Bitty Baby/Bitty Twin Outfit Experiment #2

Last year I bought two outfits made to fit Bitty Baby/Bitty Twins and tried them on my regular American Girl dolls. The results were excellent.  (You can read that post here:

I’ve looked at a number of outfits since.  Nothing really jumped out at me though. As you may or may not know, with the introduction of the Wellie Wishers line, Bitty Twins were discontinued. Last week a bunch of Bitty Twin outfits went on sale at 50% off, and one caught my eye. Then another, and another, and next thing I knew, I had 6 outfits in my cart! I decided that they were inexpensive enough to go ahead and get them all, most were $10 and the most expensive $12. And experiment #2 was born.

Let me just say that I consider this to be a very successful experiment. I will show you the results in the order of worst to best. Or perhaps I should say least favorite to most favorite. Not that I dislike any of them, just a couple that I like way more than the others. Are you ready?

First Up: Fair Isle Skirt Set. I’m a sucker for a good sweater, so this naturally caught my eye. Here’s what it looked like on the website:
bitty outfit 1

When Rebecca saw the box had arrived, she asked if she could be the model. How could I say no? Here is what it looked like on her:
bitty outfit 2

I think it is cute on, and fit is good. The skirt isn’t horribly short, but the shoes don’t fit. That’s okay, they look more like slippers. I will probably put those in with the stuff for the Bitty Baby I’m rehoming with my grandniece. The sweater is a little big around the middle, but not enormous. I may take it in a tiny bit to make it look a little more slender. Overall, not bad.

Next: Butterfly Dress

Website Photo:
bitty outfit 3

And on Rebecca:
bitty outfit 4

A bit on the short side, but some people might like it that way. I will probably pair it with some leggings. The boots were not a struggle to get on, but they have no sole, so it was a little difficult to stand her up. They remind me of some of the boots that Our Generation has included with their sets. The one thing I was a little concerned about was getting the sleeves over her hands, but the velvet trim there has a decent amount of stretch, so with a little extra effort, they did go over them. Cute, just needs some added pieces.

Next: Rainbow Plaid Outfit

Website Photo:
bitty outfit 5

And on Rebecca:
bitty outfit 6

I really liked this outfit for several reasons. For one, if you don’t fold the pantlegs up, they end up being full length pants on an AG doll. That really surprised me. And the sleeves can be rolled down on the shirt as well:
bitty outfit 7

The fit on the shirt and shoes is good, the pants are a little loose, but they look very comfy. Another score!

Next: Fresh Picked Sundress

Let me just say that I almost missed this. The original listing had no reference to it being for dolls and because of the photo, I assumed it was for little girls. On further investigation, I realized it was for dolls, and I thought it would be very cute. It didn’t include any shoes, but $10 for a shirt and dress didn’t seem too bad so I gave it a shot. (I’ve noticed that they have since changed the way it is listed.)

Website photo:
bitty outfit 8

On Rebecca:
bitty outfit 9

I loved this once I put it on her! The fit is terrific, the length is good and the way it is designed, you could wear the dress all by itself on a very hot day. I’m so glad I took a chance on it.

Next: Sunny Fun Outfit

Website photo:
bitty outfit 10

And on Rebecca:
bitty outfit 11

This outfit looks pretty much like I’d hoped it would. The shorts look a bit like Bermuda shorts with the extra length, and the top fits very well. Even the shoes fit. I think this outfit makes Rebecca look like a camp counselor or as staff at a resort.

And now for the last outfit. This is actually what started this whole thing, and I have to admit that it’s my favorite of all of the outfits. The Beachcomber Outfit.

Website photo:
bitty outfit 12

And on Rebecca:
bitty outfit 13

I LOVE IT!!! The fit is perfect on everything. By not rolling the pants up, they end up being the perfect clam digger length. This outfit makes me think of the illustrations in the book “Misty of Chincoteague” in the part where the Beebe children go clamming. Rebecca looks ready to join right in.  And the shoes, I can’t get over how cute they are. They fit great, I have some AG shoes that don’t fit this well. So glad I decided to get this set.
bitty outfit 14

There you have it, the experiment results! I will be curious to see if any other sets show up on clearance in the coming months. There is one other outfit that I’d like to have, but I’m hoping the price on it goes down a little bit more, it was $17 and has accessories with it that are pretty much useless to me. Fingers crossed!


New Releases: Melody has landed!!!

Yesterday was a red letter day in American Girl history with the official arrival of Melody Ellison. I think she is absolutely adorable! I’m still not sure if I’m going to get her, I’m waiting to see what GOTY 2017 brings, but there are several pieces of her collection that I’m seriously thinking about. I think her suitcase is very cute, I remember having one just like it, only in orange. Her Fancy Dress is definitely on my future purchases list. But one thing stands head and shoulders above the rest. I mentioned it before when the first pictures of her collection were released. I was afraid it was going to be part of a big set, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that it was available ALL BY ITSELF!! (Sorry Sharry if I squealed in your ear LOL!)

ag piano

I have to have this little piano!! I haven’t ordered it yet, I’m planning on picking it up at the new Ross Park Mall AG store when it opens in September. Worst case scenario is that it’s out of stock and I have to wait on it. No biggie, it will be worth the wait. I also like the table and chairs set, but only want it if it folds up. I need to see it in person first.

I’m not going to talk about Melody anymore now, simply because so many other people have. Instead, I want to talk about some of the other items.

Bitty Baby got a bunch of stuff this time, I’m assuming because of the discontinuation of the Bitty Twins. So much cute stuff, I’m sure BB people were happy. I especially liked the reindeer outfit, so adorable.

BeForever didn’t get all that much beyond Melody. A little bit here and there, but very sparse with the exception of Maryellen. Kit, Addy and Samantha got nothing new, and Julie and Rebecca just one thing each. Josefina got 2 outfits. Not a very impressive showing. I was disappointed to see that the only way to get the food for Maryellen was to buy the whole refrigerator. I don’t really need another refrigerator, so I guess I’ll do without and get creative. Oh well.

Truly Me had a decent amount of new stuff this time around, but quite a few of the items were re-hashes of previous items, just in different colors or configurations. The big item this time around is the kitchen, which is probably very attractive to kids, but I personally don’t care for it. Even though the overall idea is original, has anyone else noticed how many of the parts have been reused from other collections? The sink and oven doors are from Grace Thomas’ bakery, most of the accessories have been in other sets before. I’m hoping to come across the little toaster somewhere along the way, but I’m not buying it just for that. Everything just seems crammed in there. And again, only one chair. ???? I think the one that recently came out for Journey Girls is much better and way less expensive. I think it would have been a good idea to sell more small sets to go with it so customers could pick and choose which accessories they wanted with it.

Two new dolls, a redhead and a doll I’ll refer to as “not-Josefina”. The redhead is an enormous disappointment for me. I keep hoping we are going to see Marie-Grace’s face mold used again, and every time new dolls are issued, it’s a let down. Yet another doll with the classic face mold. Yawn. I do really like “not-Josefina” though, I think she is very pretty. I’m anxious to see her in person.

The holiday outfits are a mixed bag. I think the berry colored dress is gorgeous. I just don’t know how much use I would get out of it, I already have enough dressy stuff. Perhaps if I see it on clearance in January. The sparkly outfit I don’t like at all, it takes me back to the early 90’s when everyone had to have a gold top for the holiday. So not my thing.

Two things from this release in the Truly Me line did catch my eye, and they aren’t all that expensive either. I’ll simply add them to my list of stuff I want to pick up when the store here opens for the holiday:
waffle set


I was very happy to see them bring back the lasagna set, I missed out on it the first time around. It is a smaller set, but that’s okay, at $24, it’s a price-point that is much more affordable. The blender set is very cute too, but I like the ones I made better, I can change the color of what is being blended in them to fit what is being made, where the AG set is strictly something chocolate. Definitely want the waffle set too, mostly for the mini waffle iron, I’m already planning on using it to make additional waffles with it using Model Magic. I want to make some imperfect ones, you know the ones that come out missing part of a side because you didn’t pour enough batter in?? The cupcake set is nice too, but I already have too many similar pieces, so I’ll more than likely pass.

Even the Wellie Wishers got some new stuff! Books, some toys and two new outfits. I think both of the new outfits are cute, and I hope we see some more clothing for them that isn’t just themed. Most little girls play in regular clothes ya know! 😉 Perhaps a line of separates like they recently did for Truly Me would be a good idea.

Have you checked out the new goodies yet? What is on your wish list?

Review of the My Life As Treat Cycle

Earlier this year when Our Generation came out with the ice cream truck, I was in like.  Not love, just like.  I thought it was adorable, but 2 issues.  The thing is big, and I just don’t have a ton of storage space, plus my dolls are all supposed to be little girls, they can’t drive!!  American Girl came out with the ice cream cart and I thought it too was really cute, but it looked too much like the snack cart that I already had, plus I have seen a lot of complaints about design issues.  No thank you.

My Life As is in the process of introducing a bunch of new stuff and when I saw this, I had my “EUREKA!” moment.  It was perfect.  I was so excited when I saw it on the Walmart website, it eliminated me running from store to store trying to find it.  I’m much happier to let the mailman bring it to my door. 🙂

ice cream 1

Let me take a minute to tell you a little story about this piece. In order to get the free shipping, I added a few things onto my order. After I did it though, I was a little bit nervous, one of the items was kind of heavy and I was concerned about it possibly damaging the bike, particularly the handlebars. Once it arrived, I was very happy to see that Walmart had left it in it’s original packaging box, so it was well protected. You can imagine how annoyed I was when I got it out of the box and discovered what appeared to be black Sharpie type marker all over the lid, on one of the bike fenders and on the seat! Truly a WTH? moment! Then I discovered a label on the back of the display package with a bunch of Chinese writing on it, and some of it appeared to be written with the same type of marker. I suspect either they set the paper on top of the cart and wrote there, or while sliding the whole thing into the box, they were holding the Sharpie at the same time, not paying attention. Grrrrr!!!!! The good news is that all of it came off with Undu except for a small mark on the seat. I suspect it didn’t come off because it is a different type of plastic than the rest. It’s not so bad I can’t live with it. Still makes me mad though.

ice cream 2Un-packaging this set from the store display packaging was a pain in the neck.  I went through quite the wrestling match trying to get it undone, but I eventually prevailed.  I wish all of their stuff like this was as easy to un-package as the desk was.

Once I got it all out though, it was all worth it!  I love the umbrella, it is so pretty and it works just like a real umbrella!

ice cream 3

ice cream 4

It comes with a decent amount of accessories as well:
ice cream 5

This ice cream assortment wins hands down over any other brand as the best.  Not only can you remove the scoops from the cones, but you can also stack them however you want.  I think this is a brilliant idea, and the realism on the ice cream is better than any other I’ve seen.  (Check it out Xyra, strawberry!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Not in the mood for ice cream?  Well how about an ice pop?  Or a cake pop?  Perhaps a giant lolliop or candy apple?  I like the little tray for holding all of the assorted goodies as well.

ice cream 6 ice cream 7

The freezer part of the cart has lots of room inside:
ice cream 8  ice cream 9

There are two doors on the back and the one on the top for access.  I also like how they have included openings to hold the various items in place.  Very well thought out.

I have my own collection of ice cream tubs, these are individual serving size ones from the grocery store.  We were just very careful when we ate them, and I washed them with soap and water, allowing them to dry thoroughly.  I was thrilled to see that they fit!

ice cream 10 ice cream 11

And if you are like me, you probably have some of those ice cream cone erasers floating around.  I was happy to see that they fit in the holders on the top. They probably sit a little too low, but that’s okay.  I still need to get out my AG ones and see if they fit.

ice cream 12

Our Generation had a cute accessory set that included a candy apple in it. I almost bought it, but then thanks to other reviews I saw, I discovered that the candy apple was hollow in the bottom. Not sure who designed that, but I call that a major fail! I was pleased to see that the ones in this set did not have that issue.
ice cream 13

This set was $39.94, and I think it is a great set for the price. My only concern is that the entire bicycle is made out of plastic, so I wonder how durable it will be for heavy play. I couldn’t see how the axles were assembled, so I don’t know if they are metal reinforced or not.  Because of that,  I definitely would not recommend this set for small children, it says 5 and up on it, and I definitely think that is an accurate guideline. Younger kids might lean too hard on it and break it, I don’t think it would stand up to that kind of treatment like the other all metal bikes. Otherwise, I think this is a darling set, and I can’t wait to use it. I’ve had an idea rolling around in my head for a while and this will be perfect for it. I’m going to dig out all of my ice cream food and accessories and figure out what works with it. I give this set an A-, the – is only because of the all plastic. Besides that, I think it’s awesome.

Make mine a triple!
ice cream 14