Addy’s Sunday Best

Hi everybody!  I just wanted to let everyone know that I had my “procedure” done on Friday to fix the problem with my heart discovered back in March when I had the flu.  Not a lot of fun, but it’s done and over with.  Hopefully I’ll never have to deal with any of that again.  I got home yesterday and now  I’m just concentrating on recovering.  Mostly just sore, not allowed to lift things for a week or so, nothing strenuous or vigorous.  Guess that means the hubby gets to run the vacuum and do the laundry! 😉

I’d been banking a couple of posts to use during my recovery, and when I saw the title of this one and the day of the week it was, I decided it was most appropriate!  Enjoy!

When American Girl ran the 25% off sale in March, I really didn’t want much.  But there was one outfit that I had recently seen on another blog that I thought I would like to have, so Evil Twin and I went together on an order so we would have enough to get the discount.

I know you’re wondering what outfit that was: Addy’s Sunday Best.  I just have to say that of all the historical dolls, I think Addy has one of the nicest collections of clothing.  What makes it really nice is that the styles on several of her items are very basic and timeless, meaning that not only do they fit well in play from a past era, but also current times.  I thought this dress would be fun to have for a number of occasions:  church, wedding guest, tea party, anything needing something that could be dressed up or down.

Marie-Grace spotted it in the box and decided she wanted to be my model.  I agreed that it would look very nice on her.  This set doesn’t come with shoes, it’s intended to go with the shoes in Addy’s meet outfit, so I paired it with a simple pair of black OG flats:

sunday best 1Such a pretty color of purple and so many nice details.  The fit and workmanship are very good.

A view of the back:

sunday best 2
Again, very nice, about the only thing that I might have changed would be a bow on the back since its for a little girl, but not sure how historically accurate that would have been for the era. I love the simplicity of this dress.

The hat is adorable as well, and also nicely made. It has only one drawback:
sunday best 3
It tends to show dust rather easily. I guess this is one of those items where I will need to take either a lint brush, tape or a can of spray air to it regularly. I still think it’s very pretty though, I wish they would offer similar hats sold separately around Easter.

Overall, I give this set an A+. It’s a perfect example of a dress that doesn’t have to be on trend to look nice. Regularly priced at $28, I think that perhaps is a little bit on the high side, but not horrible. Better yet to get it on sale like I did, and only pay $21! Marie-Grace is in love with it, she didn’t want to take it off. I can’t say that I blame her, it looks nice and comfortable as well.


The Fashion Show

While Evil Twin was visiting, the girls got to go to a fashion show.  Several of the girls even participated in it!  Trudy, her friend Chantelle, Marie-Grace and Rebecca all were models, they had a lot of fun.  The fashion show featured clothing by If Dolls Could Dream.

Alya, Cassandra, Sophia and Louisa got seats right up front!  It pays to know the models. 😉

“Isn’t this exciting?” said Louisa.

fs 1

Alya started to talk, but just then the music started. “Oh, I can’t wait to see all of the clothes!” said Cassandra.

fs 2
Marie-Grace started the show. Then he announcer spoke. “Welcome to the If Dolls Could Dream summer collection fashion show!!”
fs 3
“Here we have Marie-Grace, all dressed in a patriotic outfit, perfect for any summer picnic!”
fs 4
“And here is Rebecca, looking terrific in this striped top and denim shorts, ready for anything!”
fs 5
“Trudy looks ready to go chasing unicorns in this lovely purple shirt with eyelet skirt.”
fs 6
“Chantelle is dressed to the nines to go sightseeing in Paris!”
fs 7
“Is Trudy dreaming about her castle in the clouds?”
fs 8
“Look out! Watermelon eating contest ahead! Rebecca looks ready to go!”
fs 9
“Chantelle is perfectly dressed to go to a birthday celebration. Or perhaps she’s the birthday girl?”
fs 10
“Doesn’t Marie-Grace look stunning in this linen coat? It’s the perfect weight for that occasional cool day.”
fs 11
“Underneath she is wearing an adorable daisy t-shirt with an eyelet skirt.”
fs 12
“She looks dressed for anything, from lunch out at her favorite restaurant, to a day at a museum.”
fs 13
As Marie-Grace walked to the back of the stage, she threw the coat into the audience! It landed right on Sophia’s head!
fs 14

fs 15
“Very funny MG!”
fs 16
“Hot weather is here and both of these young ladies look ready to hit the beach!”
fs 17
“Rebecca is wearing a beautiful hibiscus pattern suit with matching tote bag.  Trudy is wearing a fun butterfly print that is sure to get you noticed at the beach or by the pool!”
fs 18
“Ships Ahoy! Marie-Grace looks as though she might be thinking about sailing in this fun outfit.”
fs 19
“And this two piece ensemble that Chantelle is wearing has summertime written all over it!”
fs 20
fs 21
“Trudy looks like she might be heading to the beach for a baby sea turtle release…”

“And Rebecca looks as though she’s just relaxing in this cute sandal print ensemble.”
fs 22
“That’s all the clothing we have to show today, but we want to take a minute to introduce and thank the girl who put this all together: Jan Brady!”
fs 23

After everything was over with, Jan posed with the girls who did the modeling:
fs 24

And of course a shot of the whole gang!
fs 25

A special thanks to Maggie at “If Dolls Could Dream” for creating all of this cute clothing that inspired this fashion show!!! And a round of applause for everyone!

All of the clothing featured in the show was from If Dolls Could Dream.  Shoes from American Girl, Springfield Collection, Our Generation, Sew Grandma Cathy and Lillys Doll Clothes.  Guests were wearing a variety of manufacturers.

A Suitcase

Rudy over at American Girl Ideas recently purchased the new Explore With Lea craft book, and she decided to try one of the crafts in it to share with her readers.  I have to say that it is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and the materials to make it are very simple: a pencil box, popsicle sticks, wooden wheels or buttons, paint and glue.  The finished product just blew me away and I definitely wanted to try making one.  On my most recent trip to Target, I checked out the school supplies.  The timing on this project couldn’t be better with most stores stocking back to school stuff by the tons.  I had several different pencil boxes to choose from and I thought I’d made up my mind until I moved to an end cap, and there it was:  the perfect pencil box. (insert heavenly music here)  Now I was even more excited to try this craft.

There were some logistical issues but also improvements.  This box had a zipper instead of snapping closed which made it a much more realistic suitcase, but it would have to be worked around.  It also had rounded edges which made attaching the wheels a bit of a challenge.  Since I couldn’t put them quite as far down as I would have liked, the box didn’t want to stand on it’s own, but I solved that with a piece of popsicle stick in the middle.  Worked like a charm!

suitcase 1

So by now I imagine you are wondering what was so darned special about this pencil box…
suitcase 2

If you hadn’t already guessed from the colors on the back, it’s my favorite boys, The Minions! I was super excited when I came across this box, it was absolutely perfect. I loved the design, the colors, the zipper, plus the fact that when I opened it up, it was lined with soft fabric.
suitcase 3

As much as I liked it, I knew there was one girl that would like it as much, if not more, than I did:
suitcase 4

Yeah, she was just a bit excited! It didn’t help that the company my husband works for announced what trip they are working towards for next year, a trip to the Riviera Maya. She’s already informed Mr. Flo that she wants to go if he wins again!

suitcase 5

If you’d like to give this craft a try, you can check it out here:
Suitcase Tutorial

A HUGE thank you to Rudy for sharing this craft project on her blog. I’ll never look at a pencil box the same way again! 🙂