A Doll Sized Blender You Can Make!

I enjoy crafting for my dolls, and I especially like when someone comes up with a great idea that is easy to execute with awesome results.  One thing that I’ve wanted for my dolls was a blender, but the only ones I’ve seen are for AG sets and can’t be bought separately.  If you do happen to find them on Ebay, be prepared to fork over some serious money.  No thanks.

You can imagine how excited I was when I saw this idea over at Brandy’s Happy Home for a doll sized Vitamix blender!  When I first looked at her photos of it, I didn’t realize it was a replica, she did such a great job.  Brandy was nice enough to share the instructions on how to make your own, and after looking over the parts list, I didn’t even have to buy all that much, just the salt and pepper shakers at Dollar Tree and two wooden cubes.  My out of pocket was all of $3 since I had everything else.

Assembly was easy peasy, perhaps the most difficult part was waiting for the glue to dry.  I did make a few tiny changes to mine, using black foam for the front part of the blender and the handle instead of wooden dowels, and I added four small pieces to the bottom of each so that they had feet.  I decided to make 2, one for the house and one for the bakery, just painting the one a different color.  Besides, what was I going to do with a single shaker if I only made one???

blender craft project

Aren’t they cool? Kudos to Brandy for thinking this up, I think it is without a doubt one of the coolest craft projects for dolls, and yields terrific results. If you are interested in making your own, you can check out Brandy’s post and instructions here: Doll Vitamix Blender

Everyone was super excited to see these, the girls couldn’t wait to try them out.  Lanie said she would show Alya how to use it, her mom has one and they use it all the time at their house to make smoothies, milkshakes and even gravy!

blender 1

blender 2

What would you make with a blender?  My favorite is a banana & strawberry smoothie, my husband likes blueberry and banana.  Yum!!!  Thanks Brandy!

15 thoughts on “A Doll Sized Blender You Can Make!

  1. Wow! Your blenders look great! I love the idea of using the foam paper for the front panel base and handle. Thanks so much for the review! You rock!

    • Thanks! For me, using the foam was more a case of just using supplies I had, but I think they would be a much easier item for small hands to work with as well. Glad you liked it, back at you!

    • You know, when I went to get the shakers, they only had 3 sets of them left at my Dollar Tree. I wonder if perhaps they were something they got in for the summer picnic season. Cool that you found a toy blender though, are you going to show it on your blog?

  2. Luv it, Luv it, Luv it!!!!!
    Aren’t you just the cleverist..
    You will probably cause a run on salt and pepper shakes at Dollar Tree!

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