Camping Out

When the camper arrived, the girls were excited about it, but Cassandra and Alya had been nagging the heck out of me to let them try it.  When Evil Twin said she was coming, I told them they could try it out as long as Trudy and her friend Chantelle were interested.  The girls decided it would be fun, so they set it up out in the back yard along with two tents.

camping 1

“We’re really glad you guys thought this would be fun to do, we’ve been dying to try out the tents and the camper,” commented Alya.

camping 2

Just then they heard a scream come from one of the tents and out popped Trudy. “There’s a giant spider in there!”
camping 3

Alya to the rescue! “Oh good heavens Trudy, it’s tiny. I’ll kill it though if it makes you feel any better.”

camping 4

camping 5
The girls were just sitting around the fire talking when Chantelle whispered “guys, I don’t mean to scare you, but I think I just saw a skunk!”

All of the girls jumped up and ran to the tents, jumping in, head first!
camping 7   camping 6

Once in the tents, the girls didn’t want to leave for fear of encountering the skunk.  The campsite looked rather deserted…

camping 8

They also realized they had a slight problem: the sleeping bags and pillows were all in the camper! No one wanted to venture out to go get them though, they were too afraid of getting sprayed by the skunk. I can’t say that I blame them, I’ve had to give a skunked dog a bath and it was not fun. All four of them decided to tough it out for the night. At least it was warm out.
camping 9

The next morning, four very tired looking girls crawled out of the tents.
camping 10
“I think I slept on a rock…” groaned Cassandra. “My back is killing me.”

camping 11

“I spent the night killing spiders, yuck!” whined Trudy.

Just then, Louisa came walking into the yard.
camping 12
“Hi guys! Hope you had a good night camping. You didn’t happen to see Finn last night? I was watching him for Mrs. Davis since they are all away and he got away from me, the brat.”

camping 13 “WHAT?!?!?!”

camping 14

“Yeah, he took off this direction last night, just as the sun was going down. I hope I find him, if you see him, let me know!”
camping 16

“The name’s LePew…Finn LePew!”

28 thoughts on “Camping Out

  1. LOVED your story! The picture with Cassandra on her back looked just like she had been up all night. Great outfit on Trudy… Where is that top from?
    Adorable pillows in the camper. Did you make those recently?
    This was a great start to my morning.

  2. Great story!! It reminded me of my granddaughter camping – the counselors ended up giving her a broom of her own to kill spiders in the cabin!!

    • I have to admit that the story about the spiders in the tent came from an incident many years ago when one of my nephews went to his first Boy Scout camp!

  3. Oh, but spiders are good creatures, they help kill mosquitoes. I loved the story anyway. We have a skunk who visits are backyard very frequently, I know your dolls would never want to camp in my backyard!

    • Thanks! I always remember camping with a friend of mine in a campground that had a resident skunk. You always knew where it was based on the location of the screaming!

  4. Haha! That is a great camping story. We have a skunk living in our area. He walked sedately past our open garage door a few nights ago! My husband came running into the house telling everyone to shut the doors! QUICK! AS you know we love camping, so this post is right up our alley. Remind the girls that real bonding happens AFTER these kinds of things happen, then you look back and laugh.

    • We had one hanging out in our neighborhood until last week when it was hit by a car. On the end of the road near our bedroom window. EWWWW!

      So true about looking back and laughing!

  5. Great story! I admit, I love the owl shirt too.

    My daughter is most animated around spiders. They are not her thing. I still tease her about the mutant spider she tried to kill with every chemical in the basement (including the laundry soap, several pesticides and bleach) that refused to die. We left it for her dad since it just refused to die (at that point, we both felt awful but didn’t want to touch it) and when we went back to show him, it was gone. It was one of those really fuzzy ones about the size of cat toy. Never again. We moved believing it was still terrorizing that basement.

  6. Very cute! I love those little tents…I used to work as a camp counselor and one night I sneaked out after curfew with my “summer fling” and we stumbled right across a skunk! Luckily it didn’t spray us and we ran away so fast. I always think about how horrible it would’ve been if we were sprayed…it’d be hard to talk our way out of that one! 🙂

  7. Great story. I love your campsite. Too funny about the skunk or not skunk. The last time I went camping with my grandparents and aunt I tented and they were in a camper. the last night they convinced me to sleep in the camper too. That was the only night we knew a skunk or two walked through the site. 🙂

  8. Love the camper and tents. When my kids were younger we had a cat that got sprayed by a skunk. Her face swelled up and she was foaming at the mouth. It took three of us to hold her down and wash her!

    • Poor kitty!!! I remember a friend telling me about her dog getting it, the dog threw up several times before it was over with. It is such a gross smell.

  9. That’s a great story! I agree with your girls about spiders, ew *shudder* And I love the Adirondack chairs, they were a great find!

    • Yeah, nothing will stop me in my tracks faster than a large spider, no chance of a pet tarantula around here! I have a 3rd chair now, I need to get busy and finish it, who would have thought that picture frames would make such great chairs?!

  10. I was wondering if anyone would notice Trudy’s top. The minute I saw it on Etsy I knew I just had to have it.
    About the spiders…I live in the woods, so spiders are a common occurance at my house. We have this one little jumping spider who lives on the window sill in the bathroom, and some times can be found exploring in the bathtub. His name is Spike. It’s nice to know you don’t have to go to the bathroom alone. Aside from snakes (the only good one is a dead one) there isn’t much I am afraid of, a little fool hardy, but that is the way I am. Oh, I am not afraid of the snakes, I usually start running for my hoe or garden rake and catch up with them. They need to fear me immensely. PS: If you have spiders in your house, you won’t have roaches!

    • The jumping spiders don’t bother me, I used to have one that lived in my bedroom in the old house. He’d come up behind the dresser when I’d be getting ready in the morning and we’d play a game with me aiming the hairdryer at him. I didn’t know that about the roaches, guess we’re safe here!

  11. Haha! Oh, camping adventures! How very cute! Great pictures and great camping equipment! You know I am envious of your camper. 🙂

    • Thanks! The girls are already nagging me about camping again. Maybe over Labor Day. So you still haven’t broken down and ordered it yet??? 😉

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