When Bad Things Happen To Good Dolls: this is a Doozy!!!

Yes guys, the moment you have all been waiting for, the next installment of Bad Ebay finds!!!!  I’ve been accumulating these for a while because I was waiting for just the right thing to turn up for the grand finale of the post.  My patience was well rewarded a few days ago.

Let me say up front that I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be doing these posts.  The reason is that I’m totally annoyed and repulsed by Ebay at the moment.  To put it nicely, Ebay has turned into a cesspool on the internet.  It’s a combination of problems: dishonest sellers, ridiculous prices, misleading listings.  Interestingly enough, I have noticed a HUGE reduction of activity on the site.  I still have a few things I’ve been trying to sell and in all my years of selling on there, I’ve never had so much trouble.  I suspect that I am not alone in my feeling fed up.  Just as a “for instance”, last year at this time, if you did a search on American Girl, you would pull up 80,000+ items.  Now it’s only 40,000-44,000.  That’s a big difference.  And unfortunately, I keep seeing the same things relisted over and over and over and over again.  It doesn’t help that I managed to get the 2 things I really wanted (Molly’s bike and the pink sweater) too, so I’m not all that in to looking.  We will just see how it goes for the moment.

Enough of that, it’s time to get this crap fest started!  And let me tell you, this one is worth the wait.  As always, I warn you to put down that coffee and swallow that last sip…

One thing that drives me absolutely bananas with people who sell on Ebay is horrible photographs.  I’m not just talking from a professional perspective either.  These are ones that just, well…look like heck. Lack of ANY light, out of focus, poorly done the whole way around.  I suspect these people think “it’s really easy to sell on Ebay” and have no clue on how to do it right.  Presenting, the worst of the worst!

This was a listing on Craigslist.  They wanted $300!  Uh…no.
bad ebay craigslist ag stuff $300

This was a listing for a doll dishwasher. Yeah, that thing BEHIND the doll…
bad ebay doll dishwasher

This was for a doll. There was another photo in the listing, it was worse.
bad ebay doll in kitchen

Another pile of junk with poor Kanani in the middle of it. WTH?! These were the only photos.
bad ebay kanani disaster 1 bad ebay kanani disaster 2

This was Lea’s Kayak set. ????
bad ebay leas kayak set

So you mean to say that the only place you had clean to take the picture was on top of a printer? I think I’ll pass.
bad ebay set on a printer

Then there are the people who don’t take time to do a little bit of homework when they list something. Or they decide to re-use a listing (or someone else’s) but don’t correct the errors. Or the listing is just completely inaccurate!

This listing was for BLONDE Bitty Baby twins…
bad ebay bitty baby twin blonde

And this one was for Isabelle in MINT condition…
bad ebay mint isabelle

This was supposed to be a listing for a doll sized chair. Let me just say that I reported this listing because it is against Ebay policy to list ANYTHING without a photo of the item. It had been like this for 5 days, so that tells me they had no intention of putting a photo up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…
Bad ebay picture of chair

This was for an 18″ Kaya doll. Uh, if that’s the case, then that is one honking big remote control!!! The seller received several complaints about this listing (mine included) and corrected it. TAKE YOUR TIME PEOPLE!
bad ebay remote control kaya

Then there are those listings that are just plain…bizarre:

When I pulled this up, I started laughing all over again. The eyes sitting on top of the head get me every time!
bad ebay doll parts

A road sign for your dolls. Okay?
bad ebay doll sign

This auction was for the outfit, but I haven’t quite figured out why they put it on a headless doll?!
bad ebay headless kit outfit for sale

This one I take personal exception to. It was an “Indy 500 Set”. You got the dress, flag and the photo of Helio Castroneves. As an Indy car fan, and someone who has been to the 500 race many times, let me just say that you would NEVER wear an outfit like this to the race. EVER. And the flag is out of proportion. And I would want a photo of Tony Kanaan.  Sorry, just my personal rant here. 😉
bad ebay indy 500 set

I guess this doll had a rough night before she was listed????
bad ebay rough night

Brooke Shields, is that you????
bad ebay unibrow

And now, time for the grand finale!! You know I always save the best (or worst!) for last:

This one TOTALLY cracked me up!!!! At least he was honest. I actually thought about bidding on it too. This was right up there with “Cat Not Included”.
bad ebay guy selling AG

I’ve seen some unusual customs, not sure how well this is going to do:
bad ebay tiger scary

bad ebay mermaid doll

Sorry, but I think I’ll pass on the mermaid doll. That’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

That’s it folks! Till next time…


35 thoughts on “When Bad Things Happen To Good Dolls: this is a Doozy!!!

  1. I was shaking with laughter at the “Brook Shields… Is that you?”comment. The doll with her pants coming off is even worse on the Pink tissue paper. Isn’t that company affiliated with Victoria’s Secret?
    You’re right, the Kaya doll is enough to make you mad. I can see someone buying a doll as a gift tripped up on that one.
    The tiger with cat eyes… Yikes!!!

    • I wondered if anyone would get the correlation on old Brooke. All that was missing was some Calvin Klein jeans. I am trying to decide if the tiger is supposed to be a tiger, or a doll who desperately wants to audition for “Cats”??

  2. The tiger doll made me sad. Why would you even list things like that?? Oh and the picture of Lea’s kayak set was so detailed in the photography department. (:

  3. That mermaid doll is the stuff of nightmares…or as another doll friend put it, “craft time at Wee Willie’s FunTime Horror House”

  4. Those custom dolls make me so sad….”poor darlings! How could they do that to you?!?!” Makes me want to buy them to rescue them and clean them up. In slight defense of all the bad photos….I bought a lot of 6 dolls once that did not have very good photos. Come to find out it was a 12 year off girl selling off her dolls on her mother’s account. When I had a issue the mother helped resolve it as well, but she had left the picture taking and description up to the daughter since she was the one that wanted to sell them. Sooo you never know who might be listing a item 🙂

    • You really do wonder about someone doing that to a doll, especially that extreme. That’s cool that you got the dolls from a young girl, but I would say that is the exception and not the rule. I think back to an incident many years ago with a friend’s vacation photos. Let’s just say that there are some people who shouldn’t be allowed near a camera!

  5. OMG! My eyes! My poor eyes! Those last 2 dolls! What in the world were these people thinking?? And I can’t imagine folks who make these listings wanting other people to see what slobs they are! Good grief!

  6. I have no words for that first photo – I am just stunned. the only thing I can clearly make out is the umbrella and there is now way I’d pay $300 on that alone.

    Now, I have to come to the defense of the person using the printer as a photo stage. It may not be that it is the only clean spot. It may be the only spot in the house where the angle and lighting were good to get the photo. You’ve seen some of my blog photos – my house has terrible lighting and when using flash it has to be just right. My hubby and I used to jump through hoops trying to get good photos of engine parts he wanted to post for sale.

    Is she really a mermaid? I thought some kind of alien. Did they have to do the whole face? I eccho Stitchingwithelli – poor dollies.

    • I was trying to figure out if the thing that I think is an AG keyboard was included too, it’s practically out of the photo, so not sure?! As for the photo on top of the printer–I can understand that, but I think the fact that the items look like they were just tossed on top of it is what bugs me. No organization at all to how they are laying there, so that’s what makes me think perhaps the rest of their house looks like that!

      Mermaid is how she was described. I think she looks more like Frankie Fishlips from Minions!

  7. I’ve seen those mermaid customs! I have no idea what they are thinking making those!! 😦 Hideous! Also, I agree with you about eBay. Why is it that you can buy something brand new on eBay for more than you can get it for brand new either on the AG site or in the actual AG store? Also, I bought a Kit doll from a guy on eBay. He thought she was a boy doll. LOL! 🙂

    ginnie / http://www.fakingitmostly.com

    • Yeah, I don’t quite get that. Plus you don’t get the ability to return it if you aren’t happy with it like you would if you had an issue. ROFL about Kit–men!!

  8. WOW, did I say wow? Those are hilarious. I am constantly finding these crazy ads too. Like someone selling a marginal AG doll for $300. I have warned people NOT to buy any AG doll on ebay for full price. WHY would you? Go direct to the AG store!!!!

    • I don’t understand that part at all either. It’s one thing if you are buying one of the old GOTY’s or archived historicals, but I see listings all the time for current dolls, new in box, for more than what you would buy it for from AG. And people are obviously buying these because many of those listings will say “6 sold, 2 left” or something similar. I’m also trying to figure out how some people have gotten their hands on so many of the discontinued dolls as well, I’m somewhat skeptical about the authenticity of some of them. I originally thought that maybe they were being purchased by people outside of the US, but I don’t know of that many countries that AG won’t ship too, so even that doesn’t make sense.

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