!

  2. That chair is so cute! The Canadian website has some of the new things. I just ordered the living room set and the dining set online for my niece for her birthday. I really want the ice cream cart/bike so I hope that comes out soon. Nothing in my store yet though, but the free shipping right to a post office near me is a way better option anyway.

    ginnie /

    • It’s hit and miss on the US website too, one day it’s there and the next it’s gone. I did manage to order the ice cream cart, just waiting for it to come.

  3. I have been looking at our Walmarts for this chair and the new shopping cart. No luck yet! The largest Walmart (further away) cleared the shelfs and put up new tags – I have been there 3 times still no chair or shopping cart! I talked with a clerk that said they had 2 of the shopping carts on the way. I really think they may be underestimating the popularity potential!! They did have the ice-cream bicycle, it was cute. I really liked the ice-cream cones- very realistic! The only problem I saw with it, was opening the top of the cooler area – the knob keep coming off. I think that you could glue it in though.
    I am really impressed with the upgrade of their doll products!! I think they are paying attention to Our Generation popularity.

    • The distribution on this line is crazy! I couldn’t believe there was nothing at our Walmart, yet the other one had multiple items from the new line. I don’t get it. I did see the chair on the website this morning, so there’s hope! Good to know about the ice cream cart, I will have to keep an eye on that. I love their accessories, their clothes are too hit and miss as far as quality and sizing though.

  4. I just went to the web site and they have the white chair and the blue chair for 1/2 price and free store pick-up!! I will be picking up 2 on Tuesday! I could not believe this deal!!! Sharon

    • Great bargain find!!! I went in to the Walmart site after I read your post and they had a lot of things marked down, I wonder why? Hopefully a few people will read your comment and get them at the reduced price.

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